As you may have read in our previous article on the USA Cycling Board Elections, there are open positions on the cyclocross committee. At Cyclocross Magazine, we recognize the importance of these positions, and because of that, we want to encourage everyone to vote in the elections. Today, we’re presenting our first candidate statement from Brook Watts, who most of you may know as the man who brings you CrossVegas. If you’re running for a position on the committee, email with your position and we’d be happy to post it.

Brook Watts

  • Brook Watts is running for the USA Cycling Cyclocross Committee. Photo courtesy of Brook Watts

    35 years experience in cyclocross including promotion of US National Championships in 1978.

  • Member, AIOCC, International Association of Cyclocross Organizers.
  • Organizer of CrossVegas, the largest cyclocross race outside of Europe.  2011 is the 5th year of CrossVegas.
  • Director of NACT cross series in 2010 and founding race director of Cross After Dark Series in 2011.
  • Continues to race as a Master racer.

“I joke about having cyclocross equipment in my garage that’s older than most competitors today but I think that illustrates my heritage and commitment to the sport of cyclocross.  It’s a passion that goes back almost 40 years.

I have unique insights as a participant as well as a race organizer to help our sport progress in the U.S.  My relationship with most of the staff at USA Cycling, the UCI and the various Race Directors across the US is a considerable asset.

I recognize we have to balance the needs of the elite categories with those of the grassroots racers who make up the bulk of the membership and contribute to the growth.  I’m convinced that balance is achievable and cyclocross can remain a healthy discipline in the US for years to come.

I’m available to the membership for feedback and open communication; you’ll always receive a reply to an e-mail inquiry.”