Tom Meeusen is out of World Cup Rome.

Continuing a difficult season that already saw the Telenet-Fidea rider sidelined from a crash at Superprestige Zonhoven, Belgian Tom Meeusen has been denied entry to World Cup Rome due to having visited a doctor under investigation for doping. “I am part of a doping investigation, but am right in my shoes. I’m not a cheater!” Meeusen tweeted after the news broke. “It started with me on the way to the cross in Diegem suddenly got stopped by the police. They have my camper examined, but of course nothing was found.”

“Tom has been involved in an investigation into a doctor,” explained his manager Hans Kasteren to Sporza. “He brought a visit to the doctor and here is therefore pulled. Surely he is not a suspect in a doping investigation, because he would be suspended, both the federation and the team. Meeusen was devastated by the news”

Kesteren also reminded the public to not jump to conclusions, recalling last year’s incident with Bart Wellens. “Last year the press has lashed out at Wellens. He was innocent, but the damage was done. I would also like to ask in this case caution to be observed.”

“Who wants to ruin my life?” said Meeusen. “To what do I owe the pleasure? I’ve had so much bad luck.”