Whether you’ve hung up your bikes for this year, or are planning on peaking for a strong second half of domestic racing, you can already start planning your next season’s chase for UCI points. Cyclocross Magazine got an exclusive, early view into next year’s domestic UCI Schedule, and despite the upcoming increase in promoter’s minimum payouts, we’ll have more UCI races next season.

While this is just a preliminary schedule, our initial count shows seven more UCI races on tap for 2009.

Of note is that the USGP adds the Planet Bike Cup weekend in late September, the weekend after Cross Vegas. For racers chasing both series, it’ll be a busy nine days, with the NACT opening weekend in Seattle, Cross Vegas on Wednesday, and the Planet Bike Cup the following weekend. Will this be enough racing to attract the Europeans even without a World Cup? We’ll see.

Also new to the calendar is a Wednesday night race in New York City with the Empire State CX race.

Preliminary USA UCI Cyclocross Schedule for 2009:

DateCatEvent NameLocationfield
9/19/2009C2Star Crossed CyclocrossRedmond, WAmenwmn
9/19/2009C2Nittany Lion CrossFogelsville, PAmenwmn
9/19/2009C2Michigan Double Cross – 1Springfield Township, MImenwmn
9/20/2009C2Michigan Double Cross – 2Springfield Township, MImenwmn
9/20/2009C2Rad Racing Grand prixLakewood, WAmenwmn
9/20/2009C2Charm City CrossBaltimore, MDmenwmn
9/23/2009C1Cross VegasLas Vegas, NVmenwmn
9/26/2009C1USGP of Cyclocross Planet Bike CupSun Prairie, WImenwmnU23jr
9/26/2009C2Schoolhouse CyclocrossWilliston, VTmenwmn
9/27/2009C2USGP of Cyclocross Planet Bike CupSun Prairie, WImenwmnU23jr
9/27/2009C2Catamount Grand PrixWilliston, VTmenwmn
10/3/2009C1Gran Prix of Gloucester #1Gloucester, MAmenwmn
10/4/2009C2Gran Prix of Gloucester #2Gloucester, MAmenwmn
10/09/2009C2Darkhorse Cyclo-Stampede C2Burlington, KYmenwmn
10/10/2009C2Providence Cyclocross #1Providence, RImenwmn
10/10/2009C2Lionhearts International CyclocrossMiddletown, OHmenwmn
10/11/2009C1BioWheels/United Dairy Farmers Harbin Park InternationalCincinnati, OHmenwmn
10/11/2009C2Providence Cyclocross #2Providence, RImenwmn
10/17/2009C1Granogue CrossWillminton, DEmenwmnU23jr
10/18/2009C2Wissahickon CrossPhiladelphia, PAmenwmnjr
10/24/2009C2Downeast Cyclocross Day 1New Gloucester, MEmenwmn
10/24/2009C1USGP of Cyclocross Derby City CupLouisville, KYmenwmnU23jr
10/25/2009C2Downeast Cyclocross Day 2New Gloucester, MEmenwmn
10/25/2009C2USGP of Cyclocross Derby City CupLouisville, KYmenwmnU23jr
10/31/2009C2Blue Sky Velo CupLongmont, COmenwmnU23
10/31/2009C2Beacon CrossBridgeton, NJmenwmn
11/1/2009C1Boulder CupBoulder, COmenwmnU23
11/1/2009C2HPCXJamesburg, NJmenwmn
11/7/2009C2Cycle-Smart International #1Northampton, MAmenwmn
11/8/2009C2Cycle-Smart International #2Northampton, MAmenwmn
11/14/2009C1USGP of Cyclocross Mercer CupWest Windsor, NJmenwmnU23jr
11/15/2009C2USGP of Cyclocross Mercer CupWest Windsor, NJmenwmnU23jr
11/18/2209C2Empire State CXNew York, NYmenwmn
11/21/2009C2North Carolina Grand Prix #1Hendersonville, NCmenwmn
11/22/2009C2North Carolina Grand Prix #2Hendersonville, NCmenwmn
11/21/2009C1Supercross #1Southhampton, NYmenwmn
11/22/2009C1Supercross #2Southhampton, NYmenwmn
11/27/2009C2Jingle Cross Rock – Night RockIowa City, IAmenwmn
11/28/2009C2Jingle Cross Rock – Rock 1Iowa City, IAmenwmn
11/29/2009C1Jingle Cross Rock – Rock 2Iowa City, IAmenwmn
11/28/2009C2Baystate CrossSterling, MAmenwmn
11/29/2009C2Baystate CrossSterling, MAmenwmn
12/5/2009C1USGP of Cyclocross Portland CupPortland, ORmenwmnU23jr
12/6/2009C2USGP of Cyclocross Portland CupPortland, ORmenwmnU23jr
12/5/2009C2NBX Grand Prix of CrossWarwick, RImenwmn
12/6/2009C2NBX Grand Prix of CrossWarwick, RImenwmn
12/6/2009C2Capitol Cross ClassicReston, VAmenwmnU23
12/10-13/2009CNUSA Cycling National ChampionshipTBDmenwmnU23jr