Christine Vardaros caught up with Jeremy Powers after his race to 34th place at the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Despite slipping a pedal at the start and getting swarmed on the line, the four-time National Champion kept perspective and still managed a smile.

“It turned out to not to be my best day…I’m not pumped about it.”

“I made up a bunch of groups…40th to 30th, but once I got into no man’s land, there’s no one I can blame but myself because I had a perfectly clear course for myself, and I couldn’t make up time, so I have to take that result as it is.”

“[I’ll] lick my wounds, sit on my couch, hang out with my dog…and my wife!” -Jeremy Powers

With an unprecedented dominant stretch among domestic male racers, Powers has plenty to be proud of as he wrapped up a nearly-undefeated season on U.S. soil. He’ll return home, but will race the fan-favorite CX Tokyo in two weeks.