Kansas City Cyclocross Nationals Registration Starts on 9/15, Midnight CST

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USA Cycling’s 2008 Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City opens registration at 12:00 a.m. CST on September 15, 2008. For the non-elite categories, except for the defending champion, start positions are apparently given by registration order, so embrocate those typing fingers and mouse hand – the race for the hole shot begins early Monday!

The start order rule, although technically in place for several years, has at least one person upset. What do you think?



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So, yet another year of getting the shaft by our lovely friends at KLM, and USA Cycling. Last year I made a mess of the registration process and started back row of the 40-44 Masters men.MY FAULT. To me this meant my race was about cracking the top ten, for a better shot this year. Well, I did get into the top 8 and thought...great now I've gotta come back and really give this crap shoot another roll. ...Now only the previous winner will be called up with all others in order of the quickest computer. WTF? Thanks loads KLM and USA Cycling!In 2009 I'll invest in a better race like STARCROSSED or JINGLE CROSS. In my mind they should do this:
Call top ten from previous year. All others go Belgian style and are RANDOMLY pulled from a hat. Please figure this out....it's wearing me thin, and I'm already thin.

See you in the trenches.


Bush league rule change.

I understand call ups based on order of reg, I like that when coupled with allowing the top 10 from the previous year's a call up.

It's really a matter of being fair for both the riders and the promoters. To change the rule and for it to not be publisized it bad form, really bad form


Too White
Too White

The Pony should be upset. Although this has "technically" been the rule, every Nationals he's ever been to called up the top 8 riders from the previous year. There was no suggestion that that would change for 2009. He races his balls off (nearly winning the damn thing) to get a front row start and another shot at the jersey in 09 only to be told he's got to let his fingers do the walking. Former National Champions and podium finishers are being slapped in the face. It's one thing to start in the back and get in the top ten, but you can't win from back there. Guys lay their whole season on this one day and now it comes down to a crap shoot. 150 guys trying to register all at the same time. Its like fitting 10 pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Lame.

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