Back in 2005, Katie Compton wasn’t the cyclocross household name she is now. After all, she had only won a single National Championship the prior year in Portland, Oregon and was looking to repeat the feat in 2005 in Providence Rhode Island.

Of course, history shows that she did, and then did agin ten more times over including last week in Asheville.

This Throwback Thursday photo montage shows Katie during the 2005 season aboard Redline bikes. The equipment in the photos is interesting to say the least, compared to today’s superbikes.

The video was posted to YouTube by Mark Legg on May 18, 2012, with the only caption being “Katie Compton races to another National Cyclocross Championship.” Legg of course is Compton’s husband and mechanic. As for the caption, it’s one that would fit fine on a video of her ride in Asheville.