VERONA, WISCONSIN — The D2 Collegiate men were the first of the racers to take to the freshly frozen course in Verona this morning at the 2013 Cyclocross National Championships, with temperatures plummeting down to the low teens. Some racers elected to race in balaclavas, while a few brave (or foolhardy) students opted for shorts and long sleeved jerseys. But it was Robert Rimmer from Virginia Intermont College in tights and a long sleeve jersey who soloed to a solid victory on the icy tundra.

Casey Hildebrandt (Ripon) and Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont) battle for the early lead before rimmer escaped. © Cyclocross Magazine

Casey Hildebrandt (Ripon) and Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont) battle for the early lead before rimmer escaped. © Cyclocross Magazine

Keeping the rubber side down has never been more important than a day like today, where the frozen mud is rougher than a spill on the pavement, and iced over ruts jostled riders across the course. Casey Hildebrandt (Ripon College) took an early lead, with Rimmer and Douglas Ansel (University of Notre Dame) right on his tail. Andrew Lysaght (MIT), Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill), Patric Rostel (Colorado Mesa University), Caleb Welborn (Brevard) and Wesley Lamberson (Union) all followed in a group.

The 10 minute lap time was one of the fastest we’ve seen this week, and conditions are ripe for a fast and furious battle later today in the elite race. At one lap in, Rimmer had worked his was up to Hildebrandt and was working with him to keep Ansel and Jenkinson at bay. Behind those four, a large gap opened to the rest of the field.

Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill) had a strong second half to overtake Casey Hildebrandt (Ripon) for second. © Cyclocross Magazine

Timothy Jenkinson (Mars Hill) had a strong second half to overtake Casey Hildebrandt (Ripon) for second. © Cyclocross Magazine

A shift of power a half lap later saw Rimmer alone at the front and Hildebrandt and Jenkinson working together behind him, with Ansel following. A group led by Lamberson was behind.

Halfway through the race, Rimmer still had the top spot, and Ansel had moved into second with Jenkinson and Hildebrandt chasing, and a huge gap to the rest of the field. With one to go, it was clear something happened to the Notre Dame rider as Rimmer took a dominant lead with Jenkinson and Hildrebrandt behind, and Ansel back with Lamberson. Michael Michetti (U Wisconsin- Platteville) was also in contention for a top spot.

Rimmer sailed in with a comfortable lead to take the win, running to hug his father immediately after. Jenkinson rolled in for second, and Hildebrandt took third.

Robert Rimmer took a commanding victory in the Division II Collegiate Men's Race. © Cyclocross Magazine

Robert Rimmer (Virginia Intermont College) took a commanding victory in the Division II Collegiate Men’s Race. © Cyclocross Magazine


Interview with Robert Rimmer:

[youtube d-9bixFDRwU 580 380]

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2013 Cyclocross National Championships - Collegiate Men Div 2 Results

Place BibNameCity, StateTime Team
1156 Robert Rimmer   Friendsville, TN0:47:38 Virginia Intermont College
2126 Timothy Jenkinson   Mars Hill, NC48:31 Mars Hill College
3150 Casey Hildebrandt   Weston, WI48:47 Ripon College
4136 Wesley Lamberson   Limestone, TN50:44 Union College-KY
5161 Michael Michetti   Elkhorn, WI50:51 University of Wisconsin-Platteville
6133 Richard Cypress Gorry   Brevard, NC50:51 Brevard College
7132 Lewis Gaffney   Angel Fire, NM50:54 Brevard College
8140 Patric Rostel   Grandjunction, CO50:59 Colorado Mesa University
9146 Andrew Lysaght   Somerville, MA51:27 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10141 Morgan Ryan   Ventura, CA52:13 Colorado Mesa University
11155 Douglas Ansel   South Bend, IN52:17 University of Notre Dame
12139 Cullen Easter   Claremont, CA52:18 Colorado Mesa University
13159 Stephen Vogel   Winston Salem, NC55:07 Wake Forest University
14127 Corey Davis   Danville, VA55:08 Mars Hill College
15134 Spencer Lowden   Diamond Mo55:23 Brevard College
16154 Anders Nienstaedt   Iron Mountain56:20 Saint Olaf College
17152 Benjamin Senkerik   Wauwatosa, WI56:39 Ripon College
18144 Zachary Semian   Mertztown, PA57:33 Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
19135 Caleb Welborn   Brevard, NC57:36 Brevard College
20153 Eric Smith   Ripon, WI57:40 Ripon College
21162 Mitch Nordahl   Anoka, MN59:11 North Dakota State University
22148 Devin Wagner   Marlborough, CT@1Lap Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
23128 Chad Capobianco   Watkinsville, GA@2Lap Mars Hill College
24160 Keith Marek   Fremont, MI@2Lap Brevard College
25147 Joseph Near   Somerville, MA@2Lap Massachusetts Institute of Technology
26138 stephen cochran   Grandjunction, CO@2Lap Colorado Mesa University
27129 Tyler Hutchinson   Starkville, MS@2Lap Mars Hill College
28145 Zachary LaBry   Somerville, MA@2Lap Massachusetts Institute of Technology
29142 Aaron Casey   Kingsport, TN@2Lap East Tennessee State University
30158 James McCabe   Bridgewater, NJ@2Lap Wake Forest University
31131 Jake Possinger   White Haven, PA@2Lap Mars Hill College
32151 Tony Kaatz   Ripon, WI@2Lap Ripon College
33137 Ray Dangelmaier   Brighton, MI@2Lap Union College-KY
34149 Matthew Warbrick   Tuxedo Park, NY@3Lap Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
35143 Alan Sparks   Johnson City, TN@3Lap East Tennessee State University
36157 Dakota Smith   Glade Spring, VA@3Lap Virginia Intermont College
37130 R Maitland Jones   Tallahassee, FL@3Lap Mars Hill College

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