SSCXWC 2011 Party and Qualifiers. © Cyclocross Magazine

SSCXWC 2011 Party and Qualifiers. © Cyclocross Magazine

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — With a 150 racer field limit in the championship race, the SSCXWC (Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships) 2011 Day 1 qualifiers in San Francisco have narrowed down the men’s field to the singlespeed world championship race and the singlespeed E.A.W (Everyone is a Winner) event.  Women did not have to qualify and will have their own event. 

The final start list for both the world championship  and the EAW race is below.

SSCXWC 2011 Start List - Men's EAW and Championship Races

Singlespeed SSCXWC 2011 Start ListEvent
Aaron BradfordChampionship
Aaron Kereluk (Jeff Kendal-Weed )Championship
Aaron Wilcher (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Alan ZinnikerChampionship
Alex CrissChampionship
Alexander WorkChampionship
Andrew GohlichChampionship
Andrew YeeChampionship
Angus NesbittChampionship
Anthony CoandoChampionship
Anthony DicksonChampionship
Austin HorseChampionship
Basil MoutsopoulosChampionship
Ben BostromChampionship
Ben Jacques MayneChampionship
Blake Von KnopkaChampionship
Brad KoesterChampionship
Brandon JonesChampionship
Brendan LehmanChampionship
Brian Brooks (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Brian Fornes (Sally)Championship
Brian MyersChampionship
Brock DickieChampionship
Cameron FalconerChampionship
Cesar ChavezChampionship
Chas ChristensenChampionship
Chevil KnevilChampionship
Chris BrownChampionship
Chris Duburg (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Chris JonesyChampionship
Chris MatthewsChampionship
Chris McgnarlyChampionship
Chris PhippsChampionship
Chris Schierholdtz (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Christon DewanChampionship
Christopher ElboChampionship
Colin Youenn (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Craig EtheridgeChampionship
Curtis InglisChampionship
Dan McnallyChampionship
Dane GrantChampionship
Daniel VelascoChampionship
David GillChampionship
David LawsonChampionship
David VannetteChampionship
Dayton CritesChampionship
Derek YarraChampionship
Dillon ClappChampionship
Don MyrahChampionship
Drew MackenzieChampionship
Dylan BuffingtonChampionship
Elliot ReineckeChampionship
Eric HillChampionship
Eric LoweChampionship
Evan AdamsChampionship
Evan SarnaChampionship
Fabio RattazziChampionship
Fred CauthenChampionship
Gabriel ByrneChampionship
Gareth FeldsteinChampionship
Garrett ChowChampionship
Gary LandChampionship
Geoffrey SpietkerChampionship
Greg HeathChampionship
Greg TrumplerChampionship
Hans KellnerChampionship
Harley ConstantinChampionship
Hernan MontenegroChampionship
Ian DewarChampionship
Isaias JobChampionship
Jamaica Lambie (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
James CookeChampionship
James JohnstonChampionship
Jared FergusonChampionship
Jason SilverekChampionship
Jeffrey NeboliniChampionship
Jesse SwiftChampionship
Jim HewettChampionship
Joe Hamilton (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
John CollinsChampionship
Jonathan WeaverChampionship
Joshua WrightChampionship
Julian VillafaneChampionship
Kailin WatermanChampionship
Keven BricknellChampionship
Krishna DoleChampionship
Kurt GensheimerChampionship
Kurt WolfgangChampionship
Kyle MurphyChampionship
Lee SloneChampionship
Mark WheelerChampionship
Mat GordonChampionship
Matthew SlavenChampionship
Matthias BehrendsChampionship
Michael BroderickChampionship
Michael MatthewsChampionship
Mike EvansChampionship
Mike MorgenfeldChampionship
Milin BalsaraChampionship
Mitch TruxChampionship
Mitch WestallChampionship
Morgan AllenChampionship
Morgan FletcherChampionship
Nat PellmanChampionship
Nathan ShawChampionship
Nick HanniChampionship
Nick NesbittChampionship
Nick SchaffnerChampionship
Patrick KittoChampionship
Patrick MonteithChampionship
Paul GuerraChampionship
Paul HernandezChampionship
Pete ThompsonChampionship
Peter EddyChampionship
Peter TaylorChampionship
Philip SimsChampionship
Rainier SchaeferChampionship
Richard McelmanChampionship
Rob EvansChampionship
Ryan RichardsonChampionship
Ryan SchutzeChampionship
Sage BauersChampionship
Sameer Kawash (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Sasha MageeChampionship
Scott ChapinChampionship
Scott JunkerChampionship
Seth PatlaChampionship
Stephen WasmundChampionship
Steve SmithChampionship
Taylor JungChampionship
Taylor NyeChampionship
Terry CurleyChampionship
Thomas Tran (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Tim CannardChampionship
Tim SimanskiChampionship
Toby SchultzChampionship
Todd Foreman-KinderChampionship
Tom Censani (Pixie Cross Winner)Championship
Travis KeenChampionship
Troy EvansChampionship
Tyler BumpChampionship
Tyler LarsenChampionship
Tyler SmithChampionship
Tyson MitchellChampionship
Walton BrushChampionship
Yuri HauswaldChampionship
Zach BassChampionship
Albert ReinhardtEAW (non champs)
Alessandro PizzutiEAW (non champs)
Alex PalmerEAW (non champs)
Alexander JacksonEAW (non champs)
Amanda SchaperEAW (non champs)
Andreas (Eric Evanson)EAW (non champs)
Andrew FrancisEAW (non champs)
Andrew WeinerEAW (non champs)
Aron BonarEAW (non champs)
Ashley StottsEAW (non champs)
Bart SandersonEAW (non champs)
Billy SinkordEAW (non champs)
Blair O'MalleyEAW (non champs)
Brad WilliamsonEAW (non champs)
Brandon ElliottEAW (non champs)
Brandon ReifEAW (non champs)
Brendan BarrettEAW (non champs)
Brian FlahertyEAW (non champs)
Brian RogersEAW (non champs)
Cabot O'CallaghanEAW (non champs)
Cameron CooperEAW (non champs)
Casey CramerEAW (non champs)
Chad RichmondEAW (non champs)
Christian ParkerEAW (non champs)
Christopher CaslerEAW (non champs)
Clay WebbEAW (non champs)
Clifford LeeEAW (non champs)
Colin MckernanEAW (non champs)
Collin ClementsEAW (non champs)
Corey LoweEAW (non champs)
Damon McclellanEAW (non champs)
Dan O'ConnorEAW (non champs)
Dan PetersonEAW (non champs)
Dan ReynoldsEAW (non champs)
Dani DanceEAW (non champs)
Daniele FarEAW (non champs)
Dave PryorEAW (non champs)
David GermanEAW (non champs)
David SchindehetteEAW (non champs)
David WillihoiteEAW (non champs)
Derek StrongEAW (non champs)
Derrick ChaoEAW (non champs)
Doss BarnesEAW (non champs)
Dylan McreynoldsEAW (non champs)
Ed EvansonEAW (non champs)
Ed LaiEAW (non champs)
Eric BostromEAW (non champs)
Eric ColtonEAW (non champs)
Erik MaresjoEAW (non champs)
Erik MathyEAW (non champs)
Erik ZimmerEAW (non champs)
Erin DurkeeEAW (non champs)
Erin UpchurchEAW (non champs)
Francis JoseEAW (non champs)
Frank ShoemakerEAW (non champs)
Fred HuxhamEAW (non champs)
Frederick BottgerEAW (non champs)
Grant StonerEAW (non champs)
Greg HejtmanekEAW (non champs)
Greg JohnsonEAW (non champs)
Greg SteeleEAW (non champs)
Gregory KlingspornEAW (non champs)
Haywood Ja-Blow-MeEAW (non champs)
Henry MiniEAW (non champs)
Henry ScholzEAW (non champs)
James LalondeEAW (non champs)
James RansweilerEAW (non champs)
Jason OsborneEAW (non champs)
Jeff BoiceEAW (non champs)
Jeff MabryEAW (non champs)
Jeremiah BlumeEAW (non champs)
Jeremy GarbellanoEAW (non champs)
Jesse AltonEAW (non champs)
Jim MacdonaldEAW (non champs)
Joe CarpenterEAW (non champs)
Joel BartellEAW (non champs)
John KafentzisEAW (non champs)
John WalrodEAW (non champs)
John WeissmanEAW (non champs)
Johnathan BeckerEAW (non champs)
Jon KolonEAW (non champs)
Jon OrbanEAW (non champs)
Josh SneadEAW (non champs)
Justin DrawbertEAW (non champs)
Kath BoyerEAW (non champs)
Kevin TharpEAW (non champs)
Kris OpbroekEAW (non champs)
Lawrence JobeEAW (non champs)
Logan KelseyEAW (non champs)
Mario HernandezEAW (non champs)
Mark SasserEAW (non champs)
Marty WoyEAW (non champs)
Mary MaroonEAW (non champs)
Matt LeonardEAW (non champs)
Matt McnamaraEAW (non champs)
Matt SchwartzEAW (non champs)
Max HunterEAW (non champs)
Maxwell MerkleEAW (non champs)
Michael BrazelEAW (non champs)
Mike BerettaEAW (non champs)
Mike UpchurchEAW (non champs)
Miles WadsworthEAW (non champs)
Mykyta YurtynEAW (non champs)
Nathan AtkinsEAW (non champs)
Nathan ShimekEAW (non champs)
Nick BirthEAW (non champs)
Nicole MastersEAW (non champs)
Paul AdelsbachEAW (non champs)
Paul MussoEAW (non champs)
Peter KnudsenEAW (non champs)
Rand HoffmanEAW (non champs)
Randy SalamonEAW (non champs)
Rick SunderlageEAW (non champs)
Rob BrandtEAW (non champs)
Robb BraddockEAW (non champs)
Robert CadyEAW (non champs)
Robert HigdonEAW (non champs)
Robert MorganEAW (non champs)
Robin HunterEAW (non champs)
Ronnie CastiaEAW (non champs)
Russ CarmickEAW (non champs)
Ryan JohnsonEAW (non champs)
Ryan MillerEAW (non champs)
Ryan PriceEAW (non champs)
Ryan RickertsEAW (non champs)
Ryan WeaverEAW (non champs)
Ryan WilliamsEAW (non champs)
Ryland Wolff BakerEAW (non champs)
Scott HollandEAW (non champs)
Scott KildallEAW (non champs)
Scott MooreEAW (non champs)
Scott RoyalEAW (non champs)
Sean CameronEAW (non champs)
Seth TaylorEAW (non champs)
Shawn OmearaEAW (non champs)
Thomas TranEAW (non champs)
Tim WesolowskiEAW (non champs)
Tobe OnealEAW (non champs)
Tom RyanEAW (non champs)
Tom TaylorEAW (non champs)
Tony BlagroveEAW (non champs)
Tony GarciaEAW (non champs)
Travis LukensEAW (non champs)
Ty BuckenbergerEAW (non champs)
Ty Hathaway (Matt R)EAW (non champs)
Uwe SteckhanEAW (non champs)
Wayne MackeyEAW (non champs)
Westley SenechalEAW (non champs)
William YoungmanEAW (non champs)
Willy DommenEAW (non champs)
Yoon SonEAW (non champs)