The MFG / SSCXWC10 course will feature a balanced mix of terrain, including BMX-style dirt © MFG / SSCXWC10

The Singlespeed Cyclocross “World Championship” is just around the corner, combined with the immediately preceding MFG Series race #4. And right on cue here’s a little hype from promoters about the course:

Perhaps you’ve heard some rumors, or maybe you’ve started some of your own. Regardless, the new venue hosting MFG Cyclocross #4 at PGP Motorsports Park is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. We’re talking beer garden next to start/finish, multi-camera capture around the entire course with live race streaming on the web, and some pretty hot BMX action on a section of the course.

…and this is before the SSCXWC shenanigans.

Preview the PGP race course via Go Kart! © MFG / SSCXWC10

Be warned:  Do not miss the opportunity to race the new MFG venue that  Motorsports Park is offering MFG and SSCXWC. This could be the venue of the year.

Want to preview the venue prior to the event? Head on out to the track, and give one of PGP’s Birel N35 karts a go.

PGP Motorsports Park utilizes the Birel N35 as its rental kart of choice. The N35 is Italian-built, draws upon a World Championship heritage and is the premier corporate entertainment kart on the market today. Lighter in weight but heavy on performance, PGP’s 40 Birel N35s feature a safe, durable design while still looking and driving like true performance race karts.

Standard equipment on the PGP Birel N35:

  • Honda 9hp 4-stroke engine with gearing to run 45mph
  • Quiet, clean and safe two-speed belt-drive systems
  • 35mm chassis construction
  • 40mm axle
  • Hydraulic braking system
  • Fully-adjustable pedal positioning
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Impact-absorbing bodywork
  • Ergonomically-designed cradle seating system