sscxwc 2011 logoThe fifth annual Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships is on tap for this weekend in San Francisco, Calif., and the promoters have a fun, full weekend planned, with a Saturday qualifier that’s catered to showing the out-of-towners not only a good time, but some picturesque sights.

More than 300 racers have signed up for the Championships events, which includes for the first time, a separate women’s event.  Over 30 heats of 10 riders will go off at ten minute intervals, touring the city and showing their strength. With field sizes capped at 150 for the main event, the men will be vying for 100 slots through the qualifying “Five Feats of Strength,” with 50 additional spots available at the Saturday party through another secret “test.”

A bunch of national champions, along with some UCI World Cup-racing pros will be vying for the Golden Speedo.  Check out the impressive start list below. (Some aliases might be used)

You can sort by name, time, or group number.  Check out the group at 12:10 p.m. – it’s stacked with some real contenders with Craig Ethridge, Ryan Weaver, and three-time winner, Canadian Drew MacKenzie.

Stay tuned as Cyclocross Magazine brings you full coverage of the event.

2011 SSCXWC San Francisco Qualifier Start List

RacerGroup #Heat Time
Aaron BradfordGroup 301:20pm
Aaron KerelukGroup 1510:50am
Aaron OdellGroup 1110:10am
Aaron WilcherGroup 28:40am
Aimee BakerGroup 2612:40pm
Alan ZinnikerGroup 18:30am
Albert ReinhardtGroup 1811:20am
Alessandro PizzutiGroup 28:40am
Alex CrissGroup 1410:40am
Alex PalmerGroup 49:00am
Alexander JacksonGroup 1510:50am
Alexander WorkGroup 1310:30am
Alison KnuraonGroup 2011:40am
Allison BaumhefnerGroup 2512:30pm
Allison BaumhefnerGroup 89:40am
Amanda SchaperGroup 301:20pm
Amy AndrewsGroup 1410:40am
Andrew FrancisGroup 1911:30am
Andrew GohlichGroup 2212:00pm
Andrew WeinerGroup 79:30am
Andrew YeeGroup 89:40am
Angus NesbittGroup 38:50am
Anna DayGroup 291:10pm
Anna FortnerGroup 69:20am
Anthony DicksonGroup 2212:00pm
Anthony CoandoGroup 38:50am
Aron BonarGroup 2312:10pm
Ashley StottsGroup 1611:00am
Austin HorseGroup 99:50am
Barbara HoweGroup 99:50am
Bart SandersonGroup 1210:20am
Basil MoutsopoulosGroup 1911:30am
Ben BostromGroup 18:30am
Ben Jacques-MaynesGroup 1711:10am
Billy SinkordGroup 1711:10am
Blair O'MalleyGroup 79:30am
Blake Von KnopkaGroup 1510:50am
Brad KoesterGroup 2111:50am
Brad WilliamsonGroup 1110:10am
Brandon ElliottGroup 38:50am
Brandon JonesGroup 2312:10pm
Brandon ReifGroup 69:20am
Brendan BarrettGroup 2212:00pm
Brendan LehmanGroup 301:20pm
Brian BrooksGroup 59:10am
Brian MyersGroup 2612:40pm
Brian RogersGroup 2111:50am
Brigette BrownGroup 20
Brock DickieGroup 2412:20pm
C JonesingGroup 49:00am
Cabot O'CallaghanGroup 28:40am
Caitlin TrahanGroup 99:50am
Cameron CooperGroup 89:40am
Cameron FalconerGroup 38:50am
Carol BolandGroup 1010:00am
Carrie EdwardsGroup 2412:20pm
Casey CramerGroup 38:50am
Cesar ChavezGroup 291:10pm
Chad RichmondGroup 1110:10am
Chava KronenbergGroup 89:40am
Chevil KnevilGroup 1510:50am
Chris BrownGroup 2412:20pm
Chris MatthewsGroup 1110:10am
Chris McgnarlyGroup 1210:20am
Chris PhippsGroup 1510:50am
Christian ParkerGroup 2111:50am
Christina PeckGroup 18:30am
Christina Probert-TurnerGroup 2312:10pm
Christine LundyGroup 1010:00am
Christon DewanGroup 69:20am
Christopher CaslerGroup 2712:50pm
Christopher ElboGroup 89:40am
Cisco Kilauea MoranGroup 1310:30am
Clay WebbGroup 2111:50am
Clifford LeeGroup 18:30am
Colin MckernanGroup 2212:00pm
Collin ClementsGroup 2111:50am
Corey LoweGroup 28:40am
Craig EtheridgeGroup 2312:10pm
Cristina BegyGroup 1310:30am
Cristina MihaescuGroup 18:30am
Curtis InglisGroup 2712:50pm
Damon McclellanGroup 1110:10am
Dan O'ConnorGroup 69:20am
Dan PetersonGroup 18:30am
Dan ReynoldsGroup 99:50am
Dane GrantGroup 1310:30am
Dani DanceGroup 2512:30pm
Daniel VelascoGroup 1811:20am
Daniele FarGroup 1510:50am
Danyel LatourGroup 1310:30am
Dave PryorGroup 79:30am
David WillihoiteGroup 89:40am
David GermanGroup 1811:20am
David GillGroup 1010:00am
David LawsonGroup 69:20am
David SchindehetteGroup 2011:40am
David VannetteGroup 1210:20am
Dayton CritesGroup 281:00pm
Dennis McgovernGroup 49:00am
Derek StrongGroup 1711:10am
Derek YarraGroup 311:30pm
Derrick ChaoGroup 1010:00am
Devon GorryGroup 49:00am
Dillon ClappGroup 59:10am
Dinorah LawsonGroup 79:30am
Don MyrahGroup 1310:30am
Dorothy WongGroup 2212:00pm
Doss BarnesGroup 69:20am
Drew MackenzieGroup 2312:10pm
Dylan BuffingtonGroup 1410:40am
Dylan McreynoldsGroup 2612:40pm
Ed EvansonGroup 69:20am
Ed LaiGroup 2612:40pm
Elliot ReineckeGroup 59:10am
Eric BostromGroup 2011:40am
Eric ColtonGroup 1611:00am
Eric EvansonGroup 1911:30am
Eric HillGroup 2011:40am
Eric LoweGroup 28:40am
Erik MaresjoGroup 18:30am
Erik MathyGroup 1611:00am
Erik ZimmerGroup 18:30am
Erin UpchurchGroup 1510:50am
Erin DurkeeGroup 1510:50am
Evan AdamsGroup 1611:00am
Evan SarnaGroup 1911:30am
Fabio RattazziGroup 28:40am
Francis JoseGroup 18:30am
Frank ShoemakerGroup 59:10am
Fred CauthenGroup 49:00am
Fred HuxhamGroup 1210:20am
Frederick BottgerGroup 291:10pm
Gabriel ByrneGroup 1711:10am
Gareth FeldsteinGroup 1110:10am
Garrett ChowGroup 2512:30pm
Gary LandGroup 2212:00pm
Gnat! MatthewsGroup 49:00am
Goldberry Jacques-MaynesGroup 1310:30am
Grant StonerGroup 2712:50pm
Greg JohnsonGroup 2712:50pm
Greg HeathGroup 291:10pm
Greg HejtmanekGroup 291:10pm
Greg SteeleGroup 2111:50am
Greg TrumplerGroup 1010:00am
Gregory KlingspornGroup 1911:30am
Hans KellnerGroup 1210:20am
Harley ConstantinGroup 1410:40am
Haywood Ja-Blow-MeGroup 1010:00am
Heather GilbertGroup 2412:20pm
Heather LangendorferGroup 1210:20am
Heather PughGroup 18:30am
Heidi ThompsonGroup 59:10am
Henry MiniGroup 1811:20am
Henry ScholzGroup 311:30pm
Hernan MontenegroGroup 59:10am
Hidi CramerGroup 89:40am
Ian DewarGroup 281:00pm
Isaias JobGroup 291:10pm
Jacquie PhelanGroup 99:50am
Jamaica LambieGroup 1410:40am
James CookeGroup 2512:30pm
James JohnstonGroup 28:40am
James LalondeGroup 2712:50pm
James RansweilerGroup 1110:10am
Jared FergusonGroup 2412:20pm
Jason OsborneGroup 1110:10am
Jeff BoiceGroup 1711:10am
Jeff MabryGroup 28:40am
Jeffrey NeboliniGroup 1811:20am
Jen JordanGroup 69:20am
Jenni GaertnerGroup 2312:10pm
Jeremiah BlumeGroup 59:10am
Jeremy GarbellanoGroup 1410:40am
Jesse AltonGroup 2712:50pm
Jesse SwiftGroup 28:40am
Jim MacdonaldGroup 2111:50am
Jim HewettGroup 281:00pm
Joe CarpenterGroup 2712:50pm
Joe HamiltonGroup 89:40am
Joel BartellGroup 1911:30am
Joele GuynupGroup 59:10am
John CollinsGroup 49:00am
John KafentzisGroup 2612:40pm
John WeissmanGroup 2212:00pm
Johnathan BeckerGroup 99:50am
Jon KolonGroup 38:50am
Jon OrbanGroup 2312:10pm
Jonathan WeaverGroup 2612:40pm
Josh SneadGroup 281:00pm
Joshua WrightGroup 291:10pm
Josie Jacques-MaynesGroup 99:50am
Julie ZickovichGroup 38:50am
Justin DrawbertGroup 291:10pm
Justin LeeGroup 301:20pm
Kailin WatermanGroup 1510:50am
Kath BoyerGroup 1210:20am
Kathleen BortolussiGroup 28:40am
Kathleen HannonGroup 38:50am
Kathleen McmahonGroup 1811:20am
Kathy PruittGroup 49:00am
Katie Jay MelenaGroup 1811:20am
Keven BricknellGroup 2011:40am
Kevin TharpGroup 1410:40am
Kris OpbroekGroup 1210:20am
Krishna DoleGroup 38:50am
Kristin MaclagganGroup 99:50am
Kurt GensheimerGroup 2512:30pm
Kurt WolfgangGroup 28:40am
Kyle MurphyGroup 2111:50am
Laura JumpGroup 89:40am
Lawrence JobeGroup 1711:10am
Leah PlackGroup 2011:40am
Lee SloneGroup 1210:20am
Leila KordestaniGroup 2212:00pm
Lindsay FelkerGroup 2111:50am
Lindsey CollinsGroup 2512:30pm
Lisa CurryGroup 281:00pm
Livia PerasGroup 59:10am
Liza HartlaubGroup 2512:30pm
Logan KelseyGroup 2412:20pm
Lori BrazelGroup 281:00pm
Malia ByersGroup 291:10pm
Mallory BurdaGroup 301:20pm
Marco SoldanoGroup 49:00am
Mario HernandezGroup 2312:10pm
Mark SasserGroup 2512:30pm
Mark WheelerGroup 1410:40am
Marty WoyGroup 2011:40am
Mary MaroonGroup 2412:20pm
Mary McconnelougGroup 1310:30am
Mary MoncorgeGroup 1611:00am
Mat GordonGroup 2412:20pm
Matt McnamaraGroup 1611:00am
Matt SchwartzGroup 89:40am
Matthew BlaineGroup 1010:00am
Matthew SlavenGroup 59:10am
Matthias BehrendsGroup 301:20pm
Max HunterGroup 49:00am
Maxwell MerkleGroup 1911:30am
May WooGroup 79:30am
Megan LawsonGroup 1510:50am
Michael MatthewsGroup 79:30am
Michael BrazelGroup 301:20pm
Michael BroderickGroup 89:40am
Mike EvansGroup 1811:20am
Mike BerettaGroup 2412:20pm
Mike MorgenfeldGroup 2111:50am
Mike UpchurchGroup 1410:40am
Miles WadsworthGroup 38:50am
Milin BalsaraGroup 1711:10am
Mitch TruxGroup 38:50am
Mitch WestallGroup 281:00pm
Morgan FletcherGroup 291:10pm
Morgan AllenGroup 2712:50pm
Mykyta YurtynGroup 2312:10pm
Natalia GardiolGroup 89:40am
Nathan AtkinsGroup 79:30am
Nathan ShawGroup 2412:20pm
Nathan ShimekGroup 69:20am
Nick BirthGroup 2512:30pm
Nick HanniGroup 311:30pm
Nick NesbittGroup 2312:10pm
Nick SchaffnerGroup 1010:00am
Nicole MastersGroup 69:20am
Patrick KittoGroup 2412:20pm
Patrick MonteithGroup 59:10am
Paul AdelsbachGroup 2412:20pm
Paul GuerraGroup 1310:30am
Paul HernandezGroup 79:30am
Paul MussoGroup 99:50am
Pete ThompsonGroup 2612:40pm
Peter EddyGroup 2011:40am
Peter KnudsenGroup 2712:50pm
Peter TaylorGroup 1110:10am
Philip SimsGroup 79:30am
Rainier SchaeferGroup 99:50am
Rand HoffmanGroup 2612:40pm
Randy SalamonGroup 1611:00am
Richard McemanGroup 69:20am
Rick SunderlageGroup 2712:50pm
Rob BrandtGroup 2011:40am
Rob EvansGroup 1911:30am
Robb BraddockGroup 1410:40am
Robert CadyGroup 2512:30pm
Robert HigdonGroup 38:50am
Robert MorganGroup 49:00am
Robin HunterGroup 1510:50am
Romany McnamaraGroup 291:10pm
Ronnie CastiaGroup 2612:40pm
Russ CarmickGroup 1410:40am
Ryan JohnsonGroup 2712:50pm
Ryan MillerGroup 79:30am
Ryan PriceGroup 59:10am
Ryan RichardsonGroup 2312:10pm
Ryan RickertsGroup 1110:10am
Ryan WeaverGroup 2312:10pm
Ryan WilliamsGroup 1611:00am
Ryland Wolff BakerGroup 1010:00am
Sabine DukesGroup 1611:00am
Sage BauersGroup 1711:10am
Sam BellGroup 1711:10am
Sameer KawashGroup 2212:00pm
Sarah BambergerGroup 1210:20am
Sarah FaulknerGroup 281:00pm
Sarah MaileGroup 2612:40pm
Sarah PiccoloGroup 1611:00am
Sasha MageeGroup 1811:20am
Scott ChapinGroup 301:20pm
Scott HollandGroup 18:30am
Scott JunkerGroup 79:30am
Scott KildallGroup 1911:30am
Scott MooreGroup 1811:20am
Scott RoyalGroup 281:00pm
Sean CameronGroup 1911:30am
Selene YeagerGroup 1711:10am
Seth PatlaGroup 1210:20am
Seth TaylorGroup 1310:30am
Shauna PotockyGroup 1110:10am
Shawn OmearaGroup 1510:50am
Sheila MoonGroup 49:00am
Sofia Gomez VillafaneGroup 1811:20am
Stacy CooperGroup 1410:40am
Stella CareyGroup 1010:00am
Stephen WasmundGroup 1911:30am
Tara CarlsonGroup 2111:50am
Taylor JungGroup 281:00pm
Taylor NyeGroup 1611:00am
Terry CurleyGroup 99:50am
Theresa ZaroGroup 1711:10am
Thomas TranGroup 301:20pm
Tim CannardGroup 1310:30am
Tim WesolowskiGroup 291:10pm
Tobe OnealGroup 1110:10am
Toby SchultzGroup 281:00pm
Todd Foreman-KinderGroup 69:20am
Tom CensaniGroup 18:30am
Tom RyanGroup 99:50am
Tom TaylorGroup 2512:30pm
Tony BlagroveGroup 281:00pm
Tony GarciaGroup 1711:10am
Travis KeenGroup 2212:00pm
Travis LukensGroup 79:30am
Trista SmithGroup 28:40am
Troy EvansGroup 2212:00pm
Ty BuckenbergerGroup 2011:40am
Ty HathawayGroup 1210:20am
Tyler BumpGroup 1010:00am
Tyler LarsenGroup 2111:50am
Tyler SmithGroup 2512:30pm
Tyson MitchellGroup 1611:00am
Uwe SteckhanGroup 301:20pm
Walton BrushGroup 1911:30am
Wayne MackeyGroup 2011:40am
Westley SenechalGroup 2212:00pm
William YoungmanGroup 1310:30am
Willy DommenGroup 1010:00am
Yoon SonGroup 2712:50pm
Youenn ColinGroup 301:20pm
Yuri HauswaldGroup 1811:20am
Yvonne WalbroehlGroup 2612:40pm
Zach BassGroup 2612:40pm