Rebecca Gross (Zero D Racing) has already flown more miles than most U.S. pro cyclocross racers. The Colorado resident started her UCI cyclocross season in China, and then took in UCI racing in Waterloo and last weekend Fayetteville.

Thanks to social media, we’ve gotten to tag along for the ride. At FayetteCross Day 2, Gross took the start with her action camera, and rewarded fans with a one-minute view of the hectic, muddy sprint off the line at the future Worlds venue.

One minute not only is the limit of Instagram videos, but also about the length of time that it takes for a camera lens to get fully covered in mud.

Enjoy the furious, muddy action from FayetteCross below.


Gross finished Day 2 in 23rd, off the podium, but still had plenty to smile about as she finished “in the money.”