Elite Drivo Direct-Drive Trainer

The Elite Drivo served us well through a long winter of training. © Cyclocross Magazine

The Elite Drivo served us well through a long winter of training. © Cyclocross Magazine

Why is it a good gift?

Our second entry in the direct-drive trainer category is the Elite Drivo. We reviewed the Drivo after giving it a test run during trainer season last winter. One thing that stood out about the Drivo was its ease of use. Although still heavy at 40 pounds, it is lighter than some other direct-drive units and it comes with a handle for moving it around. The feet on the unit are adjustable based on wheel size and it is compatible with the 12x142mm thru-axles that are becoming increasingly common on cyclocross bikes.

The Drivo also provided a quiet ride, even when we were putting in big efforts. With units like this one, trainer noise will be a thing of the past. The Drivo also pairs nicely with Zwift and other applications for easy training and/or hammering in virtual races during the long offseason.

Who is it a good gift for? 

The Elite Drivo has a price of $1,300, so it is likely a gift for cyclocrossers committed to winter training. Its ability to handle big efforts and respond well to inputs from training software makes it perfect for someone looking to take their winter workouts to the roads of Watopia or one of the virtual routes in Rouvy.

The quiet ride also makes it a good choice for cyclists constrained by space. Small house? Apartment? The Drivo is a quiet choice that will leave cyclist and neighbor happy.

Your recipient’s possible reaction?

“So I can bring my trainer workouts out of the cold garage this winter?”

Price: $1,300

More info:

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