SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic disc brake.

SRAM Red 22 Hydraulic disc brake.

SRAM issued a technical bulletin last week to manufacturers and retailers on a recall of select SRAM Red 22 and S-700 hydraulic brakes, and just minutes ago it has also alerted the media on the 2014 brake recall.

The recall applies to both rim brake and disc brake versions of the hydraulic calipers, but only applies to select serial numbers. The serial numbers of affected SRAM hydraulic brakes are from 36T30993767 to 42T39407156. SRAM says this represents 3,553 brakes produced, and estimates 500 pairs of these have been purchased.

If you have purchased a set of these brakes, or bought a 2014 cyclocross bike that came with either the SRAM Red 22 or S-700 hydraulic calipers, please check the serial number now and stop riding them if your set is impacted by the recall.

No details on the problem found were released, but given that both the rim brake and caliper versions were impacted, we’re guessing it’s likely a shared component like a seal, hose, or hose fitting, since the SRAM Hydro levers themselves weren’t mentioned. Regardless, it is important to check your serial numbers and do not use the brakes if yours are recalled.

The SRAM recall is the second cyclocross disc brake recall this season, after Shimano recalled its mechanical CX75, R515 and R315 disc brakes this summer (and the CX75 was replaced with the CX77 model).

Full press release on the SRAM hydraulic brake recall along with images of impacted products below.

SRAM recommends you contact your local bicycle shop for recall help and replacements.


SRAM Red 22 hydraulic disc brake recalled

SRAM Red 22 hydraulic disc brake for cyclocross and road.


SRAM S-700 hydraulic disc brake for cyclocross and road recalled

SRAM S-700 hydraulic disc brake for cyclocross and road

SRAM Red 22 hydraulic rim brake recalled

SRAM Red 22 hydraulic rim brake.

SRAM S-700 road hydraulic rim brake recalled

SRAM S-700 road hydraulic rim brake.



November 4, 2013

SRAM Road Hydraulic Brake Recall


SRAM has identified a technical issue with respect to a narrow production range of its RED 22 and S-700 Road Hydraulic road brakes. This is a performance and safety concern. There are no reported failures in the field.

We began proactive quarantine efforts with factories, bike brands and distributors last week.

We have reported this issue to the US CPSC and will be cooperating with the agency to announce a safety recall in the near future. We are also working with European consumer administrations.

The affected serial numbers range from 36T30993767 to 42T39407156. This represents 3,553 brakes produced. Based on our investigative and quarantine efforts with our customers, we expect that there are fewer than 500 brakes worldwide in the affected range that are at Dealers or have been purchased by consumers.

The serial number can be found on the brake caliper (rim or disc) and on the outside of the box containing the product. SRAM will issue another notice when the CPSC approved recall launches.