Week five’s 2016/2017 Pro CX rankings is out, with a new leader on the women’s side, and Hyde pulling away from the field on the men’ side.

USA Cycling Pro CX cyclocross series and calendar

With her series of wins, Katie Compton moves to the top of the rankings with Caroline Mani very close behind.  Dropping back to third is last week’s leader Ellen Noble. A double victory at the Charm City Cross means that Compton is on a huge roll and looks tough to beat in all conditions.

Stephen Hyde continues to pull out a huge lead over his rivals with the double wins at Charm City Cross. Jamey Driscoll and Kerry Werner maintain their second and third place standing, respectively. Jeremy Powers jumps three spots to hold down fifth overall with an excellent showing of his own at Charm City Day 2.

No races for the Junior Men means no change to their overall standings.

See the full Week #5 rankings below.

Next up on the ProCX calendar are the US Open of Cyclocross in Boulder, CO and the CRAFT Sportswear Gran Prix of Gloucester in Gloucester, MA.

This year’s USA Cycling Pro CX calendar features 44 scoring cyclocross races, with UCI C1 and C2 points going 20 deep, and non-UCI events going 10 deep. UCI C1 events naturally score the most points. A non-UCI win is less valuable than seventh in a UCI C1, while a UCI C2 win is less valuable than ninth in a UCI C1, but the number of scoring events are capped per rider. See the full USA Cycling UCI Pro CX points scoring table here, and read more about the USA Cycling Pro CX scoring rules here.

2016 USA Cycling Pro CX Rankings - Women - Week #5 - 10/10/2016

1Katherine Compton408
2Caroline Mani406
3Ellen Noble379
4Emma White338
5Kaitlin Antonneau298
6Amanda Miller274
7Rebecca Fahringer254
8Helen Wyman234
9Courtenay McFadden227
10Crystal Anthony226
11Arley Kemmerer178
12Jena Greaser175
13Katerina Nash120
14Kathryn Cumming105
15Rebecca Gross100
16Sunny Gilbert100
17Elle Anderson98
18Julie Wright96
19Christel Ferrier-Bruneau92
20Ellen VanLoy92
21Ruby WEST87
22Hannah Finchamp82
23Amanda Nauman81
25Maghalie Rochette69
26Kathleen Lysakowski67
27Stacey Barbossa64
28Sofia Gomez Villafane54
29Catharine PENDREL54
30Amira Mellor54
31Jenna Blandford51
32Rachel Rubino47
33Danielle Arman43
34Natasha Elliott42
35Melinda McCutcheon40
36Nicole Mertz40
37Emily Shields39
38Caitlyn Vestal34
39Allison Arensman34
40Cassandra Maximenko32
41Laura Van Gilder30
42Katherine Northcott29
43BrittLee Bowman29
44Gray Patton26
45Avanell Schmitz25
46Lucie Chainel23
47Ashley Barson22
48Catherine Moore19
49Meghan Korol19
50Mical Dyck18
51Megan Barr16
52Jennifer Malik16
53Erin Huck15
54Sydney Guagliardo10
56Emily Kachorek10
57Corey Coogan Cisek9
58Turner Ramsay9
59Allyson Tufano9
60Karen Brems8
61Katrina Dowidchuk8
62Rebecca Blatt8
63Campbell Steers7
64Evelyn Dong7
65Alijah Beatty6
66Melanie Carter6
67emily sportsman6
68Christina Peck5
69Heidi Wood5
70Clio Dinan5
71Natalie Tapias5
72Melissa Barker5
73Chelsea Weidinger4
74Christa Ghent4
75Rebecca Lewandowski4
76Sara Headley3
77Jennifer Nowlin3
78Hannah Williams3
79Abby Watson2
80Shaina Kravitz2
81Ashley Zoerner2
82Meghan Newlin2
83Melsa Smith2
84Olivia Dillon1
85Caitlin Bernstein1
86Vanessa Curtis1
87Kate Kirkpatrick1
88Kristie Arend1

2016 USA Cycling Pro CX Rankings - Men - Week #5 - 10/10/2016

1Stephen Hyde497
2James Driscoll320
3Kerry Werner254
4Tobin Ortenblad240
5Jeremy Powers230
6Curtis White229
7Daniel Summerhill205
8Anthony Clark189
9Jeremy Durrin172
10Yannick Eckmann161
11Travis Livermon145
12Spencer Petrov129
13Jim Aernouts120
14Wout vanAert105
15David Van der Poel105
16Cody Kaiser99
17Allen Krughoff98
18Quinten Hermans98
19Jack Kisseberth97
20Andrew Dillman96
21Rob Peeters94
22Justin Lindine93
23Corne VanKessel92
24Gianni Vermeersch90
25Daniel Timmerman89
26Steve Chainel89
27Diether SWEECK78
28Dan Timmerman77
29Jonathan Page75
30Antonin Marecaille73
31Laurens SWEECK69
32Toon Aerts62
33Jeremy Martin62
34Maxx Chance60
35Daan Soete60
36Michael vandenHam60
37Vincent BAESTAENS60
38Eric Thompson57
39Lance Haidet48
40Tom Meeusen48
41Tristan Cowie44
42Daan Hoeyberghs42
43Daniel Chabanov39
44Robert Marion38
45Mark McConnell33
46Gage Hecht31
47Alex Ryan29
48Cole Oberman27
49Cooper Willsey24
50Brian Matter23
51Evan Murphy23
52Cameron Beard19
53Samuel O'Keefe18
54W Grant Ellwood18
56Thijs VanAmerongen16
57Geoff Kabush15
58jens vandekinderen15
59Andrew Juiliano15
60Ian Field15
61Jake Sitler12
62jordan snyder11
63Kevin Bradford-Parish10
64Patrick Collins10
65Christopher Aitken10
66Max Judelson10
67Nicolas Catlin10
68Mark DAvino9
69Casey Hildebrandt9
70Aaron Schooler9
71Daniel Hoeppner8
72Chris Drummond8
73Lewis Gaffney8
74Matthew Timmerman7
75Justin Thomas7
76Chris Baddick7
77Brannan Fix7
78Brian Finnerty6
79Peter Goguen6
80Steven Stefko6
81Aaron Oakes5
82Nicholas Lemke5
83Sean Estes5
84Josh Direen5
85Ron Shevock4
86Josh Allen4
87Trevor O'Farrell3
88Jacob Lasley3
89Kacey Campbell3
90Eric Fossell2
91Scott Hooper2
92Aaron Snyder2
93Michael Mihalik2
94Dylan Postier2
95Bjorn Selander1
96Josh Whitney1
97Ryan Rinn1
98Szymon Niemotko1
99Dylan Mcnicholas1