The Velogames:CX fantasy league has officially completed the fifth round of racing with USGP Derby Cup and a few Euro races in the mix, and the sixth weekend is coming up quickly. If you don’t have a team yet, head over to Velogames:CX and get one started. There are prizes to be won, including subscriptions to Cyclocross Magazine!

Game Weekend 5 of Velogames:CX, in association with Cyclocross Magazine, saw teams with Kevin Pauwels and Ben Berden make their move up the leaderboard.

Belgium’s Pauwels of the Sunweb team won both European races to move into second-place in the rider standings, while his tatooed compatriot scored a double-victory in North Carlina while several of the US circuit’s top stars were missing from the starting line-up.

A new feature of Velogames:CX is clickable rider names, allowing you to navigate through to a scoring history page that shows the points gained by each rider for each Game Weekend.

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Use code: 21101808
Make sure to hit CONFIRM in order to finalize joining the league.

Top Ten Leaders After Week Five: