Birthday Boy Justin Lindine Takes Men’s 30-34 Win at the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships – Report, Gallery, Full Results

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Lindine leading the Men's 30-34. © Mike Albright

Lindine leading the Men’s 30-34. © Mike Albright

It was Redline racer Justin Lindine’s 30th birthday today, and the new Masters racer celebrated with a solo win in the Masters 30-34 race today at Nationals. From the gun, he was off the front, taking the holeshot in front of last year’s National Champion Matt Shriver (Trek Cyclocross Collective), Kevin Bradford-Parish, Robert Marion (Raleigh/American Classic) and Brandon Melott (Team Soundpony), who quickly formed a group behind him.

The group separated early, with Lindine leading Marion, Shriver and Bradford-Parish around the windy course for the five-lap race.

Shriver faded into the chase group halfway through the race, and Lindine continued to lead Marion around the course, creating small gaps. But it wasn’t until the second to last lap that a bobble knocked Marion back and Lindine was able to open a large gap. Marion continued to hold second position by nearly a minute, followed by Bradford-Parrish and a chase group that now included Shriver, Ken Benesh (Evol Elite Racing), William Iaia (Groove Subaru Excel Sports), Michael Burleigh (Primal Audio Denver), Brad Cole (KCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team).

“If this wasn’t at altitude, I would be unhappy, but that was my worry. I made one small mistake, front wheel slipped, got tangled in tape and had to pit, and that was just what he needed.”

Lindine’s gap stayed steady at a minute, but a refreshed Shriver was closing on Bradford-Parrish, who he passed in the last lap and began to close on Marion.

Lindine came in for the win, followed by Marion and Shriver. “Robert was pushing me pretty hard for a while,” Lindine explained. “I put a lot into the first lap hoping that I would get away. He had a small bobble and I took advantage of that.”

“It was super fun. I liked having some mud for a change,” he added. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. It’s pretty awesome.”

Gallery below results.

Masters Men 30-34 Race Results at 2014 USA Cycling National Championship of Cyclocross

1154LINDINEJustinTeam Redline
5120BENESHKenEvol Elite Racing
6145IAIAWilliamGroove Subaru Excel Sports
7123BURLEIGHMichaelPrimal - Audi Denver
8183STELLJESCoreyRacers Against Childhood Cancer
9152LEMKENicholasScalo Veloce
10136FLISMarkX-Men The
11149KLUCKJeffQueen City Cycling
13182COLEBradKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team
14148KLISHJohnFeedback Sports Racing
15158MELOTTBrandonTeam Soundpony
16164REARDONAndrewBob's Red Mill Cyclocross
17147KEOGHQuinnHarmony Systems Pro Cycling
18170ST GERMAINAdamNew Hampshire Cycling Club
19132DOLLJustinX-Men The
20166SCHAFFNERNickMarc Pro - Strava
21179WILKMichaelDurango Wheel Club
22161PIRIEBrettGroove Subaru Excel Sports
23125CARLSONEricTeam Edge
24139HARBUCKandrewAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
27159MILLSFredMinnesota Cycling Team
28178WHITNEYJoshEvol Elite Racing
29155LUNDGRENEricJBV Coaching
30181THOMPSONCalebColavita Racing Inc.
31119BARCHECKAaronTeam Small Batch
32117ALLENWilliamFeedback Sports Racing
33146JACKSONGregFoxtrot Racing
36143HOLBROOKJasonMad Alchemy Rider Cooperative
37151LEEZachTeam Small Batch
39135FIVEHOUSEAdamPrimal - Audi Denver
40150KWANJayThe TEAM
42116ABRAHAMSONGregoryBoulder Cycle Sport
43175VAUGHNAaronRally Sport Cycling Team
45173THAYERRobertSonic Boom Racing
46176WEISJoshColavita Racing Inc.
49165REIMANNAndrewTeam Yacht Club
50157MARSHALLLucasMidwest Cycling Community NE
52167SCHNEIDERDanielType One United
58174THOMASDavidAsheville Cyclocross
59142HEUGELJudsonCharm City Cycling LLC
60137GETTERGarrettTeam Small Batch
61172SUDANRobinsonSemi-Tough Cycling Club
DNF127CLARKELucasPrimal - Audi Denver

Birthday Boy Justin Lindine Takes Men’s 30-34 Win at the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships – Gallery by Mike Albright

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Challenge Tires
Challenge Tires

That corner was a blast, especially early in the week covered in ice and mud

Jim Clark
Jim Clark

If you're too young to make noises when you get out of a chair, you're too young to race masters.

Joseph Hu
Joseph Hu

I thought masters racers couldn't have UCI points? Or did that pertain to World Cup points? Didn't Mo Bruno Roy get relegated from her masters championship years ago?

Cameron Lloyd
Cameron Lloyd

A pro taking medals from working class. Not cool


Different issue.

And she won a singlespeed national championship jersey this year as an Elite racer.

Good for Mo!!!


Wait for the next bandwagon and jump on that one...

Any national champion is cool.


No. Not what Cameron said. What's lame is you having issue with others winning a jersey in a race they are invited and eligible to participate in. It's encouraged by USA Cycling to promote longevity in our sport.

A Pro in cyclocross is very different from a Pro in other sports. Cycling is Pro-Am, hence the Elite category.

Stop complaining about the achievements of others.

Envy and jealousy and negativity is easy. Winning a national championship is hard.


Is it lame that Mo Bruno Roy took a singlespeed national championship? She's Elite. Is it fair that Justine Lindine took the jersey from Robert Marion...another elite racer? Is it fair that Brandon Dwight raced elite and raced age-group categories? isn't lame.

The Elite racers come to Colorado for a week or more in many cases. They want to race and can do so if they are eligible.


Waaaaah. Stop being so dramatic. Working Class vs. Pros. Give me a break.

If you're eligible to race in a category, then race in it! Robert Marion took 2nd...good for him also.

Both Lindine and Marion are "working class" if you truly want to categorize and further segment the Elite (you call it Pro) field.


Go tell USA Cycling if you have a problem with it. Take a look at how many guys in the Elite race also race age-group races. Many. Stop whining.


Wrong, Michael. He do care.

He do care so much that he was willing to risk his reputation and Elite race to race in his age-group. Which he...and others...are eligible to do. And they did.

Congratulations to all National Champions! Well deserved and hard-earned.

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