The Bay Area Super Prestige cyclocross series, one of the nation’s longest-running cyclocross and #shorttrackgravel series, is back at it for 2023, with an expanded schedule that includes seven races and a new venue.

This weekend, on September 23, 2023, the series kicks off with a doubleheader, with the rugged VSRTCX race in Livermore on Saturday (with free camping the night before) and the urban Mare Island Pedalfest on Sunday. Today, we’re profiling Saturday’s race, which celebrates the life of dedicated cyclocross racer Jim Lund.

See the official announcement from the team below.

Join us for an exhilarating showdown at VSRTCX, brought to you by Valley Spokesmen Racing Team (VSRT) and Bicycle Club (VSBC). Get ready to sweat, grit your teeth, and push your limits in this one-of-a-kind cyclocross race held in the rugged Altamont Hills, south of Livermore, CA, at Rancho Los Mochos.

When: Saturday, September 23
Where: Rancho Los Mochos Boy Scout Camp, Livermore, CA

Embrace the Dusty Hellscape

Prepare to brave the heat and conquer the dust. VSRTCX is renowned for its unique terrain, resembling a fiery crucible where only the toughest thrive. Leave your comfort zone behind and embrace the challenge head-on! (okay, you got us… it’s actually quite lovely- with a little bit of every Bay area environment present on site due to the location in the Altamont Hills and unique geologic provenance 🤓. The views from the new mountain bike trails are absolutely mint- and if you are lucky enough to make it up to the ridge line, go ahead and keep that view a secret- we need to earn that one.

Master the Manzanita Mayhem

Get ready to be engulfed by this mysterious manzanita forest. This thrilling section of the race course will test your skills and instincts as you zig-zag through the dense foliage. Lose yourself in the heart of this forest, but beware—don’t get lost in the chaos! Great changes for 2023 include better passing opportunities with wider lanes and choices of A vs. B lines (pre-riding on Friday afternoon is ok!!)

Race for a Cause

By participating in VSRTCX, you’re supporting two vital initiatives. First, your race entry fee goes towards youth cycling development, empowering the next generation of riders of VSRT and Varsity Youth Cycling Club. Additionally, the proceeds contribute to ongoing trail building efforts at the venue, strongly supported by our club and team members- over 150 volunteer hours in 2023, so far. Feel the satisfaction of giving back to the cycling community- and also creating new community space.

Unleash Your Competitive Spirit

Experience the adrenaline rush of going handlebar-to-handlebar with fellow riders. VSRTCX attracts youth riders and beginner adults all the way to passionate enthusiasts and seasoned pros. This creates a thrilling atmosphere of intense competition- but also strong camaraderie. Your biggest competition may be the course itself- do you have what it takes to win that contest?

Kick off the BASP series right!

Again in 2023, VSRTCX is kicking off the Bay Area Super Prestige Series (BASP). For this year we have expanded to a SEVEN-race series! Note that the series championship spots in many categories were decided by a close margin, and often VSRTCX race was the points difference racers needed to keep their lead. Come kick off your race series right at VSRTCX! More info at and at our race website

2023 VSRTCX Cyclocross Race in Livermore, celebrating the life of Jim Lund

2023 VSRTCX Cyclocross Race in Livermore, celebrating the life of Jim Lund. photo: Lee Slone

Vibrant Community and Family Fun

Beyond the fierce racing action, VSRTCX is fun for all. Enjoy a vibrant ambiance. On Friday, preview the CX course and MTB trails, visit with us during free ice cream social hour, and camp with us! On Saturday, race with us, listen to music all day, watch the kids ride/race at noon, have fun at the Yardi mountain bike obstacle course or the youth beginner rider area, and preview the mountain bike trails – open all day. Bring your family and friends along to cheer you on as you conquer the course!

Celebrate Life

In 2023 we are also celebrating the life of our long-time teammate and friend, and your long-time competitor, Jim Lund, who recently passed away. Through illnesses, he rode- and raced– harder than most of us could ever dream of. Come join us Friday riding the course and mountain bike trails, and join us at social hour Friday night to celebrate Jim. Then on Sunday, take part in one of his passions on Saturday- cyclocross. Stay tuned for more updates.

Registration is open!

Secure your spot early! Visit our website at for more information, registration details, and the latest updates. A Link to sign up as a volunteer can be found at the registration page.

Don’t miss your chance

…to conquer the dusty hellscape, master the manzanita mayhem, and leave your mark on VSRTCX. Join Valley Spokesmen Racing Team for this unforgettable cyclocross adventure supporting youth cycling and trail building efforts. See you at the starting line!

VSRTCX Press release

General Course layout in 2022- small modification for 2023 to increase passing-opportunities in the Manzanita Maze and take advantage of more natural terrain on the downhill section instead of fire road. Trust us, you’ll love the changes.