Katie Compton overcame a huge mechanical for a major comeback win at Valkenburg. © Bart Hazen

Katie Compton overcame a huge mechanical for a major comeback win at Valkenburg. © Bart Hazen

(Valkenburg, NED) – Ellen Van Loy had a great start in the first World Cup of the season, with Lucie Chainel following behind. Sanne Cant was also near the lead, and all the Americans appeared to be gathering together, with Elle Anderson, Katie Compton and Arley Kemmerer all in close proximity.

By the first run up, Cant took over the lead, with Wyman and Chainel on her wheel. The French rider took over in the back pavement section, but Compton didn’t give her a long leash. Unfortunately for the American rider, this would be her last move in the lead group for a while. During one of the off-camber sections, Compton crashed, causing a mechanical that cost her a full 45 seconds.

Wyman took advantage of the situation with Sophie De Boer as the two women took off, with only Nikki Harris and Cant able to maintain the pace. Elle Anderson meanwhile, barely made the top ten as she fought through traffic. Cant pressed hard, aggressive lines inside of Harris halfway through the race while Van Loy lingered close behind the four leaders with three laps to go.

Then, almost out of nowhere, Katie Compton appeared in the distance, sixth behind Van Loy. By the time she crossed the line with two to go, she moved up into fourth and sat with the leaders. She passed Wyman in the off-cambers, and Wyman battled back for the lead at the run up. Elle Anderson, meanwhile, was back in seventh while Kemmerer stood 12th.

Wyman continued to put her foot down in the corners, eating into her pace, and with one to go, Compton got out of her saddle and attacked. Cant and De Boer fought for third almost ten seconds back. In the last run up, Compton used the banners to help her power up. Wyman cut slightly into the gap but it was not enough with half a lap to go, where the race finally opened up for all the podium riders, including De Boer in third.

Elle Anderson moved up to fifth at the finish, and Arley Kemmerer moved up a spot to 11th to complete a great race fro the Americans.

“I’m comfortable settling in after not the best start” Compton said right after her race. “And I’m feeling better than this time last year.”

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Valkenburg World Cup 2014 - Women's Full Results

1Katherine COMPTONUSA3643:50:00
2Helen WYMANGBR3344:03:00
3Sophie DE BOERNED2444:15:00
4Ellen VAN LOYBEL3444:28:00
5Elle ANDERSONUSA2644:32:00
6Nikki HARRISGBR2844:47:00
7Sanne CANTBEL2444:53:00
8Pavla HAVLIKOVACZE3144:59:00
9Sanne VAN PAASSENNED2645:15:00
10Jolien VERSCHUERENBEL2445:22:00
11Arley KEMMERERUSA3046:00:00
12Lucie CHAINEL-LEFEVREFRA3146:19:00
13Githa MICHIELSBEL3146:30:00
14Aida NUNO PALACIOESP3146:53:00
15Marlene PETITFRA2347:41:00
16Laura PERRYFRA1847:52:00
17Nikola NOSKOVACZE1747:52:00
18Martina MIKULASKOVACZE2148:03:00
19Karen VERHESTRAETENBEL2348:06:00
20St‚phanie VAXILLAIRE-DENUITFRA3548:19:00
21Juliette LABOUSFRA1648:24:00
22Asa Maria ERLANDSSONSWE4048:26:00
23Laura VERDONSCHOTBEL1848:29:00
24Nadja HEIGLAUT1848:39:00
25Elena VALENTINIITA2248:43:00
26Lizzy WITLOXNED1949:11:00
27Lise-Marie HENZELINSUI2349:16:00
28Vendula KUNTOVACZE2149:20:00
29Reza HORMESNED4749:34:00
30Hannah PAYTONGBR2049:42:00
31Katrien THIJSBEL2949:57:00
32Olivia HOTTINGERSUI1650:00:00
33Lisa HECKMANNGER2650:00:00
34Adela BAJGEROVACZE1752:10:00
35Suzie GODARTLUX5252:15:00
37Liv-Susanne BACHMANNGER35