Masters Worlds: Ruseckas Brings Home Gold; Tilford 3rd, Webber 4th UPDATED – Full Results, Report and Video Interviews

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The new World Champ, rolling in style. Photo © Marilyn Ruseckas

Ruseckas repeated her 2010 win at Masters Worlds. Photo © Marilyn Ruseckas

US Masters brought all that is American ’cross to the line at this year’s Masters Cyclocross World Championships. And with Marilyn Ruseckas again winning gold, Steve Tilford bronze, and a hefty amount of top-twenties, they showed just how far our sport has grown. Over thirty Americans competed in the race in Mol, Belgium.

40-44 National Champion Pete Webber gives us a full report of the event, including video interviews of current US 50-54 National Champion Steve Tilford, 2009 National 45-49 National Champion Johnny Bold, and 2009 50-54 National Champion Kevin Hines. Photos coming soon!

by Pete Webber

Masters athletes from around the world stormed into Mol, Belgium, today for the UCI Master Cyclocross World Championships. A strong group of Americans rallied to make the trip, traveling independently but all racing with a common mission of representing the US’s exploding ’cross scene. Northern Europeans have dominated Worlds for years, but the US has been nipping at their heels and this year the American’s assembled their strongest team ever, replete with many reigning or former national champs: names like Tilford, Myrah, Bold, Hines, Webber, Dwight, and Ruseckas.

Under a week of fairly dry skies and mild temps the threat of the infamous Belgian mud was nigh, but the sandy, energy-sapping course ensured that the cherished rainbow jerseys would be born of close-packed, elbow to elbow racing. During race day, the well-tracked Mol race course deteriorated into deep ruts and bottomless bogs of quicksand. Tight turns under pine trees, slippery roots, and hundreds of immoveable 4-inch wooden posts kept ’crossers on their toes. But other segments of hard pack and pavement kept overall speeds high.

Racing in Europe is tough – the riders are brutally strong, the courses are nasty and cyclocross knowledge runs generations deep – but when the sand settled the US had made a solid showing, with plenty of podiums and top 10s. Taking her second title in as many years, Marilyn Ruseckas (Seven Cycles) took the rainbow jersey in the Women’s 50+. Steve Tilford earned third in the 50-55, with Kevin Hines taking sixth. Jonny Bold was third in the 45-49 with Don Myrah 12th. In the 40-45, Pete Webber took fourth, Brandon Dwight sixth, and four other Americans made the top twenty. Many other Yankees earned hard-fought placements. Full results below.

This all bodes well for the growing masters racing scene, both in the US and Europe. Our sport is awesomely fun and exciting. As the World Champs roll to Louisville, Kentucky for the next two years, expectations for more American rainbow jerseys are high.

Video Interview with Tilford, Bold, and Hines:

Race recap by Webber:

Full Results:

Race categoryPlaceNumCountryNameTimeGap
Women < 196217USARUSECKAS Marilyn0h22’00”0:00:00
26ITAPIZZULOTIO Lucia0h24’06”0:02:06
34USAPFLUKE Lillian0h24’34”0:02:34
41SVEBORJESSON Carina0h24’34”0:02:34
52USAWILLIAMS Becca0h24’40”0:02:40
68FRATROCHON Josiane0h25’10”0:03:10
73USAWAMSLEI Emily-1 lap
Women 1962-1971123JPNOTISHIMA Mika0h24’03”0:00:00
320GERLAMBRACHT Bettina0h24’22”
416NELGALL Marianne0h25’00”0:00:20
517NORGJEITRUD Boe0h25’11”
619NEDREINDERS Anja0h26’00”
721GERBERTRAM Anne-Josephe0h27’15”0:00:52
825NEDENGELSMA Margriet0h28’00”0:00:00
91SVEBORJESSON Carine0h29’19”0:00:00
1018USAJARZAMKOSKI Teresa-1 lap
1124GBRHUMPHREYS Rita-1 lap
Women 1972-1981126NEDMETER Ilona0h30’35”0:00:00
240ITAMARA DAL Borgo3h05’52”2:35:17
329GERJURANEK Susanne0h30’55”0:00:20
432NEDBANGA Kim0h31’03”0:00:28
534FRASERRES Bernadette0h31’17”0:00:42
638GBRGOWARD Caroline0h31’35”0:01:00
735FRALEAUD Saudia0h31’45”0:01:10
828GERWALL Manja0h31’56”0:01:21
931FRAPERREON Audrey0h32’00”0:01:25
1033FRAVANTOMME Amélie0h32’11”0:01:36
1137NEDEENDHUIZEN Annet0h32’21”0:01:46
1239GBRTHOMAS Claire0h32’21”0:01:46
1327FRAPRUDHOMME Nadège0h33’45”0:03:10
1442GBRJOHNSON Emma0h33’45”0:03:10
1543FRASAUVAGE Sophie0h33’45”0:03:10
1641GBRWIX Emilie0h33’45”0:03:10
1736ITAASERO Lucia-1 lap
Men <194719NEDBROERE Theo0h30’19”0:00:00
23BELBOELENS Romhan0h31’00”0:00:41
37GBRBARNETT Victor0h31’29”0:01:10
42GBRGINLEY John0h34’00”0:03:41
56FRAMELET André0h34’05”0:03:46
64NEDALLELEIJN Chrit0h34’40”0:04:21
710BELDEKKERS Jacobus0h34’00”0:03:41
88GERBERGER Günter0h34’00”0:03:41
95GERREICHARDT Thorsten-1 lap
101USAWAMSLEY David-1 lap
Men 1947-1951126BELSTAES Jozef0h29’00”0:00:00
218GBRMCMULLEN Dave0h29’00”0:00:00
311FRAGRANGE Jean-Claude0h29’00”0:00:00
425BELMERTENS François0h29’25”0:00:25
517BELSAS Jos0h30’22”0:01:22
620BELDE CLERCQ José0h30’22”0:01:22
721BELVANWESENBEECK Luc0h31’00”0:02:00
86BELLIEVENS Edward0h31’29”0:02:29
95ESPPORTILLA Pedro Mugica0h31’29”0:02:29
1119NEDHOLLENBERG Kees0h31’53”0:02:53
1214NEDGERRITS Henry0h32’38”0:03:38
1315FRACHEVALIER Jean-Marc0h32’38”0:03:38
1428BELGeudens Jan-Guido0h33’05”0:04:05
1527FRACommaille Jean-Pierre0h33’05”0:04:05
1616NEDVERHAGEN Ties0h33’05”0:04:05
177GERNEUHAUS Klaus0h33’25”0:04:25
1810ITACECCONI Fausto0h33’25”0:04:25
1912NEDVISSER Hink0h34’05”0:05:05
2024GBRMOONEY Peter0h34’05”0:05:05
212NEDDE WIT Frans0h34’05”0:05:05
228GERHULMUT Philipp0h35’36”0:06:36
2322NEDJONGENEEL Hans0h36’00”0:07:00
243FRABENOIST Daniel0h36’05”0:07:05
254ITALORENZI Luigi-1 lap
2613FRALETENDART Francis-1 lap
Men 1952-195611FRAGUINLE Alain0h28’00”0:00:00
22NEDSTEENSMA Jan0h28’03”0:00:03
315BELDE SCHEEMAEKER Ronald0h28’07”0:00:07
426BELVAN TICHELT Ludo0h28’55”0:00:55
520BELVAN OOSTERWYCK Daniel0h29’00”0:01:00
65ITAPARRO Giovanni0h29’15”0:01:15
79USADOWNS Robert0h29’15”0:01:15
811FRAPERRET Daniel0h29’45”0:01:45
927BELVAN SINAY Dirk0h30’07”0:02:07
107DENOLSEN Karstem0h30’09”0:02:09
114GBRROBERTS Andrew0h30’37”0:02:37
1219BELGEERTS Christiaan0h30’40”0:02:40
1316FRASCHAEFFLER Fernand0h30’40”0:02:40
1410POLBANASINSKI Waldeman0h30’40”0:02:40
1512BELSPRUYT Alex0h31’40”0:03:40
1624FRADROUET Claude0h31’40”0:03:40
1713GBRWILKINS Tony0h31’40”0:03:40
1818NEDBALTUSSEN Twan0h31’40”0:03:40
1917BELVAES Guido0h32’30”0:04:30
202NEDSTEENSMA Jan0h32’36”0:04:36
213FRAEOURTEILLE Patrick0h32’46”0:04:46
2228BELDAELMAN Roger0h33’49”0:05:49
2323USAKINNEY Steven0h34’26”0:06:26
2425GERHACK Gerhard0h34’26”0:06:26
258GERZIEGE Michael0h34’30”0:06:30
2629GERKELLNER Günter0h35’10”0:07:10
276BELGOVAERTS Johan0h37’02”0:09:02
2814UKRYOSYF Pazyak-1 lap
2922POLKUCEVICZ Jery-1 lap
3021BELBERTELS Albert-1 lap
Men 1957-1961139BELVERLOO Mark0h32’48”
240BELVAN DEN BERGH Wim0h32’54”
31USATITFORD Steve0h33’01”0:02:01
437NEDBOGAERTS Jos0h33’26”0:02:52
547BELGEBRUERS Dirk0h33’41”0:00:00
623USAHINES Kevin0h33’50”0:00:00
755BELSLUYTS Patrick0h34’00”0:00:00
842BELVERHESTRAETEN P0h34’12”0:05:17
936NEDHOFFMANS Peter0h34’15”0:05:21
1029CANLAWRENCE Peter0h34’56”
1157NEDBERNAERTS Ad0h35’24”0:00:00
1225GBRDAVIES Steven0h35’27”0:03:17
1320FRAGENTIL Roger0h35’32”0:04:57
1443GERERDMANN Lars0h35’45”
1548NEDVOESENEK Peter0h35’45”0:00:00
1612USAMOSHER John0h35’45”0:03:47
1760GERHEUSER Heiho0h35’45”0:00:00
186ESPANGEL Emilio Arias Gonzalez0h36’01”
1928BELBENS Rudy0h36’31”0:02:25
2010ITAZAMPARINI Guiseppe0h36’36”
2121FRADARDENNES Bernard0h36’39”0:00:00
2252CZEMAYER Milos0h36’46”0:00:00
2338GERPLENGEMEYER Wilfried0h36’51”
2449CZEROUS Tomas0h36’51”0:00:00
2519FRABERTHON Xavier0h36’51”
2644GBREADON Martin0h37’04”
2733GBRWRIGHT Ian0h37’17”0:01:51
2851BELVAN STEERTEGHEM Eric0h37’32”0:00:00
2950CZEMANDAUS Jiri0h37’39”0:00:00
3056BELPOTARGENT Pierrot0h37’39”0:00:00
3122USARAMBUSKI Edwin0h37’54”
3232GBRHARRIS Peter0h37’54”0:02:42
3363GERBERTRAM Jörg0h37’54”0:00:00
3415POLBARTOLENSKR Wojcdeck0h37’54”0:03:58
3518POLREPINSKI Gregor0h38’04”0:03:42
368GBRCLARK Garry0h38’12”0:03:30
3741NEDGROOTJANS Menno0h38’32”
3814GERDREGES Norbert0h39’31”0:04:02
3924GBRHAY Nigel0h39’53”0:05:01
4011ITASUBIACO Emilio0h40’02”
4130FRAANNEQUIN Frederic0h40’11”
4261NEDVAN DIRSCHOT Frank0h40’18”0:00:00
4335GBRPISOLKAR Robert0h40’45”0:00:00
4464GERFERNAU Hemming-1 lap
4517PORDE OLIVEIREA Carlos-1 lap
4626NEDMOTSHAGEN Barend-1 lap
4754GERLOTHAR Kinas-1 lap
4858GERHEIDOUN Kai-2 lap
4959GERREINHARD Werner-2 lap
5053CZEPRUDIL Jiri-2 lap
5127NEDVAN BEEK Jan-2 lap
527FRASERRES Claude-2 lap
535USATHOMAS Mark-2 lap
549ITALIMBO Antonino-2 lap
5513GERXANKE Volker-2 lap
563USAANDERSON William-2 lap
5734USAELLIS Guy-3 lap
594USAPARKER Jon-3 lap
6031FRAGUIDONI Pascal-3 lap
Men 1962-1966170BELMERTENS Dirk0h39’00”0:00:00
250BELTECK Erik0h39’08”0:00:08
345USABOLD Jonny0h39’13”0:00:13
444BELDRUYTS Marc0h39’42”0:00:42
568FRALOIZEAU Stephane0h39’51”0:00:51
675NEDGROENENDAAL Frank0h40’14”0:01:14
747BELLAMMENS Mario0h40’32”0:01:32
813GERBERNER Timo0h40’38”0:01:38
976NEDGROENENDAAL Michel0h41’05”0:02:05
1014POLFREPOSHI Slavomie0h41’10”0:02:10
1128GERRAIBLE Armin0h41’20”0:02:20
129USAMYRAH Don0h41’25”0:02:25
1353BELKYNDT Hans0h41’30”0:02:30
1451GERSCHMIDT Hans-Peter0h41’50”0:02:50
1549BELGLADINES Ludwig0h42’18”0:03:18
1673BELVANDERAERDEN Johan0h42’24”0:03:24
1764FRADUCRET Pascal0h42’30”0:03:30
1842GBRROACH Philip0h42’30”0:03:30
1937NEDVAN KORUEN Ton0h42’30”0:03:30
2029NEDRIETVELD Lars0h42’30”0:03:30
2152GERHOCKAUF Thomas0h43’44”0:04:44
228ITAFRAIEGARI Massimiliano0h43’55”0:04:55
2323FRABESNARD Pascal0h44’05”0:05:05
2435FRATROSSAIS Christian0h44’05”0:05:05
2510DENBYSTRUP Anders Bro0h44’16”0:05:16
2627GERRISTAU René0h44’26”0:05:26
2779GERKIRCHHOF Johannes0h44’37”0:05:37
2877NEDWITTE Marcel0h44’45”0:05:45
2940GERROHDE Peter0h44’50”0:05:50
3038CZEBALAK Leos0h44’57”0:05:57
3139CZEBALAK Pauel0h45’10”0:06:10
3221FRAVASSEUR Thierry0h45’21”0:06:21
3318SUIBALLAT Anton0h45’28”0:06:28
3462GERAPPELT Klaus-Dieter0h45’42”0:06:42
3516GERSCHAUL Andreas0h45’54”0:06:54
366FRADEMARE Josué0h45’54”0:06:54
3734BELRAES Patrick-1 lap
3871GERKESSEN Peter-1 lap
3959FRAPEYRARD Alain-1 lap
4048GERGATZ Holger-1 lap
4180NEDBRUNSVELD Jean-Paul-2 lap
4274FRABULTIEAU Jean-Pierre-2 lap
4333GERJAGEL Christian-2 lap
4467BELVERTESSEN Johnny-2 lap
451FRACHEVRIN Eric-2 lap
4643GERKODITEK Roman-2 lap
4732NEDGERRITSEN Willard-2 lap
4957GERLOHSE Sven-2 lap
5155GERRAMM Oliver-2 lap
523USARicke Kelly-2 lap
5369NEDMAAS Martin-2 lap
547GERFRUCHTENICHT Henning-2 lap
5531GBRGARRET David-2 lap
5624FRARIO Christian-2 lap
5715GERPRESS Michael-2 lap
5836GBRSHERIDAN Keith-2 lap
5878NEDKOENEN Ger-2 lap
5925GERHEPPEL Tino-2 lap
6066NEDWANINGE André-2 lap
6161BELDE GRAEF Eric-2 lap
625ITALIBRIANI Ivano-2 lap
6317GERLAMBRACHT Jens-2 lap
6419GBRGARRETT Mark-2 lap
6522FRASAGE Jean-Marc-2 lap
6660FRADUPERRON Bruno-3 lap
6741GBRTOWNSEND Garry-3 lap
6812USABERGE Christopher-3 lap
6963FRACAUWET Franck-3 lap
7030NEDVAN DEN BERG Sjan-3 lap
7111GBRHUMPHREYS Mark-3 lap
7258GERWERNER Thomas-3 lap
7326GBRFREER Graham-3 lap
7420GBRHIPWELL Gary-3 lap
7654GERDORFEI Steffen-3 lap
7756GERLOHSE Axel-3 lap
7846GERBECK Raines-3 lap
7965FRAFRANCK-3 lap
802USAADES Robert-3 lap
Men 1967-1971148BELBERCKMANS Nico0h37’07”0:00:00
228GERSCHWEDLER Jens0h38’10”0:01:03
350NEDDE VRIES Micha0h38’44”0:01:37
440USAWEBBER Peter0h38’51”0:01:44
57FRAPAGNIER David0h38’56”0:01:49
643USADWIGHT Brandon0h39’23”0:02:16
716GERDANOWSKI Stefan0h39’36”0:02:29
845NEDRAATS Edwin0h39’51”0:02:44
946BELJANSEN Wim0h39’56”0:02:49
1063GERSTENZEL Michael0h40’23”0:03:16
1117GBRATKINS Darren0h40’35”0:03:28
1241USABAKER Edward0h40’44”0:03:37
1332BELCOOLEN Marc0h40’59”0:03:52
1437USAPERHAM Kurt0h41’03”0:03:56
1571FRACHALAS Jean-Pierre0h42’14”0:05:07
1638USAHLUDZINSKI Brian0h42’20”0:05:13
1718GERKARRASCH Robert0h42’26”0:05:19
1842USAROBSON Michael0h42’33”0:05:26
1962NEDDUSSEL Johan0h42’44”0:05:37
2047NEDSNOEREN Rene0h42’53”0:05:46
2167NEDKOK Marco0h42’53”0:05:46
2236BELVANDECAUTER Nick0h42’53”0:05:46
2310NEDSPEK John0h43’19”0:06:12
2439ESPBERMESSO Manuel0h43’19”0:06:12
2513GERGEHRKING Oliver0h43’19”0:06:12
268GERSCHMIDT Michael0h43’19”0:06:12
2752USABEHRENS John0h43’19”0:06:12
2823FRAMICHOUT Eric0h43’29”0:06:22
2921BELVAN DEN BERGH Luc0h43’40”0:06:33
3015BELVAN STAYEN Benny0h43’46”0:06:39
3130GBRWATSON Jonathan0h43’51”0:06:44
324ITAPANZARINI Gianni0h43’55”0:06:48
3320GERCORPUS Oliver0h44’00”0:06:53
3429CANBOUDREAU Marc0h44’00”0:06:53
363ITATEMPESTINI Paolo-1 lap
3756BELHUYBRECHTS Ward-1 lap
386POLBONECHI Marek-1 lap
3924GERZEWE Marc-1 lap
4053NEDGUDDE Jan-1 lap
4170BELVAN HONSTE Kris-2 lap
4264NEDVISSCHER Richard-2 lap
4325ESPHIERRO Angel-2 lap
4431GBRDENBY Matt-2 lap
4557BELVERBRAEKEN Jeff-2 lap
4668BELARDEEL Hans-2 lap
4734GERHEIKO Rudolf-2 lap
4854BELHULSMANS Johnny-2 lap
4919CZEZAPLETAL Viktor-2 lap
502FRALAGARDE Michel-2 lap
5161GERGEISLER Lars-2 lap
5265FRALENOIR David-2 lap
5360NEDPENNINGS Ton-2 lap
5426SVEMARD Hans-2 lap
5535GERAPPELT Bernd-2 lap
5633BELVAN LOY Wim-2 lap
5722GBRBURCH Ivan-3 lap
5855GERJESCHINA Lorant-3 lap
5969GBRMARRIOTT Jason-3 lap
605GERHOLLWEDEL Jochen-3 lap
6114USAWILCOX Geoff-3 lap
6212GBRSTRICKLAND Gary-3 lap
6366NEDTE KIEFFE Ivo-3 lap
6451FRALARAIEU Laurent-3 lap
6558GERTOPFER Eugen-3 lap
6644FRAANDRE Christophe-3 lap
6727AUTBAUER Martin-3 lap
6911GBRJULIAN Ronald-4 lap
701GERSIEBENMORGEN Stephan-4 lap
Men 1972-1976137FRADUBAU Ludovic0h39’05”0:00:00
240FRAPERRIN Pascal0h39’40”0:00:35
352BELSCHROYEN Nico0h39’45”0:00:40
43ITAFOLCARELLI Massimo0h39’47”0:00:42
538NEDVELDKAMP Wilfred0h40’12”0:01:07
66POLWOZINIAK Daviur0h40’22”0:01:17
734BELMAES Timmy0h40’30”0:01:25
827FRAGUILLARD Mickael0h40’30”0:01:25
936BELNERINCKX Stefan0h40’33”0:01:28
107FRALECOEUR Laurent0h40’50”0:01:45
1147BELSNELS Kris0h40’52”0:01:47
1232GERKUSCHLA Sven0h41’03”0:01:58
1320FRAGENTHON Lionel0h41’23”0:02:18
1433BELCEULEMANS Kris0h41’42”0:02:37
1545NEDBROUWER Leon0h41’52”0:02:47
1621GBRLISTER Richard0h42’03”0:02:58
1713GERFUHRING Jorn0h42’07”0:03:02
1850BELVAN DEN MUYSENBERGH Rob0h42’08”0:03:03
199FRALAUNAY Sylvain0h42’12”0:03:07
2011FRADROUET Cyril0h42’37”0:03:32
2151GBRDOYLE Crispin0h42’46”0:03:41
2219BELDE BACKER Kurt0h42’46”0:03:41
2315ESPBUSTINZO Undi Fernandez0h42’46”0:03:41
2418BELDE NYS Kris0h43’04”0:03:59
2530FRADEPECKER Rudy0h43’14”0:04:09
2612CZESEMERAD Andrej0h43’26”0:04:21
271ITADA ROS Christian0h43’36”0:04:31
2849BELKRIJNEN Steve0h43’42”0:04:37
2935BELDEWITTE Wim0h43’55”0:04:50
302USAWHITNEY Adam0h44’07”0:05:02
3123BELVAN GELDER Serge0h44’15”0:05:10
3239BELFIEVEZ Benoit-1 lap
3328CZEPECENY Zdenek-1 lap
3417GERFAHR Florian-1 lap
3510FRABARBIER Mickael-1 lap
3626FRADOUCET Christophe-1 lap
3714GERHOLZ Mirko-1 lap
388SVKDUSAN Hajdinjak-2 lap
3941GBRCOTTY James-2 lap
4029NEDHAMER Bert Jan-2 lap
4131SUICAND Stephane-2 lap
4244NEDTE BOEKHORST Wander-2 lap
4343AUSSHEEDY Tim-2 lap
4422NEDWILLEMSEN Stefan-2 lap
4516ESPBLANCO Carlo Fernandez-3 lap
4642BELEECLOO Jimmy-3 lap
4724AUTSCHRODER Andreas-3 lap
4825AUTKAIDER Thomas-3 lap
495FRAMELET Fabien-4 lap
Men 1977-1981123FRADELAMARRE Christophe0h38’33”0:00:00
247NEDDE LAAT Patrick0h38’54”0:00:21
315GERVOLKMANN Karsten0h39’20”0:00:47
449NEDVAN HOUTUN Roel0h39’34”0:01:01
533BELBOELENS Kristof0h39’57”0:01:24
636BELGEVERS Jan0h40’16”0:01:43
711FRABERAUD Jean-Baptiste0h40’21”0:01:48
828BELROODHOOFT David0h40’26”0:01:53
922FRARUBIO Gilles0h40’30”0:01:57
1040BELWILMSEN Tom0h40’38”0:02:05
1130BELCLEEREN Tom0h40’45”0:02:12
124ITADEL RICCIO Carmine0h40’47”0:02:14
1318ESPAGUSTIN Navarro Vital0h40’55”0:02:22
1445BELPARYS Telly0h41’10”0:02:37
1542NEDJONGELING Hans0h41’25”0:02:52
1644NEDSMITS Piet0h41’30”0:02:57
178CANMCNEIL Chris0h41’33”0:03:00
1825BELBORGERS Tim0h41’39”0:03:06
1917CZEGONDA Pavel0h41’47”0:03:14
2050BELMEULDERS Filip0h41’53”0:03:20
217GERMANNTZ Jan David0h41’58”0:03:25
2212CZECHYDA Jiri0h42’08”0:03:35
2332BELWOUTERS Chris0h42’11”0:03:38
2443GBRCOTTY Michael0h42’11”0:03:38
252GERROHLFS Torben0h42’23”0:03:50
2637NEDVAN LAAR Erik0h42’43”0:04:10
2713SVKKUDLAC Marek0h42’45”0:04:12
2838NEDKRAAIJVANGER Peter0h42’45”0:04:12
295ITAPAOLO Viola0h43’49”0:05:16
3027FRASCHMITT Jérôme0h43’54”0:05:21
313FRATROCHON Christophe0h43’54”0:05:21
3221NEDBREEDT Michael0h43’54”0:05:21
3346NEDBROUWER Corné0h44’11”0:05:38
3424BELCLAES Philip0h44’25”0:05:52
3539NEDWESSELINK Pascal-1 lap
3635NEDVAN MAANEN Rolf-2 lap
371FRABOUTY Cyril-2 lap
3819BELLAUREYN Mario-2 lap
3931USACHANDLER Delinks-2 lap
409GERFENZL Heiko-2 lap
416UKRVOLODYMYRKlekotsyuk-3 lap
4210FRALEVEQUE Cyrille-3 lap
4326FRAPINGET Clement-3 lap
4429USASEATON Dan-3 lap
4514ESPION ANDER Yerga-3 lap
4616ITABELLETTI Davide-4 lap



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Result lists seems to be incorrect? Swede Benny Andersson is on the podium shot 2nd in 55+ but nowhere on the result list. Hoping podium shot is correct.
/Peter in Sweden

Benny Andersson
Benny Andersson

Sure the podium shot is correct ! They found out that we where two number 2 on the starting line so I was given number 23, But then there was two number 23 on the line ! They assured me that the had control of it and yes they got the podium right but not the list.
But Im sure that I hadnt been classified if I had raced lower in the bunch !
Absolutely ridiculos how the operate inscription and results ! Not worthy a UCI Championships race
Benny Sweden

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