July 20, 2009 – Conshohocken, PA, USA: Bidding for front row two front-row starting spots at the New Jersey State Fair SpectaCross are is now open on eBay. All money raised from the auction benefits Adventures for the Cure and the Diabetes Charities it supports. Two fully-transferable front-row starting positions will be sold on E-Bay in an auction running through July 27. The winner of each auction may choose not only which class the front row starting position is used for, but also who gets to use it. Auction winners can use the front row spots themselves or give it to the racer of their choice as a gift.

Despite the good cause, buying a front row starting spot is bound to be controversial. But race promoter Ken Getchell of SpectaSport is unfazed, “What’s the big deal? The New York Yankees have been trying to buy first place for nearly a hundred years, and Manchester United isn’t much better. And really, isn’t that what racers are really doing when they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on carbon fiber stuff – trying to buy better results? Look, it’s just a bike race. My grandmother had diabetes. My sister-in-law has diabetes. One of my best friends has diabetes. Matt Gilman, the blind trials riders who’s going to be giving exhibitions at SpectaCross, lost his eyesight to diabetes. So have some fun for a good cause and try to buy that starting spot because you know somebody else in your class will be bidding. You only live once; maybe you can help somebody else live longer and better.”

Adventures For The Cure is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and USA Cycling Club that exists to raise awareness for Diabetes, to show those diagnosed with Diabetes and their families how leading a healthy and active lifestyle can move you beyond your perceived limits, and to raise funds for Diabetes research. Recently, Adventure for the Cure’s Adam Driscoll and Patrick Blair won the two man division of the RAAM, racing non-stop across the United States from Oceanside California to Annapolis Maryland in 7 days, 1 hour and 38 minutes. Team AFC beat its nearest competitor, E-HUB Team, by more than 7 hours and outraced half of the twelve 4-man teams in the process.

For more information on the New Jersey State Fair SpectaCross and the Cyclocross Magazine Friday Night Cyclocross Sprints, see is the only way to enter SpectaCross, as day-of entries will not be accepted and the front row starting spot auction does not include race registration. “Sure people might hate you,” says Getchell. “But who cares? You’ll be starting on the front row!”