If you haven’t taken our reader survey, you’ve just got a few more weeks, as we’ll close the survey by August 15th. So if you’ve got five to ten minutes, give us your thoughts. For your time, you may just win a Santa Cruz Stigmata cyclocross frame!

A bunch of you have taken it already, and we’ve got some early results, much of it extremely helpful to help us continue to improve our product and attract more advertisers. Some response have been surprising, some encouraging and some funny. A few highlights:

  • On whether you plan to attend the Cyclocross National Championships in Bend this year, 27% of you plan to attend, and another 34% of you are considering making the trip.
  • 56% of you spend at least one to four hours a day reading cycling content (does your boss know?).
  • 46% of you own a singlespeed or fixie, and a surprising number of you own TT bikes.
  • 76% of you focus on ‘cross
  • On how you got your first copy of Cyclocross Magazine:
    • Husband hid it in the bathroom
    • It was next to the chili at a ‘cross race
    • In the back seat of my ex-boyfriend’s car
  • Two-thirds of you plan to race more this season, despite the down economy.

If you haven’t participated in our survey, take it today!