Marianne Vos, here racing in Zolder. (file photo) © Bart Hazen

Marianne Vos, here racing in Zolder 2010. (file photo) © Bart Hazen

Laurent Charras of Petitesreines is back and has once again been focusing on the top women cyclocrossers. And this year, he’s even secured himself a profile on our Cowbell Forums to spread his videos around.

Last year, he focused in on the ladies of cyclocross all season long in the World Cups, with great behind-the-scenes looks at the events. This year, he’s already given us an inside look at the World Cup in Namur, and now his new video has come out with a look at the Zolder World Cup race this past Monday.

Marianne Vos took the win in Zolder, powering away on the last lap to finish thirty seconds ahead of Daphny van den Brand.