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Mother nature provided an extra challenge for the riders. By Jamie Mack

Mother nature provided an extra challenge for the riders. By Jamie Mack

Domination was the name of the game in Wilmington, Deleware, as Ryan Trebon (Kona) and Georgia Gould (Luna Chix) trounced the competition, each easily beating the rest of the day’s challengers by over a minute en route to dominating victories. Gould’s excellent technical skills easily held off second placed Maureen Bruno Roy (MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles) while Laura Van Gilder (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes) had to out sprint Amanda Carey (Kenda) to hold on to third. Trebon was never challenged for his victory, as Kona took a 1-2 finish with Barry Wicks taking home second ahead of Valentin Scherz (Pro Cycles Scott Newwork), who took third

Gould dominated every phase of the race, as she took the holeshot, and while she waited for a quarter of a lap to make her move, by the time the field had hit the treacherous off-camber sections that sent many a rider to the ground, Gould was gone. Bruno Roy tried to keep pace as best she could, but she was no match for Gould, who is matched by few in terms of technical skill. Bruno Roy chased alone in second for much of the race, with Carey, Van Gilder and Deidre Winfield (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes) battling for third. Winfield would be dropped and soon Van Gilder and Carey were alone, together. Van Gilder rode Carey off her wheel, and for a while looked to be a safe bet for third. Carey realized that it isn’t over until it’s over, and mounted a brave charge for the wheel of Van Gilder.

With less than half a lap remaining, Carey made contact with Van Gilder, and it looked like the Van Gilder had run out of steam. Van Gilder, however, had other plans, as she sat on Carey, letting her lead out the sprint, and easily overwhelming her at the line. For Gould, it was her first major win of the season, after numerous near misses in weeks prior.

Trebon Slides to first UCI Victory This Season

The slick conditions had Ryan Trebon (Kona) off his bike several times a lap. By Tim Graham

The slick conditions had Ryan Trebon (Kona) off his bike several times a lap. By Tim Graham

Trebon, in much the same way as Gould, took the holeshot and never looked back. Trebon’s form is finally coming around, and he showed this off by accelerating at any point he could, and riding a technically flawless race. Trebon could not be matched for speed or technical skill. Barry Wicks had almost as easily shed the rest of the field, but could do nothing to close down the gap on Trebon.

After a fast start, Scherz looked to have faded off his initial pace, dropping as far back as eighth, before finding a second wind to work his way back through the field and up into third, safely away from anyone’s chase. The highest drama was the fight for fourth. Adam McGrath (Thule/Van Desse) was the fastest starter of the three who were fighting for the spot, and for a while, it looked as if Davide Frattini (Fuji) had been eliminated with a rear flat tire. Dan Timmerman (RGM Watches – Richard Sachs – Radix) was the third party in the fight, and he always looked the steadiest of the contestants, while teammate Will Dugan was closing fast, after a slow start. As the race progressed, McGrath faded, while Frattini clawed his way back to the group and picked up speed. when the dust settled, it was Frattini who outpaced Timmerman, who had in turn caught McGrath, but managed to hold off Dugan, who slipped past McGrath for sixth.

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Brief Women’s Results
1. Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team)
2. Maureen Bruno Roy (MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles)
3. Laura Van Gilder (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)
4. Amanda Carey (Kenda/Trainwitheric.com)
5. Deidre Winfield (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)
6. Barbara Howe (Vanderkitten)
7. Rebecca Wellons (Team Plan C)
8. Sally Annis (Hub Racing)
9. Nikki Thiemann (Human Zoom/Pabst Blue Ribbon)
10. Arley Kemmerer (Hub Racing)

Brief Men’s Results
1. Ryan Trebon (Kona)
2. Barry Wicks (Kona)
3. Valentin Scherz (Pro Cycles Scott Newwork)
4. Davide Frattini (Fuji)
5. Dan Timmerman (RGM Watches – Richard Sachs – Radix)
6. Will Dugan (RGM Watches – Richard Sachs – Radix)
7. Adam McGrath (Thule/Van Dessel)
8. Josh Dillon (RGM Watches – Richard Sachs – Radix)
9. Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart)
10. Greg Wittwer (Alan North America Cycling Team)
11. Weston Schempf (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)
12. Andrew Wulfkuhle (C3 Athletes Serving Athletes)
13. Patrick Bradley (Rutgers University Cycling Team)