Friday’s Trek CX Cup kicked off the three days of racing in Waterloo.

This morning, the Junior Women took the start for the Helen100 Junior Women’s series. The series represents Helen Wyman’s effort for equality even at the younger age groups.

Although the Junior Women’s race was not a UCI event, Wyman championed equal pay and partnered with Trek to make it happen at the Trek CX Cup.

Bridget Tooley (Easton-Giant p/b Transitions Lifecare) continued her bunnyhopping display from last weekend, hopping the barriers to a Helen100 win today in Waterloo.

Bridget Tooley hops to her first Helen100 Junior Women's win at the 2019 Trek CX Cup. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

Bridget Tooley hops to her first Helen100 Junior Women’s win at the 2019 Trek CX Cup. © D. Mable / Cyclocross Magazine

See the full Helen100 Junior Women’s results below.

2019 Trek CX Cup Results: Helen100 Junior Women

1889Bridget TOOLEYEaston-Giant p/b Transitions Li40:06:006
2890Kaia SCHMIDNew England Devo p/b Cadence We40:34:006
3893Eleanor DYASBlue Ridge Cross p/b JA King40:46:006
4881Ava HOLMGRENHardwood Next Wave Cycling Team41:13:006
5839Carrie MASTERSLionhearts Junior Racing41:13:006
6882Isabella HOLMGRENHardwood Next Wave Cycling Team41:48:006
8838Katherine SARKISOVCXHairs Devo / TREK BIKES42:31:006
9884Claire STECIUKHardwood Next Wave42:44:006
10840Alexa STIERWALTAether Racing42:52:006
11892Lauren ZOERNERAlpha Bicycle Company Groove Su43:06:006
13883Kelly LAWSONHardwood Next Wave43:25:006
14853Izabella SHAFFERSummit freewheelers43:40:006
15841Dahlia KISSELLionhearts Junior Racing43:54:006
16861Ryley MOSHERWheel Works Racing44:24:006
17842Brooklyn RADDINLOGIK | Junior Development Team45:49:006
18844Jordan Gwyen AUSTINxXx racing Athletico46:50:006
19846Emma BALDINGMidwest Devo39:00:005
20848Lauren WEIGELDonkey Label Racing/ Stoemper40:27:005
21849Audrey BAKERMidwest Devo40:56:005
22847Ragan WEIGELDonkey Label Racing/ Stoemper41:03:005
23862Paula URBANKenosha Kutters42:33:005
24860Dakota Kennedy AUSTINxXx Racing-Athletico46:28:005
DNF851Katie SMOCKMidwest Devo1