Justin Lindine and Robert Marion Talk Men’s 30-34 Nationals and the Battle for the Win

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Lindine leading the Men's 30-34. © Mike Albright

Lindine leading the Men’s 30-34. © Mike Albright

We’re still digging out from under our pile of photos and videos from Nationals this past week—one of our photographers alone clocked in with 1400 photos just from Sunday’s races! So this week, we’ll be showcasing some of the many stories from the week that we may have missed in our efforts to bring you the most up to date race reporting during the event.

Justin Lindine and Robert Marion duked it out two days this week: once on Saturday in the 30-34 Masters race, and then again in the Elite race 24 hours later. Here, they recount Saturday’s race, and where Lindine was able to pull away to solo to the win.

Justin Lindine, 1st Place

On the race… It went wire to wire. Robert was pushing me pretty hard for a while.”

On the course… It was surprisingly greasy. I though it was going to dry out more but it got slippery, more slippery. This course is awesome. It’s got something that kind of challenges everybody. It’s super fun, techy, and nice to have some mud for a change this season.

On the altitude… You get some side stitches and you’re like, maybe I do notice how much higher it is!

 Watch the full interview here:


Robert Marion, 2nd Place

On his race… I was comfortable. You know just one small little mistake on one of the off-camber muddy sections on the backside. My front wheel slipped and I got tangled up in the tape. It was wrapped up at that point and then I had to make a bike switch. That was just what he [Justin Lindine] needed.

On his effort… I just tried to ride the entire race without making any big efforts, just so I could make it to the finish. I think I timed it right because at the end I didn’t want to do another lap.

On the course and altitude… Some sections like the start, the climb and, you know, some of the off-camber stuff was just super hard, bumpy and fast. But the course is great. This is my fourth Nationals and out of those four this is the best so far. In my opinion, I’d like to say more Euro-like.” “I think it’s an ideal Nationals course, the only problem is they need to keep it below 3000 feet the way the Euros do it.”

Watch Marion’s NASCAR-Style interview here:

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Whining about better racers is pathetic. These guys are eligible and USA Cycling encourages it.

If it's bothering you that much, tell USA Cycling.

Meantime, enjoy a higher quality field and don't be scared.


Agree.  This is one area cross has a flaw.  Let the guys with a job, kids, wife etc earn a medal in masters and single speed rather than full time pros.

cyclocross moderator

@ekrasnai  We understand the question asking whether this age group should exist, but if it does, shouldn't the best be allowed to contest it? It's not National Championships with an asterisk...but trying to find the best in an age group. We don't think people should be excluding from racing a category that exists, but one look at the ages in the Elite Men's top ten might suggest the category doesn't make sense - assuming Masters is to designate an age group when athletic ability starts to decline...

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