Elite men race up the "Hillside Strangler". Aaron Johnson

On Day 1, Elite men raced up the "Hillside Strangler." Day 2, Wellons managed to outrace Trebon for the win. © Aaron Johnson

Today at the Planet Bike USGP, Katerina Nash was again victorious, and Bart Wellens demonstrated that he, too, had winning power on this muddy, wet course. This morning, TheRoadDiaries warned of dire weather, saying, “weather getting worse by the minute here in Sun Praire, rain is heavy, winds picking up, thunder all around.” Photo ops were few and far between as spectators and racers alike battled the elements, and while some racers made their way onto the podium both days, there were certainly a few surprises in the mix, including a second place by Jonathan Page.

Nash has been on a winning streak for the season so far, and Luna teammate Georgia Gould has been close behind. In today’s race, Gould finished nearly a minute back from her teammate. After her impressive day one finish, Gould had tweeted, “Second behind Katerina in the first USGP today. Awesome hecklers on the run-up! Looking forward to tomorrow.” The one-two punch of the Luna ladies is going to be an interesting challenge for other top female racers this season. Nicole Duke took third place, with one of cyclocross’s best loved ladies, Mo Bruno Roy, snatching up fourth place.

The elite men get ready to roll out at the start of Sun Prairie. Aaron Johnson

The elite men get ready to roll out at the start of Sun Prairie. © Aaron Johnson

While Trebon bested Wellens on Day 1 of the first USGP of the season,Wellens was back on day two to prove that he could take the win — and the early season UCI points that go with it. Wellens wasn’t the only Belgian out to impress on the course today, and teammate Rob Peeters took the hole shot to start the race. However, while Peeters finished in an impressive fourth place, it was a mud-covered Wellens who finished the race solo, after breaking away on a solo attack. Jonathan Page and Ryan Trebon chased, but to no avail, and Page ultimately went on to beat Trebon by ten seconds. Trebon said afterward, “That was a muddy slimy race today. The bikes and tires were working great, Wellens was just too fast. Fun to relearn racing in the mud.”

Christian Heule snatched up fifth place, and Jamey Driscoll, one of the few US racers to break into the top 10, finished sixth. Noticeably absent from the results was Tim Johnson, who, as he said, “fell down and went boom” early in the race.. After hitting a slippery rock on a downhill, Johnson’s race was finished for the day.

The men struggle up the "hillside strangler" later on in the race. Aaron Johnson

The men struggle up the "hillside strangler" later on in the race, some carrying, some merely pushing their bikes. © Aaron Johnson

Full Results:

Elite Men & U23 Results, 2011 Planet Bike Cup Day 2

11WELLENS BartTelenet Fidea Cycling TeamBEL59:42
26PAGE JonathanPlanet Bike/Blue BicyclesUSA59:57
38TREBON RyanLTSUSA1:00:09
45PEETERS RobTelenet Fidea Cycling TeamBEL1:00:31
52HEULE ChristianCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cSUI1:00:43
67DRISCOLL JamesCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cUSA1:01:27
716BERDEN BenOps Ale - StoemperBEL1:02:07
89KABUSH GeoffTeam Maxxis / Rocky MountainCAN1:02:14
93POWERS JeremyRapha/FocusUSA1:02:33
1014WELLS TroyTeam CLIF BARUSA1:02:43
1113MCDONALD* ZachRapha/Focus*USA1:02:47
1233ECKMANN* YannickPearlizumi/Shimano*GER1:02:48
1312MATTER BrianGear Grinder / Clif BarUSA1:03:44
1419WELLS JakeStan's NoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA1:04:38
1511SCHOUTEN p/b Blue BUSA1:05:44
1617WEIGHALL NicholasCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA1:06:01
1710WICKS BarryKonaUSA1:06:06
1822KAISER* CodyCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/Sp*USA1:06:37
1920BABCOCK SeanKonaUSA1:06:44
2050ROBINSON JustinCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA1:07:05
2123VAN NUFFEL TimDCM-GB vorselaarBEL1:07:15
2229KERSTING MitchellBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA1:07:28
2351FISH* KevinKCCX/Fuji by Challenge Tire*USA1:07:56
2424HOKE MitchellTeam Clif BarUSA-1 LAP
2554WHITE BradleyUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling TeUSA-2 LAP
2726BATTY MarkSpiderTech Powered By C10CAN-2 LAP
2815KNAPP RyanBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA-2 LAP
2943TILFORD SteveTradeWind Energy/Eriksen CyclesUSA-2 LAP
3149NEFF IsaacUSA-2 LAP
3235WOODRUFF TravisTrek-Boulder/MomentumEndurance.USA-2 LAP
3325SHERER MikeThe Pony ShopUSA-2 LAP
3434ALLEN TimFeedback SportsUSA-2 LAP
3536GLASSFORD PeterTrek CanadaCAN-2 LAP
3631LASLEY JacobTeam SoundponyUSA-2 LAP
3742CAMERON MollyMetafilter-Portland Bicycle StuUSA-3 LAP
3853STROTHMAN JayRokkit racingUSA-3 LAP
4041PARMELEE MarkCycletherapyUSA-3 LAP
4128MORKA AdamTrek CanadaCAN-3 LAP
4347WONDERGEM EricHup UnitedUSA-3 LAP
4446REARDON AndrewBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA-3 LAP
4538GEROW* DanielWolverines/ACFSTORES.COM*USA-3 LAP
4662GANTZER JeremiahDouble I CyclingUSA-3 LAP
4832MACKAY ChrisRealCyclist.comUSA-4 LAP
4945REMO* ThomsonTeam Wheel & Sprocket*USA-4 LAP
5052STEVENSON RussellRaleighUSA-4 LAP
5144HAUGH SpencerBehind Bars/LGRUSA-5 LAP
DNF40COLE BradMercy Elite Cycling TeamUSA
DNF4JOHNSON TimothyCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cUSA

Elite Women Results, 2011 Planet Bike Cup Day 2

11NASH KaterinaLuna Pro TeamUSA40:15-
25GOULD GeorgiaUSA41:1156
38DUKE NicoleCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cUSA42:101:55
46BRUNO ROY MaureenBob's Red Mill pb Seven CyclesUSA42:242:09
52MANI CarolineFRA43:373:22
69SHERWIN KatherineStan's NoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA43:533:38
74MILLER MeredithCalifornia Giant CyclingUSA44:093:54
87ANTONNEAU KaitlinCannondale pb CyclocrossWorld.cUSA44:113:56
913HARLTON PepperJuventus Cycling ClubCAN45:014:46
1012STETSON-LEE TealCalifornia Giant Berry Farms/SpUSA45:165:01
113BUTLER SueRiver City/RidleyUSA45:415:26
1225BINGHAM KelsyUSA45:485:33
1334GILBERT SunnyMichelob Ultra - Big Shark RaciUSA46:206:05
1511JAMES AshleyKCCX EliteUSA46:356:20
1619BATTY EmilySubaru-TrekCAN47:056:50
1728FORSMAN ChloeRace Club 11USA47:387:23
1815DALLAIRE AnnajeanRacin' for Riley p/b Alderfer BUSA48:017:46
1929FLECK JeanneVELO Duluth - Twin Ports CyclerUSA48:318:16
2010CURTIS KatyCAN49:078:52
2127BENJAMIN KellyKCCX / Verge Elite Cyclocross TUSA49:429:27
2221GAERTNER JenniRaleigh AmericaUSA50:4210:27
2320OSBORNE CorrieISCorp51:4911:34
2433COOGAN CISEK CoreyTeam Plan C p/b StevensUSA-1 LAP
2522HUANG SarahIS CorpUSA-1 LAP
2624SEVERN Alyssacyclocrossracing.comUSA-1 LAP
2732GIBSON ShannonStan's NoTubes Elite CyclocrossUSA-1 LAP
2816KOROL Meghanbob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA-1 LAP
2918SMILEY MarneBob's Red Mill CyclocrossUSA-1 LAP