Etiquette in Cambodia by Augapfel on flickr

Does a cyclocross race need such a sign? (Cambodian toilet etiquette by Augapfel on flickr)

Many road racers turn to cyclocross because it has less emphasis on etiquette and teamwork, isn’t pack-focused and is very welcoming to all abilities. Yet many hardcore cyclocrossers still maintain there is an etiquette racers should follow.

Is there an etiquette in cyclocross? If so, what makes proper etiquette in your mind, beyond yielding to riders who are lapping you?

We touched on this topic in Issue 11 of Cyclocross Magazine in print in our well-loved “Rubbin’ is Racing” article, but one beginner wants to know your thoughts on this topic, and we’re curious too. Think etiquette is only for skinny-tire pavement racing events? Did you learn your etiquette the hard way when you were starting to race? Or have a pet peeve that beginners should avoid? Or think the beauty of cyclocross is that anything goes?

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