Trebon's improved time trialing will come in handy once 'cross season starts. by Joe Sales

by Robbie Carver

“Only managed 30th in the TT on my road bike…” tweeted Ryan Trebon about his performance in the Cascade Classic Time Trial. We’d like to suggest that only 30th place without aero equipment against some of the strongest stateside roadies is a damn fine thing for a ’crosser to brag about, especially given that last year, Trebon didn’t make the time cut when he attempted a similar feat. Can we suggest that this bodes well for his upcoming season? During the final stage, Trebon came to his senses. “My knee finally had enough of this road racing nonsense today. It was an oven out there too. Time to turn the focus squarely to cyclocross time.”

Jesse Anthony (Kelly Benefit Strategies) had an impressive ride to claim sixth overall, just in front of Ben Jacques-Maynes (Bissell). Rob Britton (Bissell) was 10th, Tyler Wren (Jamis Sutter Home p/b Colavita), who will continue to ’cross it up this coming season, 11th, Joe Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles/HomeVisit) 20th and Alex Howes (Holowesko Partners) 22nd. Meredith Miller (Team Tibco) was consistently impressive and snagged seventh place overall GC, while MTBer and cyclocrosser extraordinaire Sue Butler (Touchstone Climbing) was 27th. Chris Jones, who will be featured in Issue 10’s roadies-turned-’crossers skills article, also placed well in several stages

If you took a gander at the roster for the Cascade Classic, you may have noticed someone missing. Local Bend resident and Elite ’crosser Carl Decker took a pass on the five-day stage race in his backyard and instead opted to prepare for one of his other exciting pursuits. “Locked, loaded, headed to XGames SuperRally!” he said via Twitter. In addition to racing road, cyclocross, MTB cross country and Super D, Decker and his semi-teammate Adam Craig (Decker races for Giant, Craig now for Rabo-Giant) blow off any steam they still have left by rally car racing. Tune in this Saturday for some crazy car racing on dirt. Kinda like ’cross?  [Read our interview with Carl Decker from this past spring].