Katerina Nash, shown here at Cincy3 last weekend, dominated both days in Louisville. © Kent Baumgardt

Katerina Nash, shown here at Cincy3 last weekend, dominated both days in Louisville. © Kent Baumgardt

Katerina Nash (Luna Pro) repeated her success from Saturday night in Day Two of the Derby City Cup, proving that in sunshine or darkness, she can pull together a great race.

Re-surging cyclocross superstar Rachel Lloyd (California Giant) was able to capture second place on the podium, and has certainly been making a strong case this season to represent the United States at Worlds with her phenomenal results at the C1-C2 race weekends. The French rider, Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement), took third, also showing some impressive form with and without her cast.

Danny Summerhill (K-Edge-Felt) also took a repeated victory from the day before, although today he didn’t have to fend off Jeremy Powers.

Ben Berden proved he was up for the challenge on the second day, and nipped at Summerhill’s heels at the finish line for second place. If you didn’t know Cameron Dodge’s name (with Pure Energy-Scott) at the beginning of the season, you should know it by now. He finished third behind Berden, and has been tearing up the Pro CX Calendar this year.

2014 MudFund Derby City Cup C2, Women's Elite Race

1Katerina NASHCZE3745:55:00
2Rachel LLOYDUSA3946:10:00
3Caroline MANIFRA2746:33:00
4Nicole DUKEUSA4046:41:00
5Courtenay MCFADDENUSA2946:42:00
6Arley KEMMERERUSA3046:59:00
7Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUSA2247:10:00
8Crystal ANTHONYUSA3447:34:00
9Ellen NOBLEUSA1947:36:00
10Meredith MILLERUSA4147:50:00
11Sunny GILBERTUSA3547:58:00
12Erica ZAVETAUSA2548:08:00
13Amanda MILLERUSA2848:31:00
14Emily KACHOREKUSA3448:52:00
15Beth Ann ORTONUSA3349:04:00
16Jessica CUTLERUSA3549:20:00
17Carolina G?MEZARG2249:26:00
18Rebecca FAHRINGERUSA2549:41:00
19Allison ARENSMANUSA2049:46:00
20Melissa BARKERUSA3949:56:00
21Hannah ARENSMANUSA1650:04:00
22Meghan KOROLUSA3050:34:00
23Kristen KELSEYUSA4450:45:00
24Christina GOKEY-SMITHUSA4150:49:00
25Rebecca BLATTUSA3451:08:00
26Emma SWARTZUSA1751:18:00
27Rebecca GROSSUSA3451:32:00
28Ally STACHERUSA2751:39:00
29Katherine SHIELDSUSA2151:40:00
30Ellen SHERRILLUSA3552:03:00
31Katherine SANTOSUSA1752:39:00
32Sierra SIEBENLISTUSA2852:46:00
33Emily SHIELDSUSA2154:50:00
34Shera CLARKUSA25

2014 MudFund Derby City Cup C2, Men's Elite Race

1Daniel SUMMERHILLUSA251:01:01
2Ben BERDENBEL391:01:01
3Cameron DODGEUSA231:01:11
4James DRISCOLLUSA281:01:18
5Logan OWENUSA191:01:24
6Curtis WHITEUSA191:01:41
7Adam CRAIGUSA331:02:06
8Dan TIMMERMANUSA341:02:15
9Kerry WERNERUSA231:02:21
10Cody KAISERUSA221:02:23
11Troy WELLSUSA301:02:29
12Jeremy DURRINUSA261:02:40
13Justin LINDINEUSA301:02:58
14Travis LIVERMONUSA261:03:10
15Yannick ECKMANNUSA211:03:30
16Anthony CLARKUSA271:03:32
17Ryan KNAPPUSA301:03:32
18Andrew DILLMANUSA201:03:40
19Robert MARIONUSA321:03:46
20Zach MCDONALDUSA231:04:03
21Carl DECKERUSA391:04:08
22Benjamin SONNTAGGER341:04:17
23Tobin ORTENBLADUSA201:04:46
24Lewis GAFFNEYUSA221:05:04
25Joachim PARBODEN401:05:20
26Byron RICEUSA181:05:53
27Joseph MALONEYUSA241:06:05
28Ryan WOODALLUSA291:06:13
29Andrew REARDONUSA321:06:15
30Scott SMITHUSA201:06:42
31Alex RYANUSA261:07:46
32Tanner HURSTUSA211:08:28
33Travis MONROEUSA201:08:32
34Gunnar BERGEYUSA21
36Zachary CARLSONUSA19
42Raymond SMITHUSA29