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Subscribers coast to coast are reporting that they’ve received the latest and greatest edition of our print magazine – lucky Cyclocross Magazine Issue #13! Copies are also showing up at the bike shops and book stores that stock our publication too [See our list of "Top Shops"]. Of course, you can always subscribe to the world’s only dedicated cyclocross publication (in print or now in digital, for those who love their Ipads or those who live outside of North America) to make sure you never miss an issue.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s between the covers:
• We hit the New England theme hard, with a feature on the three sensations to come from tiny Jericho, Vermont; a profile of Tom Stevens, the “Christo of course design”; and a look at the Northampton, Massachusetts, spring ’cross camp for Juniors.
• Get up close and personal with America’s fastest import, Czech champ Katerina Nash, and read about her “Murder Yourself Mentality.”
• We look at the nitty-gritty numbers and analyze cyclocross’ growth.
• Could 16-year-old Logan Owen really be “the Next Nys?” His six consecutive National Cyclocross Championships could be just a prelude of things to come.
Mud myths busted: CXM Labs gets in the mud to see if deep-section wheels provide any advantage
• Learn about the history of cyclocross tires – pneumatics from the beginning to modern day – and read our Newbie Nook feature on how to adjust your tire pressure to match course conditions.
• Pro wrench Daimeon Shanks reveals how to keep your various bearings spinning smoothly.
• New columns from Christine Vardaros and Erik “the Caveman” Tonkin.
• Reviews of the Ridley X-Fire, Airborne Delta, Viner Perfecta Cross, Nine Gs Exos wheelset and much more!

Have some feedback for us, or want to share your favorite cyclocross photos? We really want to hear from you. Send us your letters to hugsorhate(at)cxmagazine.com, and please submit photos to crosseyed(at)cxmagazine.com for consideration for our reader’s photo gallery appearing in every issue.

We’re already hard at work to bring you Issues 14 & 15, and we’ll be burning the midnight oil to bring you more content when you want it most – clustered around the ’cross season!



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When will issue 13 be available digitally?

cyclocross moderator

@pking fyi, just following up but it's been up for a few weeks. hope you got to check it out!

cyclocross moderator

@pking hi there, we're working hard on that now - should be up within two weeks, hopefully less. good timing as we're running low on issue 13 in print!

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