The holiday season is here, and for some, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the cyclocross fan in your life. In the next two weeks, we will be bringing you some gift ideas to help make sure it is a Merry Crossmas for one and all.

As much as many cyclocrossers hate to admit it, inside winter training can help provide a good start to the next season. Fortunately for those of us riding in 2017, trainer and training software technology has come a long way. Smart trainers that allow software to control resistance are now ubiquitous on the market and the latest and greatest are direct-drive units the seek to create a more realistic riding experience than earlier models.

Coupled with the availability of interactive software that allows you to race against others or ride some of the world’s most famous routes, the state of indoor training is better than it ever has been.

You still have to put in the sweat equity, but a number of training products we have looked at are available to ease your winter training blues. In today’s gift guide, we will look at the following suggestions:

  • Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer
  • CycleOps Hammer Direct-Drive Trainer
  • Elite Drivo Direct-Drive Trainer
  • Wahoo Kickr Direct-Driver Trainer
  • Training Software Subscription
  • Coaching

Learn more about each and why they might be great fits for the cyclist in your life via the slider below. Have a hankering for something on this list? We are not opposed to sharing this list to drop a not-so-subtle hint to anyone watching your social media feed.

Of course, it needs to be said, Cyclocross Magazine receives no compensation from companies for inclusion in our Holiday Gift Guides. We only consider products we’ve had experience with. No advertorial here.

Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer

Feedback Sports' Omnium Trainer sets up in seconds, and offers great portability for workouts and warm-ups wherever you want. © Cyclocross Magazine

Feedback Sports’ Omnium Trainer sets up in seconds, and offers great portability for workouts and warm-ups wherever you want. © Cyclocross Magazine

Why is it a good gift?

Trainer portability is likely a priority for any cyclocrosser who prefers race-day warm-ups on the trainer. They need something they can pack up, set up and ride in variable conditions at the race venue.

The Omnium has a relatively simple two-piece design. A tripod holds the front fork and the roller-equipped chassis provides progressive resistance. Portable? The entire unit weighs just 14 pounds.

We found the Omnium delivers on portability, ride quality and the narrowness of its profile. The biggest limitation we found was its ability to support big sprint efforts. Still, as a portable unit, whether it be for travel or warm-ups, the Omnium is a trainer worth checking out.

Who is it a good gift for?

Some cyclocross riders swear by trainer warm-ups and others may wonder if they are a key to race success. Any rider interested in having an easy-to-use race day trainer will appreciate what the Omnium can provide.

With its lightweight and narrow profile, the Omnium also makes a great travel trainer. Maintaining fitness can be a challenge when life gets in the way, so the Omnium may provide a tool to help frequent travelers stay in shape.

Recipient’s possible reaction?

“This will go perfectly with the new travel bike I totally did not order.”

Price: $430

More info:

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