First-time World Championship competitor Stephen Hyde had a tough day after getting held up by a crash, and did not finish.© Mike Albright / Cyclocross Magazine

World Championship competitor Stephen Hyde will be riding for Cannondale p/b in 2015-16 © Mike Albright / Cyclocross Magazine

Compared to Cannondale p/b’s big team roster announcements at the 2014 KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival, their newest big team change came rather quietly, earlier this weekend. Stephen Hyde, who raced in the World Championships for the first time in Tabor, will be filling in the team vacancy left by Tim Johnson. Although Johnson has not officially retired, per se, it appears as if he is committed to having the 2014 Men’s Elite Race at Boulder act as his final National Championship he participates in. He will remain on the team, acting more as a mentor this year.

Details from Cannondale p/b are as follows:

The Cannondale p/b professional cyclocross team announced the addition of 28 year old Stephen Hyde to the roster. Hyde will take the place of long time Cannondale p/b team member, Tim Johnson, who will be transitioning to a mentoring and leadership role. Hyde will join the team’s three returning riders, Ryan Trebon, Curtis White, and Kaitie Antonneau.

“We have some big shoes to fill with the departure of Tim Johnson,” said Team Director Stu Thorne. “I have been very impressed with Stephen Hyde since he arrived on the elite scene just a few years ago and I am confident he is the best rider to fill those shoes.”

Hyde, who joins the Cannondale p/b squad in what will be just his third season racing at the elite level, says his intentions are to race at the highest level domestically as well as continue improving on his racing in Europe.

“We’re still working out the exact details of his schedule, but Stephen has made it clear he wants to win in the U.S. and he wants to race a few of the World Cups in Europe, and I’m confident we can help with both,” said Thorne. “Not only do we have the infrastructure in place to support Stephen in both the U.S. and Europe, we also have three teammates who can all help one another in both locations.”

Tim Johnson last year at Providence, will be more of an acting mentor this year. © Andrew Reimann

Tim Johnson last year at Providence, will be more of an acting mentor this year. © Andrew Reimann

“In the past, I haven’t had the facilities to get to all the C1 races in the U.S.,” said Hyde. “When I went to Europe for my first time last year, I struggled being on my own. The learning curve was steep without teammates, and it was tough,” he added. “I’m looking forward to going to some farther reaching races in the U.S next year, and I’m really looking forward to having the support of Stu Thorne and the team as well as having teammates with me in Europe.”

Hyde also alluded to the recently announced North American World Cups as a priority. “By my calculations, I should be able to race in both Las Vegas and Montreal,” he said. “I’m doing work specifically tailored to compete with the Europeans and I would like nothing more than to represent the U.S. and my team at these historic events.”

When asked if he has any specific goals for next season, Hyde said, “I want to win Nationals. I want to beat everyone. I want this to be the year it happens for me.”

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