The start of the men's 11-12 race. © Steve Anderson

The start of the men’s 11-12 race. © Steve Anderson

The 11-12 year old Juniors were faced with wind, mud, and a whole lot of excited parents and relatives spread out around the course today in Valmont Bike Park, and with the girls and boys racing at the same time, separated only by a minute, racing was intense. Audience participation was at an all time high as family and friends screamed and cheered for their favorite racers.

In the boy’s race, Nick Carter (Northstar Development) took the holeshot, but Ryan Campbell (Black Sheep Junior Cycling) was hot on his heels and aiming to make contact. “I was chasing first place and made a pass on the climb. He passed me and I passed him again and opened up a bit of a gap. Then I just kept riding at a reasonable pace that kept me in the front,” he explained matter-of-factly.

In the lead group with Campbell and Carter was also Aiden Keller (Boulder Junior Cycling), Dakota Cline (Boulder Junior Cycling) and Jared Scott (also Boulder Junior Cycling).

Campbell staved off Scott for the win, and behind them was Cline. “This is amazing for me. I didn’t think I could do it,” Campbell said.

Tea Wright, the new 11-12 Women's National Champion. © Steve Anderson

Tea Wright, the new 11-12 Women’s National Champion. © Steve Anderson

In the women’s race, Tea Wright (Boulder Junior Cycling) not only took the holeshot, she created a gap on the field before the finishing straight was even over. It was a path she would continue on for the next two laps, not only leading the women’s race, but working her way well into the top half of the boy’s race. “My coach told me to go 100% from the start.” Her coach, by the way, is the legendary Pete Webber.

Behind Wright was Team Extreme’s Emma Osborne, followed by Jamie McHenry (Evolution Devo Jr Team), Lauren Zoerner (Alpha Bicycle Co), Aynslee King (Rad Racing NW) and Taylor Johnson (Black Sheep Junior Cycling).

By the second lap, the race for second and third was cut back to McHenry and Osborne.

Wright sailed in for the win with plenty of time to celebrate. “I sort of thought I’d win. The person who got second beat me last year though, so I wasn’t sure.”

And as for having to navigate through a sea of boys who started a minute ahead, Wright was calm and collected. “I always have to do that,” she explained. “I have to at almost every race.”

Results follow gallery.

Wright and Campbell Claim Junior 11-12 Titles at the 2014 National Cyclocross Championships – Gallery by Steve Anderson

Junior Men 11-12 Results - USA Cycling National Championships of Cyclocross 2014

177CAMPBELLRyanBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
2114SCOTTJaredBoulder Junior Cycling
380CLINEDakotaBoulder Junior Cycling
4109PETROVNicholasCincinnati Cyclocross
599MCDONALDBrodyCelo Pacific
6121YACKLENyeYackle Brothers Racing
778CARTERNickNorthStar Development
896KELLERAidenBoulder Junior Cycling
1086ELPHINGSTONELukeBoulder Junior Cycling
1184DOBROZSIGabrielCincinnati Cyclocross
1293HLUDZINSKIVinBoulder Junior Cycling
13117STOWERSRyanBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
14115SMITHJacobPDX DEVO Junior Cycling Team
1594JOHNSONKyleHigh Desert Bicycles Team
1789GALLEGOSMiguelBoulder Junior Cycling
18104MITTELBERGJoeyTeam Mack Racing Assoc. LTD
2098KLANJSEKAdrianAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
21116STEINROCKJonathanRed Zone Cycling
2283COZZAZacharyPro Bikes Pittsburgh Race Team
24118SWINANDPeterThe Pony Shop
2582COTTONRileyBoulder Junior Cycling
2679CHARLETAndrewBoulder Junior Cycling
27108PARKERTaytonOklahoma Flyers
2892HEINZJanRanchos Cycling Club
3088GALLAGHERSimonBoulder Junior Cycling
31102MERTESCooperBoulder Junior Cycling
3287FARRELLBeckBoulder Junior Cycling
3391HARTMANLucasBoulder Junior Cycling
3481COOPERWyattBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
35107OUTLAWGrahamBoulder Junior Cycling
3685EDMUNDSThomasBoulder Junior Cycling
3795JUDSONJoshuaInternational Christian Cycling
3997KILCOYNEMaxTeam Kappius
40112ROBINSONRosbySport Systems Mountaintop Cycli
DNS103MINARDKeeganStark Velo


Junior Women 11-12 Results - USA Cycling National Championships of Cyclocross 2014

160WRIGHTTeaBoulder Junior Cycling
251MCHENRYJamieEvolution Jr. Devo Team
356OSBORNEEmmaTeam Extreme
450MARTINHeidiBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
548KINGAynsleeRad Racing NW
647JOHNSONTaylorBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
761ZOERNERLaurenAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
849LAWRENCEStephanieFront Rangers Junior Cycling
953MEYERSSophiaRad Racing NW
1141ADAMIAKOliviaAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
1258SEILERKateRed Zone Cycling
1557PETERSONErikaNorthStar Development
1642BELLMiaCincinnati Cyclocross
1762CORDOVAAnnaBlack Tie Sports/Spine
1943BOTHWELLAbigailBlack Sheep Junior Cycling
2059WATTSSophiaAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru
2154MOORHEADAveryAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru

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