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  • Is There an Etiquette in Cyclocross Racing?

    Etiquette in Cambodia by Augapfel on flickr

    Many road racers turn to cyclocross because it has less emphasis on etiquette and teamwork, isn’t pack-focused and is very welcoming to all abilities. Yet many hardcore cyclocrossers still maintain there is an etiquette racers should follow. Is there an…

  • Beer up? How about a slushy-up instead?

    Could slushy hand-ups become all the rage?

    by Robbie Carver It’s hot. 98 degrees hot. I’m training hard, pushing my body against the limits that the sun-baked air imposes on me. I could go faster, longer, but the heat strangles me; the thermal waves waft up from…

  • World’s Longest Cyclocross Race? Coming this June…

    Andreas' Mad Planning - Cyclocross Route Option #96 - Photo by flickr user bradleyolin

    Long-distance cyclist and ‘cross racer Andreas Vogel likes to ride his bike just as much as the next guy. He just likes to ride it longer than the next guy. He’s planned the world’s longest ‘cross race for this June….

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