Vicki Barclay goes for the win at SSCXWC. © A.E Landes Photography

Here, Vicki Barclay goes for the win at SSCXWC. © A.E Landes Photography

Vicki Barclay is clearly suited for singlespeed. First, she took the win at SSCXWC 2013 in Philadelphia last December, and now, she has a national title to go with her world one. Because she’s Scottish, she can’t race at US National Championship races, but  when she realized she could race the singlespeed category at US MTB Nationals last weekend, she immediately jumped at the opportunity.

We caught up with her after her race in Macungie last weekend to find out about what’s next for her this season.

Cyclocross Magazine: Explain exactly which races you can do?

Vicki Barclay: I have a green card, so I’m an American resident, not citizen. So I can race all races that aren’t Elite, but no race that can give you the ability to represent the US at World Championships. I think that’s how it works! But they were strict, they wanted a copy of my green card to even register for the singlespeed race!

CXM: So you have two singlespeed titles now, which are you more excited about?

VB: I don’t think you can beat Singlespeed World Championships. The hype around the race was so exciting. This one was—I wanted to race Bear Creek so I tried to find any way to race, and singlespeed was what I could do. Neither of the races I was very nervous about! I think they hold you back, for me at least, so I have to take the singlespeed inner karma to my regular cross country race.

CXM: What was your gear ratio for this course?

VB: It was 32-21. It was great. I came here last Sunday, I thought I had a 19 on in the back, and I thought that was challenging. I went home to my husband and said, ‘I think I might need the 20 on there’ and he looked at my bike and said, ‘You have a 20 on.’ So I thought I might as well put 21 on. There aren’t a lot of flat sections here, so you might as well have a gear you can spin quicker.

CXM: Have you started planning for ’cross season?

VB: Yeah! I usually do a lot of 100-milers, like I do Shenendoah 100 before Nittany Cross and I’m just exhausted. This year, I’m focusing more on Nittany and Charm City and hopefully I’ll feel better. The early ’cross races, I don’t have that top-end speed and I get disheartened. But still, no pressure!

CXM: Will you be defending your title at SSCXWC?

VB: I don’t know! They moved it earlier, and it’s not on my calendar yet. I’d like to do singlespeed ’cross Nationals as well!

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