Chris Horner leads a chase group ©Michael 53-12

Chris Horner leads a chase group ©Michael 53-12

Los Angeles, CA – Race two of the Southern California UCI weekend in Griffith Park was much of the same, with brake control and cornering, according to Kona’s Ryan Trebon. The course was much faster for day two and had a lot more flow to it, but there was still a lot of loose technical turns that were slamming racers down like old school Jesse (the Body) Ventura. The time change was a nice addition since riders had an extra hour to rest from the course beating them up on day one. And, the races filled in even more for day two from the early morning Junior races and throughout the day’s fields.

Elite Women:

While Sue Butler (Hudz-Subaru) battled a little more with her teammate on day one, it was all Butler from the start for day two. Butler led out the first lap and continued her charge to victory. The race behind was similar to day one as her teammate Kathy Sherwin (Hudz-Subaru) chased and held off others to solo in 10 seconds off Butler for second. Barb Howe (Ibis and The Danger Twins) was moved up a spot on day two, passing Devon Haskel (Bike Station Aptos) on the second lap to put herself in third, where she stayed strong until the end. In fourth it was Haskel one spot back from her finish on day one, followed by Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co. twenty-12), the strongest of the SoCal riders, who completed the top five in the women’s field.

Elite Men:

It was Ryan Trebon (Kona) again from the start as he did not mess around with the dust clouds and traffic in the first half of lap one. Sid Taberlay (Sho-Air) followed again and held the second position for the first half of the race. Behind Taberlay it was young Jeremy Ferguson (Cal-Giant Specialized) and another U23 rider, Zach McDonald (Rapha-Focus), who were hungry to be on the podium.

After two laps Troy Wells (Clif Bar) was on his way up with the previous day’s winner Adam Craig (Giant Bicycles) in tow, and Ferguson dropped back. Chris Jones (Rapha-Focus) was there in the mix and eventually moved up to pass his teammate McDonald. Taberlay began to fade and let off a bit as Jones and Craig continued to gain on Trebon. With five laps to go, Craig made his move passing Jones to put himself in second position. Then with four to go, again Craig used his fast, smooth descending skills to attack Trebon and take the lead. Craig held the lead for three laps, taking his second win of the Southern California UCI weekend. Trebon cruised in for another solid finish, taking second, followed by Jones. Taberlay, while dropping back a little, was able to hold on for another fourth place finish, and McDonald was in fifth and again the strongest U23.

This was the last of the UCI races for the 2010 season in Southern California but there was a great showing of riders and support for both races. Companies like Focus Bikes, H2O Overdrive and Shimano deserve a big thank you for helping support race promoter Dorothy Wong and the SoCal UCI race weekends and series. Next up is more of the SoCal Cross Series as it goes to Long Beach, CA.

Full Results:


Pos Bib Code U23 Name Team Nat Time
1 65 USA19710912 BUTLER Susan Hudz Subaru USA 41:20
2 68 USA19730527 SHERWIN Katherine Hudz-Vista Subaru USA 41:30
3 67 USA19760109 HOWE Barbara Ibis And The Danger Twins USA 41:42
4 66 USA19810103 HASKELL Devon Bike Station Aptos USA 42:19
5 77 USA19920826 RIVERA Coryn Peanut Butter & Co. Twenty12 USA 42:32
6 71 USA19800921 STUDLEY Kari Team Redline USA 43:14
7 70 USA19830111 DIMPEL Courtney Bike Station Aptos USA 43:28
8 79 USA19820426 ELLIOTT Megan Black Mountain Bicycles USA 43:49
9 80 USA19640415 CHANEY Beverly Team Roaring Mouse USA 43:56
10 73 USA19651221 BAUMSTEIGER Katrina Team Rambuski Law USA 44:08
11 69 USA19770518 THURSTON Emily Missing Link/ 3Rd Rail USA 44:35
12 74 USA19610329 WALKER Kris Contender Bicycles USA 44:54
13 83 USA19740930 JORDAN Sarah Bay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster USA 45:15
14 75 USA19920810 RYAN Kendall The Team Socalcross USA 45:59
15 78 USA19940818 RYAN Alexis Team Socalcross USA 47:18
16 84 USA19651113 WONG Dorothy The Team Socalcross USA -2 laps
17 81 USA19680324 PADILLA Annette Celopacific USA -5 laps
DNF 82 USA19831005 SCHAPER Amanda Sdg Factory Team USA DNF

Number Taking the Start: 18

Number Finishing: 17

Number Lapped: 2

Number Abandoning: 1


Pos Bib Code U23 Name Team Nat Time
1 134 USA19810815 CRAIG Adam Rabobank/Giant USA 1:01:11
2 131 USA19810305 TREBON Ryan Rideclean/Kona USA 1:01:26
3 132 USA19790806 JONES Christopher Rapha-Focus USA 1:02:01
4 165 AUS19800122 TABERLAY Sid Sho-Air/Specialized AUS 1:02:38
5 136 USA19910213 MCDONALD Zach Rapha-Focus USA 1:03:10
6 133 USA19840619 WELLS Troy Team Clif Bar USA 1:03:21
7 160 USA19840219 KRUGHOFF Allen Boulder Cycle Sport USA 1:03:22
8 174 USA19830409 CHAPIN Scott Bay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster USA 1:03:49
9 145 USA19840428 IDDINGS Ryan Redline USA 1:04:05
10 135 USA19900616 FERGUSON Jeremy California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA 1:04:06
11 149 USA19920527 KAISER Cody California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA 1:04:57
12 142 USA19900303 SCHMALZ Joseph Kccx/Verge Presented By Challenge USA 1:05:15
13 138 USA19860313 SPITERI Frank Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro USA 1:05:19
14 137 USA19900622 FISHER Steve Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman USA 1:05:20
15 139 USA19750622 ROBINSON Justin California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA 1:05:33
16 178 USA19750625 DOUVILLE Gary Platinum Perfomance Cycling Team USA 1:05:34
17 150 USA19770522 SNEAD Joshua Bay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster USA 1:05:59
18 153 USA19780924 ODELL Aaron Bay 101 / Hrs/ Rock Lobster USA 1:06:00
19 179 USA19630523 NOBLE Mark Franco Factory Team USA -2 laps
20 144 USA19760828 CAMERON Molly Portland Bicycle Studio USA -2 laps
21 182 USA19740507 BOSTROM Benjamin Sho-Air/Specialized USA -2 laps
22 143 USA19790702 SIEGLE Jason Bike Religion USA -2 laps
23 170 USA19710417 FLORES Anastasio California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA -3 laps
24 181 USA19830503 GRITTERS Kyle Rock N Road USA -3 laps
25 166 USA19711023 HORNER Christopher Team Radioshack USA -3 laps
26 177 USA19881027 NOBLE Chance California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA -3 laps
27 159 USA19850306 PETROV Anton Sdg Factory Team USA -3 laps
28 146 USA19790816 GRITTERS Brandon Rock N Road USA -4 laps
29 157 USA19710723 BEHRENS John Bailey Bikes USA -4 laps
30 148 USA19750512 BOTTGER Frederick Sdg Factory Team USA -4 laps
31 173 USA19850324 SMALLMAN Kevin Incycle/Cannondale USA -5 laps
32 172 USA19840427 LANGIN Bobby Friggin Sweet USA -5 laps
33 151 USA19910612 RYAN Morgan The Team Socalcross USA -5 laps
34 155 USA19730628 HOLICKY Grant Vic’S/Peerless USA -6 laps
35 163 USA19830609 COLTON Eric The Team USA -6 laps
36 162 CAN19770418 BATSTONE Keith Rundle Mountain Cycling Club CAN -6 laps
37 141 USA19760520 SHEEK David Sdg Factory USA -7 laps
38 167 USA19810227 WILLARD Ted Socal Cross The Team USA -8 laps
39 180 USA19700105 LEONARD Lawrence Successful Living USA -8 laps
40 164 USA19790822 RILLING Roger Stoller USA -8 laps
41 183 USA19731211 KAUKOLA Daniel Fueltheburn.Com USA -9 laps
DNF 169 USA19901008 MART Brandon Team Rambuski Law USA DNF

Number Taking the Start: 42

Number Finishing: 41

Number Lapped: 23

Number Abandoning: 1