We’ve got a big week of exclusive content on top for this week, starting tomorrow.  Here’s what’s in store:

In terms of tech, we’ve got a lot planned for this week, including a comprehensive look at the new cyclocross product at Sea Otter, starting Thursday (see last year’s new cyclocross product from Sea Otter), some exclusive product previews, as well as an upcoming launch of our new Reviews center.

We’ve also extended our annual print magazine profiles of the current national champions into video and will be showcasing these champions, starting tomorrow.  Many haven’t yet pulled on their jerseys for a single cyclocross race yet, but we’ll get you familiar with them before they go zipping by at your local cyclocross series. With Paris Roubaix over, we’re in the long dog days of the off-season, and we at Cyclocross Magazine will be doing our best to give you your cyclocross fix. Check back daily, get our print magazine, add a bookmark to our site, follow us on Twitter, become a Facebook Fan, or subscribe to our RSS Feed – just don’t miss out!