Wahoo Kickr Direct-Drive Smart Trainer

The Wahoo Kickr direct-drive trainer. © C. Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

The Wahoo Kickr direct-drive trainer. © C. Lee / Cyclocross Magazine

Why is it a good gift?

The Wahoo Kickr was one of the first direct-drive trainers to hit the market, so Wahoo has had time to improve the unit over time. Similar to the Hammer, the Kickr uses a large flywheel to provide consistent resistance. The unit weighs 50 pounds and requires a power source, so portability is a tradeoff for the quality indoor ride.

The Kickr’s longevity on the market also means it pairs well with the training software that continues to hit the market. The resistance responds quickly, and there is even the Wahoo Climb that attaches to the front fork to simulate the effects of climbs. The Kickr comes with thru-axle compatibility and folds up nicely for storage.

Who is it a good gift for?

Similiar to the other direct-drive trainers, the Kickr is a trainer for the serious winter-training crowd. The years of design and compatibility with training software make it a reliable choice for any cyclocrosser who is ready to put in a good winter on the trainer.

Your recipient’s possible reaction?

“Thanks! I’ve had my eyes on this for years. Time to start Zwifting.”

Price: $1,200

More info:

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