Helen Wyman psyched with the win © Bart Hazen

Helen Wyman defended to claim her sixth British title ©Bart Hazen

Helen Wyman (Kona), this year’s queen of the Koppenberg, repeats as the British national champion, taking her record-setting sixth title. Nikki Harris (APB Cycling Team) and Gabby Day (The ChainStay-RENNER), both of whom have had excellent seasons competing against the world’s best, finished in second and third, respectively. That lead trio showed their World Cup experience, distancing the next closest finisher by over three minutes.

In the men’s race, Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing) edged out Jody Crawforth (Hargroves Cycles) and MTB Olympian Liam Killeen. 2010 champ Ian Bibby missed the start due to illness.

Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles) led the race for the first couple of laps, and then was joined by Oldham for what looked to be a showdown for the title. Field subsequently crashed, however, ending his hopes for the win. Although he was able to regroup, he would gradually fade back off of the podium to fourth place.

Full Results


1Helen Wyman (Kona)0:40:09
2Nikki Harris (APB Cycling Team)0:00:54
3Gabriella Day (The ChainStay-RENNER)0:01:10
4Hannah Payton0:04:17
5Victoria Wilkinson0:04:45
6Bethany Crumpton0:04:46
7Corinne Hall0:04:53
8Amy Roberts0:06:14
9Ruby Miller0:07:10
10Delia Beddis0:07:49
11Claire Beaumont0:08:01
12Laura Ralston (MIT)0:08:06
13Katy Winton0:08:37
14Hannah Reynolds0:09:05
15Claire Thomas0:09:38
16Caroline Goward0:10:29
17Erin Billington0:13:09
18Nikola Butler
19Madeleine Robinson
20Rebecca Keogh


1Paul Oldham (Hope Factory Racing)1:01:50
2Jody Crawforth (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:00:18
3Liam Killeen0:00:21
4Ian Field (Hargroves Cycles)0:00:43
5Nicholas Craig (Team Scott UK)0:01:31
6Stuart Bowers (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)0:01:50
7Rob Jebb (Wheelbase.co.uk/Cannondale)0:03:04
8Tom Last0:04:42
9Lewis Craven0:05:17
10Darren Barclay (Arctic – Premier RT)0:05:21
11Adrian Lansley (Pedalon.co.uk)0:05:56
12Lee Williams0:06:01
13Stephen Adams0:06:06
14Crispin Doyle (Swindon RC)0:06:10
15Dave Collins (Hope Factory Racing)0:06:17
16Tim Baldwin (Paul Milnes/Bradford Olympic RC)0:06:31
17Michael Cotty (Wheelbase.co.uk/Cannondale)0:06:36
18Ben Simmons0:06:46
19Jamie Newall (Team Corley Cycles)0:07:07
20Andrew Waterman (Dulwich Paragon CC)0:07:58
21Keith Murray0:08:24
22Daniel Duguid (Sigma Sport/Specialized)0:08:38
23Greg Simcock (Team Corley Cycles)0:09:11
24Richard Wilkinson0:09:17
25Daniel Lewis0:09:23
26Andrew Naylor0:09:44
27David Lines0:09:49
28Gavin Hardwicke0:10:04
29Kevin Knox0:10:14
30Scott Chalmers (Dream CC/Zero)0:10:19
31Richard Lister
32Chris Metcalfe
33Jonathan Limebear (Batley CC/Hargreaves)
34James Duguid (Sigma Sport/Specialized)
35James Thompson (Boneshakersbikes.com/Trek)
36Kyle Burleigh (Nottingham Clarion CC)
37Jonathan Watson
38Matthew Denby
39Nathan Miller (X RT/Elmy Cycles)
40Malcolm Lewis (MTS Cycle Sport/Inkland)
41Karl Norfolk (Pedalon.co.uk)
42Ben Spurrier
43Gareth Whittall
44James Cotty
45Colin Miller
46Nicholas Onslow
47James Dalton
48Chris Bradley
49Paul Sheers
50Christopher Debens
51Mark Davies
52David Rees (Dulwich Paragon CC)
53Christian Aucote
54Richard Fairholme
55Edward Sneddon
56Robert Wimble
57Chris Atkins
58Mark Leyland
59James Booth