Peter Webber wins back-to-back 40-44 National Championships. © Tim Westmore

Peter Webber wins back-to-back 40-44 National Championships. © Tim Westmore

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BEND, ORE. – Last year, Peter Webber (Boulder Cycle Sport) dominated the 40-44 field to win the 2009 National Championship easily. “This year was way harder,” he said at the finish line, desperately trying to warm up his hands. “It’s wicked cold, the course is soaked. It was really hard.”

Webber waited about a lap before pushing to the front of an exciting Masters race, although he was never much further down than fourth or fifth place. Eirik Schultz (River City Bicycles) took the hole shot, with sentimental favorite and two-time US pro road champ Bart Bowen (Rebound Sports) right on his shoulder. All of the other favorites were right in the mix from the get-go, showcasing the level of ability of an incredibly deep field.

Ward Baker (Justin’s-Titus Mountain Bike Team) took a flyer early in the first lap and got himself a small gap of five seconds as he came back into the “oatmeal bowl” next to Deschutes Brewery. “He couldn’t sustain it, though,” a victorious Webber said at the finish line. Baker faded over the course of the race, eventually finishing inside the top 10.

Partway through lap number two, Webber caught Baker and passed him, just as he’s done in countless Colorado ’cross races this year. Webber’s Boulder Cycle Sport teammate, Brandon Dwight, also caught Baker and was soon leading a small chase pack that included Jon Cariveau (Moots), who was fourth in the singlespeed race on Friday. Dwight and Cariveau traded shots for the rest of the race, while Webber’s lead slowly stretched out to around 25 seconds.

Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo) clawed his way up into fourth place, displacing the (at first) solid block of Colorado Front Range riders. Idahoan Richard Feldman (Durance-Colnago) made a protest for the northwest, riding into fifth place, but the top of the podium remained solid Colorado, with Boulder Cycle Sport taking the one-two with Webber and Dwight, and Cariveau holding on to take third place.

“I really didn’t make a mistake,” a buoyant (but very cold) Webber said at the finish line. “No bobbles, stayed upright.” The conditions during the 40-44 race were probably the worst of Saturday morning, with a steady, soaking rain falling, coupled with temperatures in the mid-thirties.

Webber had to stop talking several times due to the pain in his hands. “This is harder than the race!” he exclaimed. Webber’s next stop, now that he’s wrapped up a second consecutive National Championship, is Mol, Belgium, for the last Masters’ World Championships before that race comes to Louisville, Kentucky in 2012 and 2013. “I love that Nationals has moved to January,” he said. “I’ll be targeting Madison and Masters’ Worlds in 2012.”

Dwight was similarly stoked, and similarly frozen. His only other muddy and sloppy race this year was the superb USGP Fort Collins, and his only answer to how he prepared for these remarkably un-Coloradan conditions was “years of racing ’cross.” The wet and cold conditions took their toll on all racers, podium winners and those who abandoned alike. Eirik Schultz, who had the early lead, crashed hard just before the junction between the back and front sections of the course halfway through the race, when his hands came off the bars. “I couldn’t feel my hands at all,” Schultz said.

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Full Results:

Place Points NameCity, StateTimeLicenseBibTeam
1150Peter WebberBoulder, CO42:1166936451Boulder Cycle Sport
2135Brandon DwightBoulder, CO42:36:0090939598Boulder Cycle Sport
3120Jon CariveauSteamboat Springs, CO42:37:006112491Moots
4105Roger AspholmHaworth, NJ43:10:00136195520Westwood Velo
590Richard FeldmanKetchum, ID43:14:0011408542Durance-Colnago
685Shawn MitchellBoise, ID43:23:0024621582Boise Cycling Club
780Michael RobsonBoulder, CO43:28:0064112454
875Mark Savery (1 – Cat2)Omaha, NE43:35:0031378458Midwest Wheelmaster/Velogear.Co
9ExpWard BakerBoulder, CO43:38:00109619613Justin’S / Titus Mountain Bike
1065Douglas Krumpelman (2 – Cat2)Hayden, ID43:44:0081054552Coeur D ‘Alene Velo Racers (Cda
1160Shannon SkerrittPortland, OR44:04:00116968528
1255Anastasio FloresLa Selva Beach, CA44:21:0011877594
1350John BehrensSan Diego, CA44:23:00119862585Bailey Bikes
1445Todd HoeferAptos, CA44:34:0016401513California Giant Cycling
1540Eirik SchulzPortland, OR44:42:0031865554
1638Shadd SmithOverland Park, KS44:48:00138402551Mercy Cycling Team/Mercy Cycli
1736Kristopher AuerBaltimore, MD44:56:002065584C3-Athletes Serving Athletes
1834Brian HludzinskiBoulder, CO45:01:0016334563Boulder Cycle Sport
1932Barton BowenBend, OR45:07:0047833604Bicycle Ruidoso Inc.
2030Michael GaertnerCoeur D Alene, ID45:18:0012623636Coeur D ‘Alene Velo Racers (Cda
2128Brent PrenzlowCarlsbad, CA45:28:0028646540Celo Pacific/B&L
2226John BravardPortland, OR45:30:0088883545
2324Scott BradwayPortland, OR45:31:00284327616
2422Murray SwansonWoodside, CA45:53:00206144588Peninsula Velo Cycling Club/Pen
2520T Henshall (3 – Cat2)Boise, ID45:53:0015869533
2619John Flack (4 – Cat2)Olympia, WA45:54:0011775568Cbc Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic
2718Shawn Harshman (5 – Cat2)Boulder, CO45:56:0080580470Pm Racing Team
2817Todd Davis (6 – Cat2)Seattle, WA45:59:00103745471Kryki Sports/Audi
2916Patrick Morrissey (7 – Cat2)Albuquerque, NM46:21:0025167459Team Cross (Tcnm)
3015Tim ThompsonSan Jose, CA46:44:0035481531Team Rambuski Law
3114Dave WeaverTowson, MD46:57:0037442612Alan N. America Cycling Team
3213Matt WilliamsBend, OR47:01:00207429547Grandstay Hotels
3312Charles Von Isenburg (8 – Cat2)Winston Salem, NC47:04:00132489573Mock Orange Bikes/Mock Orange R
3411Aaron LeritzPortland, OR47:06:0062868592
3510Jeff Gaeckle (9 – Cat2)Olympia, WA47:11:0012621607Cbc Racing/Olympia Orthopaedic
369David DivineyPortland, OR47:14:009603521
378Michael Coffino (1 – Cat3)Pointreyesstation, CA47:17:00298522576
387Shawn O’Meara (2 – Cat3)Reno, NV47:27:0026461480
396Kenny Burt (10 – Cat2)Folsom, CA47:30:0089186530Wtb
405Brock Dickie (11 – Cat2)Capitola, CA47:32:0042222499
414Jordi Cortes (3 – Cat3)Berkeley, CA47:32:0041985614California Giant Cycling
423Rainer Leuschke (12 – Cat2)Seattle, WA47:32:00275808534Avanti Racing Club/Blue Rooster
432Martin BakerHillsboro, OR47:37:00137718632
440Jeffrey Wardell (13 – Cat2)Boulder, CO47:39:00155512501Excel Sports Boulder
450Monte Boyle (14 – Cat2)Reno, NV47:39:00218669505Team Clover
460Timothy CannardLos Gatos, CA47:50:006002511
470Christopher Smith (4 – Cat3)Minneapolis, MN47:59:00118619606Hup United
480Matthew ScottBoise, ID47:59:0050296571Fiets Met Slagroom
490Dan Sharp (15 – Cat2)Portland, OR48:03:0032310546
500David Weber (5 – Cat3)Boulder, CO48:06:0050682541Rockymounts~Izze Racing
510Curtis BoivinRye, NH48:06:00120079581Providence Velo Club
520Matt JordanScotts Valley, CA48:12:00245591625
530Daniel McNally (6 – Cat3)San Francisco, CA48:23:0023850488
540Kelly Cline (16 – Cat2)Glenside, PA48:30:00145697595Club Wissahickon
550Sean Haidet (17 – Cat2)Bend, OR48:30:00153943600Slo Nexus Cycling Club
560Andrew SargentBend, OR48:32:0031309586Webcyclery Racing/Webcyclery.Co
570Ronald Miller (18 – Cat2)Boise, ID48:34:0024340475Byrds (Boise Young Rider Dev Sq
580Damon Pettinger (19 – Cat2)Seattle, WA48:34:0060117562Lake Washington Velo
590Michael SzwayaPortland, OR48:42:00302554544
600Cesar ChavezSan Jose, CA48:43:006697493
610Mark Knokey (20 – Cat2)Spokane, WA49:00:0019475608Coeur D ‘Alene Velo Racers (Cda
620Jared RoySt Louis Park, MN49:06:0077759619Crossniacs
630Kevin Donovan (21 – Cat2)Boise, ID49:08:00186738623
640Matthew Engel (22 – Cat2)Bend, OR49:15:00302544453
650Erik Voldengen (23 – Cat2)Portland, OR49:22:00101908500Beaverton Bicycle Club/Bike N H
660Kirk Reisinger (24 – Cat2)Schwenksville, PA49:36:0029503550Club Wissahickon
670Matthew McNamara (25 – Cat2)Sunnyvale, CA49:43:0023775622Sterling Sports Group
680LeRoi Smith (26 – Cat2)Seattle, WA49:49:00181380618Ragnarok Racing
690Gregory Keller (27 – Cat2)Boulder, CO49:55:00154167611Boulder Cycle Sport
700Derwyn Harris (7 – Cat3)Portland, OR49:56:0015188539
710Chad Lowe (28 – Cat2)Bend, OR49:56:00137537569
720Michael Martin (29 – Cat2)Bend, OR50:05:0022703589
730Scott Carothers (8 – Cat3)Reno, NV50:12:00234765455Kinetic Cycles/Gbi
740Douglas Hudson (9 – Cat3)Golden, CO50:16:0077069537
750Basil Moutsopoulos (30 – Cat2)Palo Alto, CA50:18:0055050524Hup United
760Thomas Cody (10 – Cat3)Portland, OR50:25:007244498
770Brian Staby (31 – Cat2)Santa Rosa, CA50:27:00215179627Red Peloton
780Michael BirnerWoodbine, MD50:36:0057561605Ben’S Performance Bicycles Inc
790Tim Kelley (32 – Cat2)Boise, ID50:40:00212853591Broken Spoke Cycling
800Robert Kramer (33 – Cat2)Venice, CA50:45:0019773481
810Sean McLaughlin (11 – Cat3)Spokane, WA50:55:00294953522Emde Sports/Emdesports.Com/Fitn
820Philip Webb (12 – Cat3)Louisville, KY50:57:0098515579
830Robert Weyman (34 – Cat2)Venice, CA51:04:0057687596Vrc/Now-Ms Society
840Dan Farrell (13 – Cat3)Lyons, CO51:15:0011286508Blue Sky Velo
850Matthew Oseto (14 – Cat3)Kirkland, WA51:15:0059413599Kryki Sports/Audi
860Brian Price (15 – Cat3)Boise, ID51:15:00256458553Gs Casella/Look! Save A Life
870James Gillette (16 – Cat3)Gig Harbor, WA51:18:00104712574Lake Washington Velo/Hagens Ber
880David Prause (35 – Cat2)Portland, OR51:18:00302620495
890Jamie Kilcoyne (17 – Cat3)Louisville, CO51:21:00104091502Justin’S / Titus Mountain Bike
900Philip Hynes (18 – Cat3)Mill Valley, CA51:22:00169857478Irondatathirstybearcycling.Com
910Dirk Manley (19 – Cat3)Fair Oaks, CA51:24:0051092570Squadra Abruzzo
920Rob Deeble (36 – Cat2)Boise, ID51:25:00231495620Treasure Valley Cycling Club/Te
930Alexander Lehnert (20 – Cat3)Eugene, OR51:32:00289322624
940Alan Petrie (21 – Cat3)Liberty Lake, WA51:35:0027941617Spokane Rocket Velo
950Christopher Milliman (22 – Cat3)Hanover, NH51:38:0024506555Hup United
960Robert Uetrecht (37 – Cat2)Bend, OR51:41:00117604485Webcyclery Racing
970Travis Oliger (23 – Cat3)Durango, CO51:55:00208678503Durango Wheel Club/Durango Whee
980Hugh MoranAsheville, NC52:45:00180136490Mars Hill College
990Jason Dudek (24 – Cat3)Seattle, WA@1Lap93950630Step Down Racing/Second Ascent
1000Vincent Mysliwiec (25 – Cat3)University Place, WA@1Lap219322529Old Town Bicycle (Otb)/Old Town
1010David Sjogren (26 – Cat3)Bend, OR@1Lap103341602
1020Michael BrownBend, OR@2Lap206751561
1030Mike Upchurch (27 – Cat3)Sacramento, CA@2Lap283109507Team Mad Cat
1040Ladd Williamson (28 – Cat3)Boise, ID@2Lap236285482Treasure Valley Cycling Club/Te
1050Brian Milnick (29 – Cat3)Bennett, CO@2Lap91543543
1060Tim Hall (30 – Cat3)Nashville, TN@2Lap179788514Nashvillecyclist.Com
1070Wade MillerBend, OR@2Lap42488577
1080James Brown (38 – Cat2)Olympia, WA@2Lap5083575Rad Racing Nw/Hagens Berman
109ExpBradley KoesterSan Francisco, CA@2Lap89242633
1100Mark Adamski (31 – Cat3)Portland, OR@2Lap326416494
1110Jack Kelley (32 – Cat3)Bend, OR@2Lap330406634
1120Jeff Herring (33 – Cat3)Altadena, CA@2Lap79728487The Team /The Team Socalcross
1130Arthur Weichbrodt (34 – Cat3)Auburn, WA@2Lap37558509Viking Sport Seattle
1140Geoffrey Albert (39 – Cat2)Altadena, CA@2Lap234186460The Team /The Team Socalcross
1150William Youngman (40 – Cat2)Rocklin, CA@2Lap203737535Squadra Abruzzo
1160Shannon Kupfer (35 – Cat3)Kirkland, WA@2Lap171061474
1170Adam Andelin (36 – Cat3)Elk Grove, CA@2Lap128711532Rio Strada Racing
1180Matt Radich (37 – Cat3)Portland, OR@2Lap132783572
1190Mark Duff (41 – Cat2)Banks, OR@2Lap10112506Veloforma
1200Carl Anton (38 – Cat3)Seattle, WA@2Lap272872463Boat Street Cycle Club (Bscc)/R
1210Timothy Schauer (42 – Cat2)Camas, WA@2Lap302531610
1220ryan linville (39 – Cat3)Seattle, WA@2Lap258660631Jet City Velo/Byrneinvent
1230Lawrence LeonardVentura, CA@2Lap88185565Successful Living
1240Rob Born (40 – Cat3)Lake Forest Park, WA@2Lap52463519Avanti Racing Club/Blue Rooster
1250David Chipchase (41 – Cat3)Dupont, WA@2Lap220071525Team Aj’S /Nutrishop
1260Kevin Denison (42 – Cat3)Sacramento, CA@2Lap303642587Team Mad Cat
1270David Lawson (43 – Cat3)Carlsbad, CA@2Lap42445517Celo Pacific
1280Carl Boni (44 – Cat3)Erie, CO@2Lap244813469Blue Sky Velo
1290Tom Elder (45 – Cat3)Boise, ID@2Lap231717472Treasure Valley Cycling Club/Te
1300Dominic DAngelo (46 – Cat3)Snohomish, WA@2Lap285545558Pilchuck Cycling Club/Collision
1310Mike Osier (47 – Cat3)Eureka, CA@2Lap53712497Old Town Bicycle (Otb)
1320Curtis InglisNapa, CA@2Lap129709601
1330Kenneth Wolford (48 – Cat3)Bend, OR@2Lap117432467
1340Ian Dewar (49 – Cat3)San Jose, CA@2Lap197747510San Jose Bicycle Club/Sjbc
1350Joe CarpenterSan Jose, CA@2Lap301276465Team Mad Cat
1360Christopher WherityFlorence, OR@3Lap230335567
1370Alex Accetta (43 – Cat2)Portland, OR@3Lap1073515
1380Scott Hamness (50 – Cat3)Lakeoswego, OR@3Lap303741621
1390Kurt Hubbart (51 – Cat3)East Wenatchee, WA@3Lap331904635
1400Kevin Hinton (52 – Cat3)Culver City, CA@3Lap290170566Vrc
1410David Byron (44 – Cat2)Seattle, WA@3Lap5761473Union Bay Cycling/Bikesale.Com