2011 Kansai Japan UCI Cyclocross Results

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UCI cyclocross returned to the beach of Biwa Lake in Kansai for the first weekend of the double UCI weekend in Japan.

Kansai Japan 2011 UCI Cyclocross Results - Men

1Keiichi TSUJIURAElite MenJPN321:02:0040
2Yu TAKENOUCHIElite MenJPN241:02:1430
3Masanori KOSAKAElite MenJPN491:04:0420
4Hikaru KOSAKAElite MenJPN241:04:5015
5Atsushi MARUYAMAElite MenJPN341:05:2210
6Yusuke HATANAKAElite MenJPN271:07:298
7Molly CAMERONElite MenUSA361:07:476
8Seigo YAMAMOTOElite MenJPN291:07:564
9Shinya IKEMOTOElite MenJPN341:07:582
10Masayuki GODAElite MenJPN381
11Keisuke KIMURAElite MenJPN21
12Yudai IZAWAElite MenJPN24
13Shintarou NAKAMAElite MenJPN32
14Yoshitaka HAMAElite MenJPN28
15Takafumi IIZUKAElite MenJPN28
16Masashi MATSUIElite MenJPN31
17Masato FUJIKAWAElite MenJPN30
18Yuichi SAWADAElite MenJPN43
19Makoto SHIMADAElite MenJPN26
20Tanzo TOKUDAElite MenJPN20
21Hiroaki KANEKOElite MenJPN28
22Kouichi MATSUMURAElite MenJPN40
23Shinji KUBOElite MenJPN43
24Kenichi KIKUCHIElite MenJPN34
25Yasuhiro NAKAIElite MenJPN49
26Hiroshi FUNAOKAElite MenJPN42
27Koudai TAKEDAElite MenJPN23
28Kazuya SANOElite MenJPN30
29Daisuke YANOElite MenJPN40

Kansai Japan 2011 UCI Cyclocross Results - Women

1Sakiko MIYAUCHIElite WomenJPN3744:17:0040
2Ayako TOYOOKAElite WomenJPN3244:42:0030
3Chika FUKUMOTOElite WomenJPN1945:20:0020
4Tina BRUBAKERElite WomenUSA4447:53:0015
5Junko UEDAElite WomenJPN3150:22:0010
6Alexandra BURTONElite WomenUSA3151:33:008
7Masami NOMAElite WomenJPN2251:49:006
8Nozomi NAKAMICHIElite WomenJPN3652:10:004
9Heidi SWIFTElite WomenUSA3555:29:002



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