We’ve already covered Wout van Aert’s stunning victory at the 2020 Strada Bianche, but for those who want to see it in action and missed the live event on Saturday, we’ve got you covered with video highlights.

The Strada Bianche served as a restart for the 2020 WorldTour. The event featured a women’s race and a men’s race, with fellow cyclocross racer Wout van Aert dominating in the men’s and Marraine Vos coming close in the women’s.

The women’s event saw Annemiek van Vleuten once again taking the win with a dramatic late attack. We also were thrilled to see seven-time cyclocross world champion Marriane Vos finishing in the top ten.

Check out the women’s race highlights here:

As for the men’s event, Van Aert took advantage of his background in cyclocross to ease through the gravel section. It’s always exciting to see someone of our cyclocross blood prospering in other disciplines, and three podiums in a row, including a victory, is something all cyclocrossers should be proud of.

Check out the men’s race highlights here:

The pandemic may be a loss for us American racers but there’s lots to look forward to in Europe. Hopefully, this triumph by van Aert is only one in a chain of victories for the cyclocross world.