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ASHEVILLE, North Carolina—From first call up to first across the line it was nearly all Tristan Uhl (Giant South) in the Men’s Singlespeed Championship race.

On the start grid there were 152 riders vying for the Singlespeed title. With various equipment set-ups and gear ratios, they set off in the afternoon sun and spun up the paved start-finsih straight in a whirlwind of high rpms.

Into the first turn it was Westly Richards (Clemmons Bicycle Racing) leading the massive herd onto the grass with Uhl, former Naitonal Champion Tim Allen (Feedback Sports Racing), Jared Nietters (SEAVS/Haymarket) and Chris Drumond (SPCX p/b R.K. BLACK) all on his wheel.

The start of the massive Men's Single Speed Championship, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

The start of the massive Men’s Singlespeed Championship, 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. © Cyclocross Magazine

Uhl found the course to his liking, the morning mud having given way to traction that he thought was better than when he pre-rode in the earlier days’ dry conditions. With his technical skills on display, he was able to move ahead of Allen and Nietters on the first descent off of Ingles Heckle Hill and at the end of lap one Uhl had Allen on his wheel and the race for the title was on.

Allen was resplendent in full tights that had the look of “jeggings.” Pristine at the start, his tights had a hole at the end of the race from an apparent fall. Allen, who felt he was a little under geared at the start, told us that his favorite part of the course was the descent off Heckle Hill. “The downhill was rad. it was super technical and it was lined with fans. Just ripping,” said Allen.

Uhl too had a mishap causing him to go down. On the approach to Ingles Heckle Hill he went for the drivetrain-side dismount and got his toe spikes hung up on his pedal. But a quick recovery left his nearly 10 second lead intact and it only grew from there.

As Uhl padded his lead as the race wore on Allen, Nietters, Richards and Max Judelson (Rock Lobster) all chased mostly solo, with Richards and Judelson dueling for fourth, a fight that Richards won.

Clearly the course’s testing nature was multiplied by the difficulty of having but one gear. “I definitely felt like I was cracking as the laps went on. The course is so hard,” added Uhl. This was Uhl’s first singlespeed race of the year. He told us after the race that he had planned to race some singlespeed races this season, but it just never came together.

It came together today for Uhl.

Photo gallery below the results.

2016 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Men's Single Speed Full Results

1Tristan UHLRide Biker Alliance39:44.
2Tim ALLENFeedback Sports Racing39:50.
3Jared NIETERSSEAVS/Haymarket40:21.
4Westley RICHARDSClemmons Bicycle Racing40:28.
5Max JUDELSONRocklobster40:31.
6Chris DRUMMONDSPCX p/b R.K. BLACK41:22.
7Molly CAMERONPortland Bicycle Studio41:25.
8Scott CHAPINSanta Cruz Factory Racing41:44.
9Joshua THORNTONWicked Awesome Racing41:47.
10Nathan WINKELMANNSugar Cycles/Wholesome Sweetene42:06.
11Eric FOSSELLVeloforma42:07.
12Jason HARTMANGroove Subaru Excel Sports42:42.
13Donald SEIBNEXT-BMB42:43.
14Jamie BELCHAKSquadra Flying Tigers42:53.
15David SHEEKSDG - Muscle Monster42:59.
16Olivier VRAMBOUTWaffle Power Cycling Club43:08.
17Daniel LARINOCentury Road Club Of America43:39.
18Ryan RINN43:39.
19Gerald PFLUG43:40.
20William JOHNSON43:49.
21Doug GRAVERMafia Racing43:58.
22Harold STEPHENSONRally Sport Cycling Team44:03.
23Richard ZAWADA44:09.
24Kurt SCHMIDCyclocrossworld44:13.
25Brendan LEHMAN44:16.
26Jim WOOD333fab Factory CX Team44:23.
27Steven BEARDSLEYHosmer Chiropractic-RPM Mortgag44:37.
28Kailin WATERMAN44:38.
29Elwood GLASS44:44.
30Bret YOUNGnycross.com44:48.
31Tom HORROCKSSquadra Flying Tigers44:48.
32Mike STEWARTTri Cities Road Club44:54.
33Katriel STATMANBayou City Racing45:03.
34Wesley BOYCECycle City Racing45:05.
35Jeff CURTESSpeedvagen Family Racing45:08.
36Clayton TRAVISWAS Labs Cycling45:17.
37Brian HART45:32.
39Brad YOUNGTeam NYCROSS.com45:49.
40Donald SEIBNEXT-BMB46:01.
41Matthew SCOTTFiets Met Slagroom46:11.
42Andrew HARBUCKAlpha Bicycle Co.- Vista Subaru46:20.
43Ira RYAN46:22.
44Jess PARKERTeam Air Assurance/Tulsa Connec46:22.
45Ryan STAHNKE46:25.
46Logan LUKERMOAB46:33.
47Evan FRYTeam Small Batch46:34.
48Angelo MASCELLIGiant Co-Factory Off-Road Team46:42.
49Richard TSUIThe Spirited Cyclist Cycling Cl46:56.
50Luke WOODARD46:57.
51Brian DAVISCompass Research Cycling Team47:04.
52Geoffrey SIEPKERCycle-Smart Inc.47:16.
53Michael CURTESMilwaukee Bicycle Company Racin47:42.
54Joseph FORTINHigh Desert Bicycles Team47:43.
55Brett ROTHMEYERCrosshairs Cycling47:56.
56Jose MARTINEZSugar Cycles/Wholesome Sweetene48:00.
57John DOVECrosshairs Cycling48:15.
58Jim GENTESbuy-cell.com48:18.
59Aaron BARCHECKTeam Small Batch48:23.
60Evan MUELLER48:26.
61Brian HLUDZINSKIBoulder Cycle Sport/ YogaGlo48:51.
62Timothy CANNARD38:53.
63Patrick GOREJoes Bike Shop Racing Team38:57.
64Jess COUCH39:08.
65Wayne LEWISBurnside Forge39:08.
66Brad HAWKTeam Bikenetic39:10.
67Michael MANTHEY39:11.
68Jonathan JONESCrosshairs Cycling39:17.
69Joseph HATLEY39:27.
70Derek GRIGGS39:34.
71Jack KITCHING39:36.
72Nicholas BARLOW39:36.
73Daimeon SHANKSSingle Barrel CX39:36.
74David MARBUTToyota Forklifts of Atlanta39:36.
75Eric CRANDELLRogue Velo Racing39:54.
76David HAHNSteady Spin39:56.
77Michael SEEKRogue Velo Racing40:00.
78Ryan STOUTEN48:00.
79Jerry HADLEYRogue Velo Racing30:02.
80Matthew BILHARZBikesport / Slyfox Racing30:11.
81Arthur MORANGreen Line Velo30:15.
82Zach FOUTTampa Bay Cyclocross Junior Dev30:16.
83Steven SHARPETeam Air Assurance/Tulsa Connec30:25.
84Anthony WILLIAMSReedy Creek Bicycles30:27.
85Michael HOFFMANNuts About Granola/Hoffman DieC30:29.
86Sean MCDONOUGH30:30.
87Benjamin TOLLArrow Bicycle30:36.
88Raymond LAFFINCrosstown Velo30:46.
89Stuart LOUDERCrosshairs Cycling30:51.
90Bill WHEELERAdventures for the Cure30:55.
91John COTTONBlue Sky Velo31:01.
92Christopher MERRIAMCrosshairs Cycling31:03.
93Douglas AHRENSEvolution Jr. Devo Team31:04.
94David SHERWINVelo Allegro31:04.
95George BRANYANArrow Bicycle31:12.
96Daniel LEEVelo Fratello p/b Bay Equity Ho31:22.
97David CHAMBLIN31:29.
98Joseph CROSSBirdsong Brewing Cyclocross Tea31:31.
99Michael WALTERS31:31.
100Jonathan SEIBOLDDCMTB31:36.
101Steven JONESReedy Creek Bicycles31:56.
102Eric PETERSONThe Revolting Cogs32:27.
103Alex LAIFER32:31.
104Dariusz TYBOROWSKITeam Spoke Cycles p/b Carolina35:58.
105Paul MCKENZIE21:38.
106Kevin SUNDEEN21:41.
107John SMITH21:41.
108Christopher ADAMSRogue Velo Racing21:45.
109David LAWSONCelo Pacific21:49.
110Gary LOWDENKCOI Boulevard21:50.
111Robert OGRENThe Fix Studio21:52.
112Levi JAMISONVeloworks Urban Cyclery21:58.
113Lawrence CZARNECKIMicro Metals/Bike Zoo21:59.
114Shawn MOOREFiets Maan Racing p/b Luna Cycl22:01.
115George LEWISTeam Bikenetic22:25.
116Gregory CURLBlevins Bicycle Company22:29.
117Jonathan ANDERSONFort Lewis College22:55.
118Todd PETERSONFinkraft Cyling Team23:33.
119Christopher MOOREViolet Crown23:45.
120Joe LACINYJoes Bike Shop Racing Team23:51.
121Justin BRISTOL25:18.
122Ryan PLAISTED25:25.
123Pete VAN RIPERArrow Bicycle25:40.
124Gregory DYASBike Law Cycling Club31:26.

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Singlespeed Men's start line

Singlespeed Men’s start line. 2016 National Championships. © R. Riott / Cyclocross Magazine

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