The Velogames:CX fantasy league has officially completed the sixth round of racing with the World Cup in Koksijde, a Superprestige, three days of Jingle Cross Rock and Bay State Cyclocross. If you don’t have a team yet, head over to Velogames:CX and get one started. There are prizes to be won, including subscriptions to Cyclocross Magazine!
Game Weekend 6 of Velogames:CX, in association with Cyclocross Magazine, saw Sven Nys take two victories in his homeland, winning the World Cup race in Koksijde before winning the Superprestige event in Gieten the following day.

The victories bring Nys up into second place in the Velogames:CX rider standings, and now that World Cup season is well and truly underway, expect the big names to continue to surge at the top of the leaderboard!

But keep in mind that there are still some decent points to be made on the North American circuit, with a double header at NBX this weekend to go alongside World Cup race four in Europe.

In the Velogames:CX world, Cyclocross Magazine’s publisher Andrew Yee has clawed his way up to a top ten slot. Where are you in the rankings, and where are you in our Mini-League? Let’s get the trash talk and heckling going on the Cowbell Forums for this weekend, especially those of you with Justin Lindine or Luke Keough on your teams, since the two will be going head to head at NBX this weekend in an epic clash of the New England cyclocross titans.

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Top Ten Leaders After Week Six: