UCI Cyclocross World Cup Trophy Presentation Ceremony? by Daquella Manera on FlickrWin the World Cup overall? You’ll get your cup in the mail, in a cardboard box a few months later, if you’re lucky.

Belgian paper Het Nieuwsblad reports that ’07-08 UCI World Cup winners Nys and Daphny van den Brand just recently received their prestigious World Cup trophies in the mail. Win the biggest and richest cyclocross series in the world? Your trophy is simply mailed to you “wrapped in a cardboard box, with the compliments of the UCI.”

Van Den Brand apparently was quite miffed at the informal, “simply in the mail” presentation. However, Van Den Brand might want to count her blessings since she actually received it, as Nys reported he didn’t even receive the trophy for the ’06-07 season. “Well, last year I had no trophy,” he explains. “That, I think it regrettable, because now there is one missing in my collection.”

Next season, when you get your free tire, medal or trophy on the podium the same day you win your race, thank the promoter. That’s better than the UCI does.