Weighall and Bishop Grind to Victory at Maris Farms – UPDATED: Full Results and More Photos

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Maris Farms SCX © Janet Hill

Maris Farms SCX © Janet Hill

by Kenton Berg

Seattle Cyclocross race number five took place Sunday at the pumpkin patch known as Maris Farms. In its second year as a venue for the SCX schedule, the Maris track was a week late in dishing out more tricks than treats to the racing population. Heavy rains overnight and over the past week helped transform the pumpkin patch into an incremental mud pit and turned the grassy areas into greasy avenues.

With pumpkins lining half the course, racers were tested by the mud sections as well as a number of back-and-forth turns that made up the south half of the course. After taking in a long run through shoe-stealing mud, racers hopped on their bikes to bump over the rocky road on the back side of the course. Hidden, sharp rocks took their toll on tires while the mud and grass took its toll on other parts of the bike.

Mud, Pumpkins, Sun © Janet Hill

Mud, Pumpkins, Sun © Janet Hill

After the trip around the rocky road, racers plunged into the grassy area and were off their bike as much as on it though a series of up-and-down rides/runs which then headed into the barriers and another run-up. More turny sections on the plateau area up top led to a fast off-camber turn next to the pits and then a quick grind up to the finish line.

Splash © Janet Hill

Splash © Janet Hill

With the morning squalls out of the way the Elite Men took to the course under mostly sunny skies and gradually drying mud. The dreaded peanut butter effect was coming on strong, but this didn’t seem to bother Nick Weighall (Cal Giant Berry Farms) who used his great bike handling skills and power to outlast Russell Stevenson (Cycling NW) by a minute and Logan Owen (Redline) who came in nearly four minutes back to complete the podium.

The Elite Women would take the stage after the men and would spend a good portion of their day working through the men’s fields that were sent out in front of them. While the peanut butter mud continued to cause havoc, Serena Bishop, (Sunnyside Sports) who traveled up from Bend, OR, and series leader Kristi Berg (CycleU) would put the power down to take first and second, and be the only two women who would finish on the lead lap. Coming in one lap down, but still on the podium, was Courtney McFadden (Cycling NW).

The SCX series takes a week off next week before resuming again on November 21st with race number six at the Sprinker Center outside of Puyallup, WA.

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Full Results

Elite Men

Here? Bib Men 1/2 Name Tag Todays Place Time Total Laps Avg. Lap Time
y 141 Men 1/2 Nicholas L Weighall Please wear your tag! 1 0:57:49 9 0:06:26
y 135 Men 1/2 Russell Stevenson Cycling Northwest 590 2 0:58:50 9 0:06:33
y 136 Men 1/2 Logan Owen 3 1:02:12 9 0:06:55
y 101 Men 1/2 John-Christian Flack Olympia Orthopaedic Associates 6 4 1:03:42 9 0:07:05
y 115 Men 1/2 Kyle McGilvray OTB State Farm 300 5 0:58:04 8 0:07:16
y 112 Men 1/2 Loren Hanson 123 6 0:58:10 8 0:07:17
y 119 Men 1/2 Cory Simpson Woodinville Bicycle 4 7 0:59:01 8 0:07:23
y 106 Men 1/2 Aaron Mickels Cycling Northwest 118 8 1:00:01 8 0:07:31
y 103 Men 1/2 Carl Hulit Recycled Cycles 2 9 1:00:01 8 0:07:31
y 138 Men 1/2 Jeff Gaeckle Olympia Orthopaedic Associates 46 10 1:02:07 8 0:07:46
y 105 Men 1/2 Ian Mensher Keller Rohrback Cycling Team 713 11 0:59:27 7 0:08:30
y 120 Men 1/2 Toby Swanson Bro Tour 9 12 Time N/A 6 Time N/A
y 142 Men 1/2 Logan Wetzel Redline 718 13 Time N/A 5 Time N/A
y 139 Men 1/2 Mark Hanson 721 14 Time N/A 5 Time N/A
y 130 Men 1/2 JD Fette HB 293 15 Time N/A 4 Time N/A
y 113 Men 1/2 Alex Wilson Recycled Cycles 707 16 Time N/A 1 Time N/A
dns 100 Men 1/2 Landon Erickson Team Stanley 117 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 108 Men 1/2 Michael Pease Collision 1 7 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 109 Men 1/2 Solomon Woras Methow cycle and sport DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 110 Men 1/2 Jeff Anderson Team Stanley 119 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 111 Men 1/2 Michael Fusaro Cycling Northwest 125 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 114 Men 1/2 Chris Hill Cucina Fresca 3 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 116 Men 1/2 Aaron Bradford Aaron Bradford DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 117 Men 1/2 Zac McDonald 362 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 118 Men 1/2 Randy Bott Cucina Fresca 116 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 122 Men 1/2 Kevin Noiles La Bicicletta pro shop 126 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 123 Men 1/2 Jason Williams Team Stanley 127 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 125 Men 1/2 Adam Fung DC Velo 131 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 127 Men 1/2 Ryan Iddings Redline 8 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 128 Men 1/2 Nick Berry Mighty Riders 217 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 129 Men 1/2 Kevin Calhoun Rocky mountain 295 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 131 Men 1/2 Doug Reid Second Ascent 596 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 133 Men 1/2 Spencer Paxson Team Snm 356 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 134 Men 1/2 Glenn Soja Team Stanley 130 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 137 Men 1/2 Benji Perin Team Kirbotron 595 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 140 Men 1/2 Galen Erickson Keller Rohrback Cycling Team 714 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 242 Men 1/2 Brad Collins Bicycle Sports Pacific 297 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns ##? Men 1/2 Aaron Huebner Carbon Neutral Cycling DNS DNS DNS DNS

Elite Women

Here? Bib Women1/2 Name Team Tag Todays Place Time Total Laps Avg. Lap Time
y 321 Women1/2 Serena Bishop SunnySide Sports 724 1 0:45:51 6 0:07:39
y 300 Women1/2 Kristi Berg Cycle University 181 2 0:46:30 6 0:07:45
y 312 Women1/2 Courtenay McFadden Cycling Northwest 184 3 0:39:30 5 0:07:54
y 311 Women1/2 Melanie Lewis Blue Rooster / Sports Medicine Clinic 183 4 0:41:14 5 0:08:15
y 316 Women1/2 Jessica Culter Cucina Fresca 665 5 0:41:19 5 0:08:16
y 307 Women1/2 Lee Smith Team Group Health 182 6 0:41:21 5 0:08:17
y 317 Women1/2 Jadine Riley 177 7 0:44:07 5 0:08:50
y 305 Women1/2 Angela Mysliwiec Old Town Bicycle p/b State Farm 175 8 0:47:05 5 0:09:25
y 304 Women1/2 Jo Markham OOA 178 9 Time N/A 3 Time N/A
y 320 Women1/2 Marsa Daniel Group Health 365 10 Time N/A 3 Time N/A
y 319 Women1/2 Ellen Ruotsala Group Health 311 11 Time N/A 2 Time N/A
y 302 Women1/2 Brandee Era-Miller Olympia Orthopaedic Associates 176 12 0:00:00 0 DNF/DNS?
y 301 Women1/2 Jodi Connolly Blue Rooster / Sports Medicine Clinic 179 12 0:00:00 0 DNF/DNS?
y 303 Women1/2 Kristen Kelsey Buy Local Cycling 180 12 0:00:00 0 DNF/DNS?
dns 313 Women1/2 Ann Knapp 319 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 308 Women1/2 Anne Love Cyclocrossracing.com DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 318 Women1/2 Jenni Gaertner Riverstone 561 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 309 Women1/2 Jocelyn Setter Hagens Berman DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 314 Women1/2 Kelly Jones North Shore Sport Med Clinic 325 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 310 Women1/2 Liz Marzolf Hagens Berman 375 DNS DNS DNS DNS
dns 315 Women1/2 Nicola Mann jacks Bicycle Center 373 DNS DNS DNS DNS



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