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Mercury has new offerings for both clincher and tubular fans. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mercury has new offerings for both clincher and tubular fans. © Cyclocross Magazine

Mercury Cycling showed off two wheelsets at Interbike that were aimed squarely towards the cyclocross racer. Both aluminum tubular and clincher options are available for the reasonable price of $699.00 per set.

Mercury is following the trend of increasing rim width for better stability out on the course. For the glue-sniffing set this means a wider surface to lay the adhesive on, resulting in a firmer connection between tire and rim and, based on your gluing prowess, fewer rolled tires. The better connection between rubber and metal can also mean improved cornering as the tires retain their shape better in the corners.

Those that run clinchers know the feeling of the tire deforming in a tight corner. The wider rim, and more stable platform, limits the lateral tire movement improving stability of the ride. The wider rim bed can also lead to the ability to run less pressure, suffer fewer pinch flats and provide a smoother ride.

The wheelsets use Mercury hubs and rims, laced together with butted spokes and DT nipples. The minimalist hubs and aluminum rims keep the weight of both the tubular and clincher models under 1,500 grams per pair.

Check out Mercury Cycling for more info.

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