COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – USA Cycling on Wednesday announced that it has amended rule 1E6, which outlines upgrades and downgrades for cyclocross racers.

Beginning in 2013, all newly-licensed riders will begin as a category 5 racer. Any riders who will be renewing from 2013 forward will maintain the category from the previous year. A category 5 rider will mandatorily be upgraded to a category 4 rider after competing in 10 races. Once a rider becomes a category 4 rider, he or she faces voluntary or mandatory upgrades.

A category 4 rider can voluntarily be upgraded to a category 3 rider after earning 10 points. A category 4 rider faces mandatory upgrade after accruing 15 points or two wins in a field of at least 30 competitors. A category 3 rider can upgrade to a category 2 rider after amassing 15 points. A category 3 rider is mandatorily upgraded to category 2 after collecting 20 points or winning two races with at least 30 competitors. A category 2 rider can elect to be upgraded to category 1 after totaling 20 points. A category 2 rider will face mandatory upgrade after accruing 25 points or two wins in a 40-rider field.

Juniors riders are exempt from the mandatory upgrades beginning at category 4.

Points awarded for cyclocross races:

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