at Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

Jonathan Page at Cyclocross Worlds in Hoogerheide. © Thomas Van Bracht

Are you ready for more recent news about new teams? With Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller co-owning Noosa’s cyclocross team, Zach McDonald partnering up with KCCX, Gabby and Jeremy Durrin coming together for Neon Velo, Cody Kaiser joining LangeTwins Vineyards, Jeremy Powers creating Aspire, and Arley Kemmerer getting picked up by PB2, we’re starting to run out of room for a full list. Thankfully, our European contributor, Christine Vardaros, was able to add one more to our tally.

Sitting down to Skype with Jonathon Page, Vardaros was able to get the full scoop on his new title sponsor for the 2014-15 season. She filled us in with the details below:

For the upcoming cyclocross season, 4-time US National Champion Jonathan Page will don the colors of XcelLED, specialty maker of 4-foot LED lamps, as title sponsor. Never heard of XcelLED? We’re not surprised, and the new lighting company is looking to change that by marketing to the cycling audience. Interestingly enough, they have not thrown their hat into the already saturated ring of LED bike light manufacturing, and instead are focusing on finding ways to retrofit LED lights into florescent outlets.

While the company may be fairly new, founded in 2013, the owner of the company has a longstanding relationship with Page.  Owner Bob Downs is also former owner of Page’s long time sponsor of Planet Bike.  Downs explains, “When the opportunity arose to partner up again with Jonathan, I jumped at the chance. He is a great ambassador for all that he believes in…”

Although the relationship might not be easily categorized into the traditional title sponsorship, it sounds like a good fit. Page is clearly behind Downs’s new business venture, exclaiming, “I am very proud to represent XcelLED as they are focused on making a big difference in helping the problem of climate change through their new product, while saving people money. It’s a win-win situation!” Returning for the upcoming season are Page’s sponsors: Fuji, Spy, Shimano, Clif Bar, Lazer, Sommerville Sports, and Challenge Tires.

At a casual glance, you might think Page is just expressing himself as a sponsored rider, but the truth is not too far off. Cyclists have known the benefits of LED lighting for over a decade, with the majority of lights for riding utilizing the technology, and Bob Downs is likely using the wealth of knowledge he gained at Planet Bike for XcelLED. The benefits of LED technology over florescent and incandescent lighting, including cost, durability and maintenance, have led to a boom in LED companies since 2007, and XcelLED will need out-of-the-box marketing strategies, such as marketing to the cycling community, to compete.

Page kicks off his new partnership with XcelLED at CrossVegas on September 10th, where he’ll suit up in his new skinsuit for the first time. From there, he will head to the Boulder, Baltimore, Gloucester and Providence events before flying across the pond on October 6th to his house in Belgium where he will take on the Euros yet one more season.  But unlike other years, he will focus mainly on World Cups with regular trips to Switzerland to contest their UCI events that are increasing in popularity. The gaps in his schedule will be filled with events held in Belgium and The Netherlands.

More information on Page and his travels:

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