Katie Compton and Jeremy Powers both took commanding wins on a day of evolving weather conditions at the 2nd Annual the Trek CXC Cup. By the time the Elite women and Elite men hit the course, rain had given way to dry and fast course conditions.

Report by Mark Vareschi.

Compton Wins in Sponsor’s Back Yard

Compton makes her debut in Waterloo a dominant one.

Compton makes her debut in Waterloo a dominant one.

Gabby Durrin (Neon Velo) took the holeshot and led the first lap. She was joined in the front group by Meredith Miller (Noosa Professional Cyclocross), Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement), and Nicole Duke (Marin-Spy).

The second lap saw a reshuffling of the front group with Mani, Miller, and Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) all in attendance and Durrin driving the pace.

Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) worked her way through traffic, and attacked at the start of the third lap.

Compton’s attack forced Miller, Gould, Mani, and Durrin to dig hard. It was to no avail as Compton glided through the Trek off-camber section and extended her lead.

“I had a bit of a tricky start. I recovered from that and then I spent the first bit trying to get through traffic,” said Compton. “I attacked on the second lap and then got a gap and just tried to put pressure on the run-ups. It’s really fast, really windy, and it was getting hot out there on the last lap.”

With two laps to go Compton had the race well in hand, and the chase group was left to fight for the remaining podium spots. After a bobble by Miller, Gould opened a gap on the run-up that she would hold to the line.

The chase splintered even further on the bell lap. With Gould firmly in second, Mani rode alone in third, while Miller and Durrin chased. Miller opened a small gap going into the barriers and held it to the finish.

For Compton this was her 96th UCI race victory.

Powers Holds off Johnson, Milne Podiums

Powers continues the post-CrossVegas undefeated streak of National Champions.

Powers continues the post-CrossVegas undefeated streak of National Champions.

Wisconsin native Tristan Schouten grabbed the holeshot, but it wasn’t long before Jeremy Powers (Aspire Racing) took the lead that he would carry all the way to the finish. Powers entered the hilly section of the course with a six second gap over the field led by Shawn Milne (Boulder Cycle-Sport/YogaGlo) and Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo.)

For Powers, this was all to plan.

“It felt great. This is a good course, really fast. There’s not a lot of places to find a ton of time so for me today I was thinking that it would be great to get out there and get a nice gap early and really establish myself,” said Powers. “I didn’t want to come out in 13th place, or 20th place and have someone crash in front of me given how technical it is right at the start. I established a good gap and then ran with it. I built it up and then hung onto it. It was pretty turnkey; it was exactly what I expected from myself.”

With six to go Powers rolled through the start finish comfortably off the front with two chasers, Tim Johnson ( and Milne, charging hard.

At four to go, no competitors were in sight as Powers continued his dominating ride. Behind him, Johnson continued to attack Milne, who responded to each effort. Alan Krughoff (Noosa Professional Cyclocross) and Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement) followed just off the pace.

With Powers comfortably in the lead at three to go, the sparring for second continued as Milne launched an unsuccessful attack on the pavement through the start finish. Johnson bided his time and waited for Milne to make a mistake before countering.

“As we were going along I could tell I had pretty good pace on him [Milne] so I’d get a couple seconds on him and he’d close it eventually,” said Johnson. “I was behind him and I was hoping he’d be pushing it, and maybe he’d take a risk that wouldn’t pay off. Sure enough he ended up going down in one of the slippery corners.”

The bell lap found Powers digging to fend off a late charge from Johnson, who’d opened a significant gap over Milne. Krughoff had shaken off Berden on the back section of the course with 2 laps to go and rolled through solo in 4th.

Powers was too strong and stayed away for the solo win. Johnson took second, Milne third, Krughoff fourth, and Berden fifth.


2014 Trek CXC Cup Day 1 Elite Men Race Results

129POWERS JeremyRapha-Focus3158:00:009
29JOHNSON TimothyCannondale Cyclocrossworld3758:10:009
316MILNE ShawnBoulder Cycle Sport/Yogaglo3258:15:009
44KRUGHOFF AllenNoosa Professional Cyclocross3058:17:009
513BERDEN BenRaleigh/Clement3859:259
610DRISCOLL JamesRaleigh/Clement2759:48:009
712DURRIN JeremyUci Ct/Wpt: Team Optum P/B Kell261:00:059
819SCHOUTEN Tristan321:00:349
921NEFF Isaac281:00:449
1055MCDONALD ZachKCCX Elite Cyclocross Team P/B231:01:079
1122LASLEY JacobTeam Soundpony371:01:379
1220ROBINSON HugoNeon Velo Cycling Team*191:02:019
1364ETHERIDGE CraigRaleigh/Clement341:02:109
1463STELLJES Corey341:02:109
1517MATTER Brian361:02:429
1618DILLMAN AndrewCyclocross Network Racing*201:02:499
1731KLUCK Jeff*331:02:579
1841DUFOUR Jerry171:03:039
1951TEATERS DanTeam Wheel & Sprocket301:03:059
2042LOMBARDO DavidHincapie*181:03:059
2153SIEGLE JasonSDG Bellwether Pb Krema Peanut351:03:339
2240LEMKE NicholasHifi/Thefeed/Crafthairstudio311:03:409
2334BRAUN TravisMagnus291:03:419
2456KYLE Russ281:03:479
2537BAUER Josh241:04:069
2659MORAN Micah321:04:529
2752PHILLIPS MikeHeritage Race Club37@2Lap7
2861REYES David30@2Lap7
2946DUTCZAK Michael*21@2Lap7
3043ACKERMANN Maxwell*19@2Lap7
3154NORTON MarkKs Energy Services / Team Wisco30@2Lap7
3262STROTHMAN Jay38@2Lap7
3338HAUPT Ian*18@2Lap7
3436ANSEL Douglas27@2Lap7
3532KELLEY Matthew29@2Lap7
3630FOSLER BryanKs Energy Services / Team Wisco27@3Lap6
3758 WOHLSCHLAEGER, Craig41@3Lap6
3845BRAMEL Samuel*21@3Lap6
3944GINIAT Andrew22@3Lap6
4050RIENTS Jesse37@3Lap6
4139ALLEN Matthew32@4Lap5
4257WEIK Josey*17@4Lap5
4360SPAUDE Kip27@4Lap5
4433BROCKET Jp41@5Lap4
DNF47MACKEY Skyler*18
DNF49MARTIN Alexander24

2014 Trek CXC Cup Day 1 Elite Women Race Results

17COMPTON KatherineTrek Cyclocross Collective35USA42:216
214GOULD GeorgiaLuna Pro Team34USA42:496
318MANI CarolineRaleigh/Clement27FRA43:036
412MILLER MeredithNoosa Professional Cyclocross40USA43:256
513DURRIN Gabriella29GBR43:316
620ANTHONY CrystalTeam Optum P/B Kelly Benefit St33USA43:586
79MCFADDEN Courtenay29USA44:016
82ZAVETA EricaTeam Redline25USA44:216
96DUKE NicoleMarin/Spy40USA44:336
1025NAUMAN Amanda25USA44:436
1110GILBERT Sunny35USA45:106
1230GÓMEZ Carolina22ARG45:306
134ANTONNEAU KaitlinCannondale Cyclocrossworld22USA45:506
1421GROSS Rebecca34USA46:266
1536SANSOME Carol Jeane39USA46:466
1626STRIGEL AbbyTrek Cyclocross Collective31USA47:126
1748SCHAPPERT AnnaDark Red Racing23CAN47:216
1841RATHBUN Laurel18USA47:216
1937ARNOLD KatieStanridge Speed Bicycles30USA47:496
2040NOWLIN Jennifer39USA48:156
2116SWARTZ EmmaBorah Development17USA48:266
2243MERTZ Nicole27USA48:356
2315KOROL Meghan30USA48:366
2444DOBROZSI RachelBorah Development16USA48:396
2539CAMPBELL Jennifer26USA48:536
2631SANTOS Katherine17USA49:236
2727COOGAN CISEK Corey36USA@1Lap5
2835KNIGHT Lindsay30USA@1Lap5
2946GREEN MackenzieBorah Development17USA@1Lap5
3049SZEFI Sarah29USA@2Lap4
3147ZUCCO Lindsay46USA@2Lap4
3251SCHAAP Amanda31USA@2Lap4
3345ISERMANN Katie32USA@2Lap4
DNF29WOODRING MackenzieU.S. National Para. Cycling35USA